Note: Nominations for Committee extended to Saturday 16/9 5pm! - We are thrilled to announce that nominations for the 2024 Executive and Committee are now open.

If you're keen to get involved, please consider applying!

President #

Huy On 5th Year

Hi everyone! I’m Huy, you might have seen me around from things like MedRevue, Convention, ‘Rem or any one of our vibrant AMSS events. This year I’ll be running for 2024 President!

Over the past five years, I’ve come to love and appreciate everything the AMSS stands for. Each opportunity to make new friends. Each opportunity to develop lifelong skills. Each opportunity to challenge and reinvent ourselves. Opportunities I want every year level entering medicine to have.

The vision I have of our society is one which fosters lifelong friendships. One which recognises the countless hours provided by our invaluable volunteers. One which has all the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to fit the needs and wants of our members.

I believe the best way to safeguard current portfolios while creating new opportunities for all our members is by empowering and investing in you, our members! I want to help develop your skills, foster your passion and create a fulfilling environment for years to come.

With what experience?
My multifaceted experience spans education, events and leadership roles. Being a member of the Executive this year also puts me in a unique position to lead and bolster our society. Below is a list of positions I’ve held in the last five years:

Executive Leadership
Adelaide Convention ITO 2019-21 (rip)
Insight Treasurer 2021
Insight President 2022
AMSS Treasurer 2023

ClinPrac Coordinator 2020
EdPrograms Coordinator 2022

Skullduggery Convenor 2021

As you would have noticed, I’m very keen to invest in the now. My philosophy is that while change may take many years, it only takes one year to set a precedence. Come to the AGM to find out more about the ideas I have!

Thank you all once again and I’ll see you at the AGM!

Yours truly,
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Stevie Young Honours

Just wanna boss babe girly pop my way to pres
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Sebastian Ricci 5th Year

Hey! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Seb, and this past year I’ve been kicking around the state going rural (would recommend). And now you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘well what can this country cowboy do for me next year as President?’. Excellent question!

I strongly believe that the AMSS’ best asset is its members, and something we need to continue to foster in the future. With previous experience convening Medcamp and Preskeg, I understand the value of our volunteers, and I want to see more incentivisation and celebration of the selfless people that keep this society running. I’d want to implement a more formal recognition process of those who go above and beyond in our Society.

Going into 2024, the new Charity Registration helps to secure us financially as a society heading forward. Using previous experience from my time on the Exec as Sponsorship Officer, moving into 2024 I want to see the society strengthen our current income streams, as well as explore new avenues of revenue by collaborating with other societies to bring on new sponsors.

In terms of advocacy, I hope to build upon some of the fantastic work done this year by our education officers. I want to continue to foster positive relationships with the University, and continue to show them the power and impact of meaningful feedback sessions and focus groups that have been a success this year.

And lastly – if you can’t tell, I’m passionate about the AMSS. From the member who’s on the Medball dance floor until the lights come on, to the member who stays back at the TeamEd meeting to clean up – it’s our members that make us who we are, and its our members who I’d be honoured to lead and serve next year.

Cheers xx
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Vice President (Education) #

Jock Duncan 5th Year

Hi all,

My name is Jock, little about me; I love drinking copious amounts of coffee, I am passionate about education, and making sure our voice as students is heard by the faculty. This year I spent some time in Denmark on exchange and am keen to get back involved with the AMSS.

I have been Year 3 Ed Rep, one of the Ed Programs Coordinator (2022), and one of the rural high school visits coordinators (AURHA). I am familiar with how Team Ed Meetings run and have experience organising Mock OSCEs. I have also been lucky to work with previous VPEs and gained valuable insight into what effective leadership and management look like.

My goals for the upcoming year would be to:

1. Continue the great work that Scott and Team Ed have done this year including.
o Continuing to advocate for more feedback and focus groups with the university.
o Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to improve retention within the program.

2. Work with our Ed Programs team to maintain our strong teaching series/mentoring program, and work to increase volunteer engagement in Mock OSCE's through incentive programs.

