Research continues to be a growing interest amongst medical students both locally and around the country. In modern evidence-based healthcare, there is an inescapable need to be 'research literate' and to be able to write, interpret and clinically apply research papers and their, sometimes controversial, conclusions.

Aside from occupational self-development, there are further motivations for undertaking research as a medical student such as:

  • Becoming acquainted with consultants and registrars working in one's area of interest.
  • The opportunity to present at local or overseas conferences and acquire awards and scholarships.
  • Potentially differentiating oneself academically from the large number of other medical graduates competing for jobs.

It is for these reasons that the AMSS Research Officer is here to assist. The roles of the Research Officer are to help engage medical students in research, and advocate for and represent medical students in discussions regarding the research components of our course.

Our 2021 Research Officer, Fiona Thoi, is aided in her role by her position as the student representative on the MBBS Research Committee. If you have any of the questions listed below or others, then please do not hesitate to contact Esther at

  • Do you feel like you know nothing about research, but want to get involved? Do you want some help in finding an interesting clinical/lab-based project to become a part of?
  • Are you considering doing an Honours degree, but want to find out more about what the experience might involve?
  • Are you unsure where you can find financial assistance or scholarships to support you whilst you undertake research?
  • Do you want to find out about research scholarships, prizes and awards available to students?
  • Do you want advice regarding your MBBS-related research assessment?

For an up-to-date database of research opportunities available to medical students please click here. Though labelled as providing Honours and postgraduate research opportunities, most of the groups listed would be happy to take on-board medical students for vacation or other research opportunities.

Newsletters and Blogs #

One great way to contribute or stay up-to-date with the research sphere is through writing and reading student blogs. One particularly useful blog is the 'Students4BestEvidence', run through the Cochrane Collaboration. The blog features 'key-concept' series and contributors can be awarded prizes for their writing. It also provides a great space for further opportunities and networking: https://www.students4bestevide...

Separately, MedScape runs 'newsletter subscriptions', which give out monthly rundowns of the latest research in a particular field. These are more useful to stay abreast in areas of interest.

Research Scholarships #

There are a number of scholarships available to medical students to support those undertaking research. When considering whether to apply it is important to keep in mind the opening dates and deadlines for application and eligibility criteria for each scholarship. If the stars do align, do not let yourself be dissuaded by the limited number of scholarships to be handed out. There's no harm in applying!

Please contact the AMSS Research officer at if you have any questions regarding the below scholarships or if there are any other scholarships that you think should be listed on this website.

Vacation scholarships


Restricted to: All undergraduate students (though generally at least completed MBBS II), >6 week duration, no other vacation scholarships.

Amount: $200 per week

Click here for more information


Restricted to: At least completed MBBS II, undertaking a project at the BHI, >6 week duration, no other vacation scholarships.

Amount: $200 per week

Click here for more information

Honours Scholarships


Restricted to: Prospective MBBS(Hons) students

Amount: $4000 pa

Email Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Research Education Team at for the current application form.


Restricted to: Prospective Honours students

Amount: $4000-8000 pa

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Prospective Honours students, demonstrable financial need, Commonwealth supported student.

Amount: $5000 pa

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Prospective Honours students undertaking human/animal reproductive health research within the Robinson institute.

Amount: $4000 ($1000 of which goes towards research department)

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Prospective Honours students, at least completed MBBS IV, undertaking human/animal reproductive health research.

Amount: $3000 pa

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Prospective honours students undertaking research with the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health.

Amount: To be confirmed (applications currently open for 2019)

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Prospective honours students undertaking research in the field of prostate cancer research

Amount: $5000, as well as support to attend a national meeting to present your research (applications currently open for 2019)

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Students enrolled in a full-time honours program within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, project relevant to cancer research.

Amount: $750 + $250 top-up

Email Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Research Education Team at for the current application form.


Restricted to: Honours and postgraduate researchers undertaking the last semester of their Honours/postgraduate course, demonstrable financial need, funds must go towards expenses of research.

Amount: Variable

Click here for more information


Restricted to: Certain fields of honours (including Health Sciences), Australian citizen/holder of permanent resident visa.

Amount: $5000

Click here for more information

Research Conference scholarships #


Restricted to: Adelaide medical students

Amount: $250 for domestic conferences, up to $1000 for international conferences

Click here for more information


Restricted to: All Australians aged 20-30 years wishing to receive funding for a worthwhile endeavour

Amount: Variable

Click here for more information


Restricted to: University of Adelaide student, demonstratable financial need and academic aptitude

Amount: Variable

Click here for more information

If there is a specific conference you intend to present at then consider also searching the conference website for travel grants and other scholarships available to speakers.

