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New Quiet Study Space at the AHMS

Posted by Victoria Langton

After two years of persistent feedback from students, a new quiet study space is coming to the AHMS! It is currently being constructed and is expected to be completed by Monday 4th March 2019. It will be located at the eastern end of Level 4 AHMS and can be reached by taking the stairs from the Student Lounge on Level 3 (wheelchair access - use the Goods Lift at the eastern end of the building). The new quiet study space is designed to be used as a short-term study space, which means desks cannot be reserved and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately, there are no long-term storage facilities. No swipe card access is required - the room will be open during regular AHMS hours (7.30am-6pm). We hope you enjoy it!


AMSS Assessment Survey Report Released

Posted by Victoria Langton, Vice President (Education)

A big thank you to all who completed the 2018 AMSS Assessment Survey. The value of such submissions cannot be understated and puts TeamEd in a strong position to work with staff in 2019 to act on the feedback submitted. Keen to hear what everyone said about anatomy, learning objectives, and OSCEs? Check out the submission for the data, colourful graphs and insightful comments that highlight student opinion on assessment.


Petition to support reinstatement of sleep laboratory at nRAH

Posted by Administrator

The sleep lab in the old RAH was decommissioned upon the move and a lab has not been re-created. This means that they are unable to perform the more sophisticated 'level 1' sleep studies that are required to assess complex sleep issues that arise in the subgroups of inpatients that the nRAH is designed to care for (stroke patients and spinal cord injury patients as two examples), and they are also unable to optimally care for a range of other patients including those with chronic respiratory failure requiring nocturnal non-invasive ventilation and narcolepsy. The AMA(SA) and SASMOA both support the reinstatement of the sleep lab on this basis.


2017 AMC and Assessment Survey Submissions Released

Posted by Malcolm Borg, AMSS VP(E)

Thank you to all who completed the 2017 AMC and AMSS Assessment Surveys. TeamEd has been hard at work in both collating the data, refining it into numerous submissions to staff (executive summaries included below) and advocating based on your responses. Thanks, at least in part, to your feedback we are already seeing the below changes to our curriculum! So please keep an eye out for our surveys, particularly the 2018 AMC Survey due for release this Wednesday.


Prize Winners - 2017 AMC and Assessment Surveys

Posted by Malcolm Borg, AMSS VP(E)

That's right, responding to surveys pays off! Thank again to all those who completed the AMC and AMSS Assessment Surveys last year. I can now announce the recipients of the survey prizes (including cash and textbook prizes) - Preshema Prem, Rosie Massolino, Nitya Sukheja, Xinlun Lim and Rebekah Clark! If you are not one of these lucky individuals, don't despair, the 2018 AMC Survey will be released this Wednesday!


Deans Q&A Meeting Notes

Posted by Malcolm Borg, AMSS VP(E)

Following on from the Q&A session with the Deans on May 14, we are now able to make available the meeting notes (see link below). In addition, notes from a subsequent meeting with the Dean and MBBS Program Coordinator of the Medical School and AMSS VP(E) are included which answered further questions which were submitted but not answered during the Q&A session. Please feel free to contact Malcolm Borg, the AMSS VP(E), if you have any questions regarding the information in these meeting notes.

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