3. Advocate to the University to expand exchange opportunities for 5th year students so more students can have the amazing experience that I had.

4. Ensure that further changes to prevocational training are made clear to students.

5. Empower preclinical students to get involved and use their voice to advocate.

I have been lucky to benefit from the educational programs the AMSS offers, whether that be from messing around in P2P or delivering the worst cardio exam known to man in the Mock OSCEs, and I would love to be able to pay this forward as your VPE.

If you see me around say hi!

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Ali Teubner 5th Year

I’m Ali, and I would love to be your 2024 VPE! I’ve been away living the rural life this year in sunny Port Augusta, and am very excited to rejoin AMSS in 2024!

I’ve spent a lot of time wrapped up in AMSS education advocacy, internally and externally, as third and fourth year Ed Rep, and SAMSA rep. 2024 is significant, with preclin all BMD and clin all MBBS. It is an important time to work with the med school to ensure a smooth transition for every student.

A few key plans for next year include:
-Support the current BMD students by examining and tweaking continuing the fantastic Ed Programs changes that have been made, and provide further opportunities for feedback!
-Advocate with facility about the transition to BMD clin years in 2025 to ensure and that students feel equipped, working closely with our Preclin Education Officer
-Of course, there’s plenty to do for our MBBS years! A key concern is the “two year” internship, (not really a two year internship) and ongoing communication about the role out is needed!
-Continue to work with other societies and the sim centre to provide increased opportunities for procedural learning in all year levels, with teaching around emerging technologies, including bedside ultrasound and increasing practical AI use.
-Further work within the medical school to improve the experience of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and the discrepancies between learning between metro and rural in Indigenous health.
-For everyone, continue to press for the implementation of AMC accreditation conditions, and reinvigorate the annual AMC survey to be strong in our advocacy.
-Make TeamEd meetings inviting for all students, and an opportunity to raise concerns if needed!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the AGM, and in person in 2024 :)
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Vice President (Communications) #

Liz Abraham 5th Year

Hello everyone!

If you haven't met me, my name is Liz and I would love to be your Vice President (Communications) next year. In my final year, I would love to give back to AMSS members and facilitate our society to improve.

My goals for next year are:

BIG Social Media Focus
- Create a schedule or calendar to help manage the social media output through facebook, instagram and tiktok.
- Prioritising scheduling social media in advance!
- See what most our AMSS members engaged with social media platform this year and elevate further
- Get creative and to improve sharing with our multimedia and event convenors by facilitating AMSS event instagram takeovers or overseas takeover.
- Promote our social media to NOT just be information sharing
- Look into event photography watermarking

Year Representation
- Spend more time with them and also coordinate with other years levels to create friendships and give advice.
- Organise a few methods for them to share and condense information (e.g Summary for this week and less infographics) on their page and chat to not overwhelm members.

Handover and Committee Guide
- To make this easier and more accessible
- Facilitate handovers documents
- Setting up a guide about Workplace and Workchat

My past experiences that will help navigate this role would be:
- AMSS Multimedia (2023)
- AMSS Publications officer (2021)
- AUMO choir leader (2021)
- AUMO Multimedia (2022)
- MedRevue convenor (2022)
- MedRevue Props leader (2023)

I’m very keen to get started on this role and I hope that you consider me to take care of our society’s well being and communications next year.

Reach out and say ‘hi’ and I look forward to seeing you at AGM!

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Madeleine (Maddie) Moss 2nd Year


My name’s Maddie and I am applying for Vice President (Communications).

I may be biased in saying this, but through my experience as year-level representative and pubcrawl convenor, I believe that the AMSS is one of the most unique university societies around. It has an extraordinary quality that should be maintained and preserved. Here are some ways I would aim to achieve this as VPC…

1. Enhance inter-year-level connection by organising year-level-representative catchups
2. Create an online outlet for AMSS committee and executive members to reach out when they need additional support
3. Refresh the handover template and implement designated digital portfolio ‘check-in’ times during meetings to ensure high quality records are maintained

As a massive society, I believe utilising the power of social media is imperative in optimising the AMSS.

