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AMSS Position Statement and Update on COVID-19 Advocacy

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AMSS Position Statement: Impact of COVID-19 on the Adelaide Medical Program

The AMSS has created a position statement to clarify our advocacy goals in relation to the educational disruption caused by COVID-19. This document is useful if you are interested in or unsure of what the AMSS is advocating for. We strongly encourage you to read this document as it will form the basis of our advocacy moving forward.


Student-Staff FAQ: Adelaide Medical School Response to COVID-19

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Following our meeting with the Dean and Program Coordinator to discuss COVID-19 and the cancellation of clinical placements, the AMSS in conjunction with the Medical School have produced this FAQ. Its purpose is to provide students with information regarding the implications of COVID-19 on their medical education and give answers to frequently asked questions. We can appreciate that this document is not exhaustive and there will be ongoing questions which have not yet been answered. We wanted to focus on publishing the information without delay, so please be aware this information is subject to change.


AMSS COVID-19 Statement (16/03/2020)

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The AMSS acknowledges that the current situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing. We are continuing to advocate for the safety and welfare of students, and for increased communication from University staff. We will continue to represent the concerns of students, and aim to have these addressed as the situation develops. We will also continue to seek advice from other organisations such as AMA(SA) and AMSA as necessary.


TeamEd Secretary Nominations Open!

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Keen to be involved? Interested in working with TeamEd to help maximise the quality of medical education? Just love typing and hanging with the best branch of the AMSS? Read on to find out about TeamEd Secretary and apply!

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