The Adelaide Medical Students' Society (AMSS) exists to serve and represent medical students enrolled at the University of Adelaide. It is paramount that the AMSS ensures a safe environment for all members at all of our events. This document is intended to make AMSS members aware of their responsibilities at AMSS events and understand the repercussions if they ignore their responsibilities. These responsibilities also apply to members when attending AMSA Events. When signing up as a Member of the AMSS, individuals agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

This document was approved, in principle, by the AMSS Executive on 15th January 2014 with the implementation occurring for all future memberships.

COVID-19 #

AMSS event attendees have responsibilities as members of the public to follow government guidelines for behaviour in response to COVID-19. AMSS members, as medical students, have additional responsibilities to ensure the safety of patients that they encounter whilst on placement. As a society we have implemented some AMSS guidelines for our members and all AMSS event attendees to follow whilst attending our events, and some consequences for those who deliberately ignore these guidelines.

When purchasing a ticket, event attendees will be required to tick to confirm they have read and agreed to these guidelines. For non-ticketed events these guidelines will be written in the Facebook event description. By clicking “going” on the event or by attending the event, our attendees agree to comply with these restrictions.

A: AMSS event attendees will follow all current Australian and South Australian government recommendations. This includes but is not limited to

  1. social distancing of at least 1.5 metres at all times
  2. non attendance at events whilst suffering from flu like symptoms
  3. no use of communal re-usable equipment

B: attendees of AMSS events who intentionally fail to comply with current Australian and South Australian government recommendations will receive two warnings. These warnings will be provided by the Executive of the AMSS and the Convenors of the event at suggestion from security staff. Should a third warning be required, the attendee will face the following consequences:

  1. eviction from the event
  2. requirement to contact the AMSS to confirm knowledge of the restrictions before attendance of another AMSS event
  3. if found to be refusing to follow guidelines at a second event, the attendee will be evicted from the event and will be banned from all future 2021 AMSS events.

These guidelines will be revised as the COVID situation evolves in South Australia and are subject to change as necessary.

Alcohol #

Alcohol is served at many AMSS events for the enjoyment of our Members. The AMSS promotes responsible consumption of alcohol at all of our events. This includes only serving alcohol to members over 18 years of age. Where possible, discounted 'Non-Alcohol' tickets to events are available for members who are under 18 or choose not to drink alcohol.

Members are encouraged to drink responsibly and know their own limits regarding alcohol consumption. Drinking to intoxication is dangerous for your health and can put yourself at an increased risk of physical harm.

While drinking alcohol, you remain responsible for your own actions and, should they contravene the details of this document, the AMSS reserves the right to refuse entry to subsequent events.

Illicit Substances #

The AMSS has zero tolerance for illicit substances at any of its events.

Any Members found to be in possession or under the influence of illicit substances at any AMSS events may, at the discretion of the AMSS Executive, be evicted from the event and may be prohibited from attending future events.

Behaviour #

The AMSS has zero tolerance for behaviour that:

  • Is against the law;
  • Places others in danger; and,
  • Reflects poorly on other medical students or generally tarnishes the reputation of medical students studying at the University of Adelaide

Examples of such behaviour include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal abuse and verbal harassment;
  • Physical abuse and physical assault;
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault;
  • Theft;
  • Damage to property, and;
  • Cyberbullying

Members of the AMSS are responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable by the AMSS Executive. The AMSS cannot, and will not, protect Members from persecution by the Police or other law enforcement agency should they break the law.

Should a Member of the AMSS be found to have stolen goods or damaged property, they will be requested to pay for damages and/or return/replace any stolen items.

The AMSS Executive reserves the right to evict any Member that contravenes the details of this document from any event and prohibit entry into subsequent AMSS events. Disciplinary action with be determined using the Behaviour Matrix as per the AMSS Behaviour Management Procedures.

Behaviour Matrix #

Ejection from Current EventSingle event ban for next major eventEvent Ban for remainder of calendar yearLife Ban from AMSS Events
Rude/disrespectful to other attendees/volunteers/staff/public123Repeated offence
Harassment (name-calling, unwanted attention, offensive remarks)112Repeated offence
Aggressive/Intimidating Behaviour112Repeated offence
Destruction of Property (accidental)123Repeated offence
Destruction of Property (intentional)1123
Physical/Sexual Assault11
Possession/Use/Distribution of Illicit Substances11
Drink Spiking11
AuthorityConvenor/ ExecutiveExecutiveExecutiveExecutive/ Committee
Last Updated 21/02/2021