How would this look?
1. Interactive social media posts
2. Use of different social media platforms to maximise reach while reducing spam
3. IRL publications around the AHMS (e.g. posters)

BUT you may be thinking; Maddie, aren’t you a little young to be applying for Vice President of the AMSS?
I believe a younger VPC would be extremely beneficial for the progression of the AMSS. As a third-year in the new MD program I can relate to the Pre-Clin students more closely, and could use this to increase AMSS representation of all medical students, ultimately amalgamating the society. I am also in a unique position, with 4 years of university remaining, that I can employ institutional knowledge to assist in thorough handovers and transitions well after the conclusion of my role. This would provide significant benefits to future executive teams, committees, and the AMSS as a whole.

Glad you made it this far - I’ll see you around the AHMS!
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Laura Kelly 5th Year

Hi everyone, I'm Laura, and I'm excited to throw my metaphorical hat into the ring for the position of Vice President (Communication). I've been so impressed by the AMSS' commitment to inclusion and advocacy over the past few years, and I'm eager to continue this as your VPC. This is especially important as our membership transitions to the BMD program, and I want to ensure our society remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

Here are some key areas I plan to focus on:

Social Media:
- Creating posting schedules that maintain engagement without overwhelming our members
- Establishing clear social media posting guidelines to allow event convenors more independence with their content
- Collaborating closely with Multimedia to create an impactful social media presence that represents AMSS
- Prioritizing the social media forums that prove most effective in keeping our members informed and engaged
- Consolidating messages in year group chats into weekly posts to reduce spam

Support and Collaboration:
- Supporting the year reps, offering guidance and assistance where needed
- Being a constant exec presence and providing support to all committee members
- Facilitating effective communication between portfolios

Some of my experience that will help me in this role includes:
- Serving as AdeLadies president
- 5th year rep
- Convening Skullduggery and Medball, and creating effective marketing and promotional materials that contributed to their success
- AMSA policy writing
- Serving as the Philanthropy and Health and Wellbeing officer
- Unhealthy addiction to TikTok

I'm super excited at the opportunity to serve you all as VPC and give back to the AMSS. Together, we can continue to foster an inclusive, vibrant, and communicative society that caters to the diverse needs of our members. Keen to see you all at AGM!! xx

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Treasurer #

Ellen Thomas 2nd Year

Hello Adelaide Med!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Ellen Thomas and I am currently in my second year of the MD.
The AMSS has been the pillar and life of my medical school journey since moving to Adelaide in 2022. It is a privilege to be involved with its unparalleled culture, ever reliable support network and truly dedicated committee. It would be an honour to continue to help to provide similar opportunities to forthcoming and current medical students at the University of Adelaide as an executive member in 2024.

In all my engagements, I invariably strive to be approachable, enthusiastic, highly motivated and discerning. Should I be afforded the opportunity of AMSS Treasurer for 2024, I would implement and utilise my current depth of financial experience and character strengths towards working collaboratively with executive and non-executive members for the advantage and financial prosperity of our society and its members.

I would like to increase budget up-skilling within the AMSS portfolios to increase convenor autonomy over event innovation and organisation. Additionally, I would like to implement strategies to streamline the revenue and expenditure of the AMSS towards maximising the member and sponsor experience of the AMSS.

To the role I will bring a wealth of experience gained from my significant logistical and financial management role as a 2023 MedCamp convenor and my position as First Year Rep in 2022 for the AMSS, a highlight of which was my involvement co-coordinating a highly successful ticketed end of year event. Additionally, I would utilise my personal engagement and interest in financial investment, my completion of a Certificate III Xero and Accounts and my personal love and passion for all things finance to maximise my resourcefulness as treasurer.

Thankyou for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you all [truncated].

