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Clinical Year and Education Representative Voting

Posted by Fiona Thoi

Voting is now open for Clinical Year and Education Representatives, thank you to everyone who has nominated! The nomination pitches can be seen here; Nominations. This is YOUR CHANCE to help decide who you want to represent YOU this year! (Note: You can only vote for students within your current year level)


Clinical Year Representation Nominations

Posted by Fiona Thoi

Want to get involved with the AMSS in 2022? Nominations are now open for Year 4-6 Representative positions. Whether it's helping out at events or nutting out educational issues, you can be a part of it!


New Update to the AMSS Website!

Posted by IT Officer 2021

Welcome to the updated AMSS website built on Craft CMS 3. We hope you find the website more enjoyable and easier to use. If you run into any bugs or problems on the website platform, please contact the AMSS IT Officer at

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