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MSK objectives - created by students for students

Posted by Administrator

For several years, a common issue discussed with Year 4 EdReps is that the MSK course lacks clear learning objectives. The AMSS has tried for several years to work collaboratively with staff to co-create learning objectives that are similar to the MHU student-staff co-created objectives available on Canvas/MyUni. Due to time constraints and resourcing limitations, co-created objectives were unable to be made in 2019. The AMSS hopes that this may be possible in 2020 and will continue efforts towards this. Instead, the AMSS decided to publish a student-created document that meets the needs as identified by students. The AMSS hopes this document provides useful guidance and highlights the topics that we [students] believe (rightly or wrongly) make up the core MSK curriculum. This document was written by students, for students. It is NOT an approved staff-endorsed document.


2020 Academic Calendar - concerns from students

Posted by Administrator

The AMSS has received several queries from a number of students seeking clarification regarding the 2020 Academic Calendar. This update aims to provide additional information and explain the background of the issue. It is important to note that these student concerns were taken seriously by the Year 4 Education Representatives and VPE and escalated to the Year 4-6 Committee and the Dean of the Medical School.


[stimulus] Exclusive: How 2019 MedRevue Will Achieve World Domination

Posted by Raffaela Skourletos

We had a chat with the stellar MedRevue Convenors for 2019 – Adriano Barilla, Huy Pham, Owen Streeter, Gracey Goodwin and Carla De Angelis – to find out more about this year’s production and their manifesto for world domination. Tickets go on sale from Wednesday 21st August – like their Facebook page ‘MedRevue 2019’ for more info!

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