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The Deal with Divestment

Posted by Abby Moore

Divestment. Why should I, a poor medical student who spends every second week eyeing off people's food scraps at McDonalds, bother thinking about who I'm banking with?


NOT SATIRE: Pooch runs for AMSS President

Posted by Monty Do-Wyeld (Hons)

As 2018 draws to a close and you're not sure whether your fortieth watch of that 'Geriatrics Doing the Floss-Dance' video on Youtube will help you pass your exams or not - one thing is certain: the AMSS AGM is upon us.


EXECSPILL: An Update for Members

Posted by Jade Pisaniello (IV)

It has been a tumultuous few days at the heart of the AMSS as the Executive Committee wrestled to decide its future direction and the leadership of the society. The turmoil came to an end today with former Vice-President of Communication Tony Zerber announced as the society's new leader to be sworn in as the Adelaide Medical Student Society's 130th President.

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