Bachelor of Health & Medical Sciences (Honours) #

This webpage has been included to inform Adelaide medical students regarding the opportunity of undertaking an Honours year, how to apply and who to contact.

Honours Information

An "Honours" year refers to an accepted year of absence from the medical program awarded on completion with a Bachelor Degree of Health and Medical Sciences (Honours). In addition to taking a major role in the running of a research project, the year involves detailing this research in written and oral forms and undertaking assessment tasks to develop research skills. The year offers the opportunity to undertake projects covering the spectrum from basic science to clinical research and can serve as a gateway to a PhD, as well as non-clinical professions. Honours is usually undertaken by 3-10 medical students each year.

Further information regarding Honours is available via the below presentation delivered by Prof Christopher Rayner, Honours Co-coordinator.

Past Honours Graduate Database

The AMSS has compiled a database of past Honours graduates to permit students to contact students who have undertaken Honours projects in areas of medicine or with supervisors of interest. The database is available by logging in with your AMSS member account and clicking here. If you do not have a member account, you are welcome to email the AMSS Research Officer via to access the database.


When can I take an Honours year?

Technically an Honours year can be undertaken between any of the years of MBBS following completion of 3rd year. It is generally undertaken between MBBS III-IV and MBBS V-VI.

By when do I have to apply for Honours within the calendar year?

Technically, there is no set date. It is ideal to start thinking about Honours early. This permits you to consider what research area you are interested in, find a suitable supervisor and permit the relevant research group time to plan for your arrival (applying for project funding and ethical approval etc.).

An additional advantage to having your Honours organised early is that it permits you to apply for Honours scholarships, the application periods of which tend to close in October/November.

How do I apply to undertake Honours?

  1. Click here to be directed to the relevant Faculty webpage
  2. Scroll down to "How do I apply to study honours?"
  3. Click "Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Honours)"
  4. Follow the steps as listed which include:
    • Finding a supervisor and project opportunity
    • Complete the expression of interest form in conjunction with proposed Honours supervisor
    • Meet with the respective Honours Coordinator
    • Submit your expression of interest form along with a copy of your current academic transcript.

How do I find a supervisor?

The University of Adelaide Honours & Postgraduate Opportunities document details a relatively comprehensive list of University of Adelaide affiliated research groups who take on Honours students. Click here to access the AMSS webpage where this document may be downloaded.

See the presentation (downloadable below) from the 2017 AMSS Honours & Research Opportunities Evening for a guide to finding a supervisor.

What can I do to ensure that I have an enjoyable and rewarding Honours year?

Choose a project that interests you, in a field that you are passionate about. If you are already bored by a project when you first hear about it, do not choose it.

Plan ahead for your honours: take note of the likely busy periods of the Honours year, consider organising a holiday/break-period during the year, encourage friends to undertake Honours within the same department as yourself etc.

Schedule regular free time for well-needed breaks and engagement with the further opportunities that arise during an Honours year e.g. other research projects, statistics tutorials, escape rooms with your research team.

Avoid isolation: keep up with friends and social events.

Seek advice from the individuals listed below.

What scholarships can I apply for and how do I apply?

There are numerous scholarships available to prospective Honours students, usually with closing dates in October/November. Read above for a non-comprehensive list of Honours scholarships.

Who should I contact if I have any further questions

  • AMSS Research Officer via
  • Respective Honours coordinator, click here to find the relevant Honours coordinator for your prospective Honours project.
  • Past Honours graduate database

Honours Information 2017 Prof Chris Rayner PP

How To Get Involved In Undergraduate Research PP

UoA Research Opportunities (Honours & other research opportunities)

Sph Student Research Projects 2018 Students 30 11 17 F (Public Health Projects)

MBBS Honours Graduate Database #

To many medical students, what an Honours year entails remains a mystery. To help alleviate this issue, the AMSS has coordinated an annual Honours & Research Opportunities evening and developed a database of past medical Honours graduates. While the aforementioned evening may provide general information to medical students, we intend for this database to facilitate the provision of information targeted to the Honours-interested student, via communications between potential future Honours students and past Honours graduates.

Thank you for aiding this initiative.

Please include one that will be maintained post-graduation.
e.g. 2017
e.g. cardiology