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Emedici Advocacy

Posted by Victoria Langton

At the recent grand round at the Royal Adelaide Hospital today (Tuesday 23/04/19) discussing the move to the "new MD program", it was mentioned that Emedici would be phased out from the Year 4 General Surgery program.


Australian Gastroenterology Week - "Generalist" Gastro-Hep Update (8th Sept)

Posted by Victoria Langton

At Australian Gastroenterology Week this year, GESA are running a "generalist" Gastro-Hep update. This occurred for the first time in Brisbane last year with greater than 300 attendees. It is an opportunity for people NOT directly involved in Gastroenterology and Hepatology to hear from the experts at low cost with many topics covered and an opportunity to attend more of the meeting also if they are so minded.

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