The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is an independent national standards body for medical education and training. Their role includes the accreditation of Australian medical programs.

As part of their accreditation process, the AMC requests submissions from medical students (through their medical students' society). In the AMSS, the responsibility for preparing these submissions lies with the Vice President (Education) and TeamEd.

2020 AMC Report

In 2020, the AMSS was asked to provide a submission to the AMC regarding two conditions that were placed on the Adelaide Medical School in 2019. These two conditions were:

Condition 3: Prepare a curriculum map that includes objectives for all years of the program; that consolidates existing elements regarding the curriculum, teaching format and content; and make it available to staff and students in an accessible format (Standard 3.2)

Condition 7: Demonstrate the processes and structures for consulting students on key issues that facilitate and support student representation in the governance of the program.

Please note that in 2020, the AMSS was not asked to prepare a comprehensive report (similar to 2019) due to COVID-19.

Attached are two documents pertaining to the 2020 student submission to the AMC:

1. Letter from the AMSS to the AMC to report on the Adelaide Medical School's Progress on Conditions.

2. The response from the AMC

2019 AMC Report

Attached are 3 documents pertaining to the 2019 AMC report:

  1. A summary easy read document Amss Amc Submission 2019 Exec Summary And Conclusion Of Standards Final
  2. The detailed report (also exciting) Amss Amc Submission 2019 Final
  3. The response from the AMC Progress Report AMSS