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Kashyapchandra Avadhani 3rd Year

I’m Kashyapchandra, but most of you would know me as Kash and I’d love to live up to my nickname and be your Treasurer in 2024.
I’ve enjoyed my first three years of medical school advocating on your behalf in TeamEd as PEO and EdRep, but now I’m incredibly keen to bring my enthusiasm and skillset to our wonderful student-ran initiatives.
There are three primary aims I’d have for next year:

1. Secure our financial position
Making sure that we have sustainable income streams is critical for the future of our society. Achieving our new charity status has pushed us towards this, but there’s always room for improvement in diversifying and strengthening our income streams. I’d collaborate closely with our Sponsorship Officer to highlight the AMSS as a worthwhile opportunity for new and pre-existing sponsors alike.

2. Support small-scale initiatives + promote members to use our initiative fund
While our big-ticket events such as MedBall and Jazz Night are great times when we all come together, I know there's scope for the AMSS to bring value to members through meaningful smaller scale initiatives.

3. Maintain transparency and open communication
As your treasurer in 2024, I’d be proactive in my discussions with convenors and ensure that they feel well supported and confident to organise events following their vision. I also recognise the importance of carefully evaluating our trajectory throughout the year, and I aim to effectively update our committee on our outlook through engaging reports at meetings.

I’d be greatly honoured to be a member of the executive and have an excuse to obsess over google sheets as your Treasurer in 2024.
Thank you for considering my nomination, I’m excited to answer any questions you may have at the AGM!

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Social Officer #

Jess Zhang 3rd Year

Hi everyone, I’m Jess and I’d love to be your Social Officer!
Over the last 3 years, I’ve attended countless amazing AMSS events. From helping out behind the bar at Preskeg to picking up cups after Jazz Night, I’ve realised what an incredible amount of work goes into organising and running events, and am keen to play a role in this next year.

I’ve had previous experience with organising and running events:
- As an Interyear Debating convenor this year
- As President of the Adelaide University Debating Society (AUDS) in 2022/2023
- As Social Media Officer for the Cardiovascular Society (AUCVS) this year
- As a Clinprac coordinator in 2022.
All this has equipped me with the skills to successfully plan events thoroughly, work within a tight budget, advertise and hype up events, and improvise in cases of spontaneous emergencies.

My aims for next year are:
1. Continuing to ensure events run smoothly on the night by working closely with the event convenors
- Organising an event can be a long and tough process, so I’m keen to make sure the convenors feel well-supported
2. Making events accessible to all members
- Continuing to explore non-alcoholic focused events and ensuring more chill spaces for people who prefer a more relaxed environment so everyone can get the most out of events
3. Increasing avenues for student feedback to further improve events
- Actively seeking feedback from all students to see if there was anything different they would’ve liked to have seen at an event

AMSS events are crucial in allowing us to take a break from uni and catch up with friends we haven’t seen all semester. I’d love the opportunity to maintain and improve these events for you!
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Libby Chisholm 3rd Year

Hey everyone!

My name’s Libby and I’d love to be your Social Officer in 2024. Over the last 3 years, I have attended numerous AMSS events and seen the important role they play in fostering our community environment. Having worked with both Elly in 2022 and Grace this year, I know how crucial the Social Officer is in ensuring these events run as smoothly as possible. I believe I have the experience to continue this:

- MedCamp 2022 (RIP) Convenor: Despite the unfortunate cancellation of this event (thanks COVID and weather), it taught me a lot about adaptability and planning, traits which I believe to be crucial for a Social Officer.
- MedBall 2023 Convenor: Running such a large-scale event furthered my skills and experience in budgeting, vendor communication, risk and welfare.

As your 2024 Social Officer I would have 3 main goals:
- Creating Standardised Event Manuals: Having ran 2 different AMSS events, I believe we would benefit from the creation of manuals that clearly outline specific components to running each event. By having well laid out guidelines, I’m hoping in the future this will encourage more interest in event convening, and reduce the stress of those who decide to run an AMSS event.
- Establishing an AMSS Welfare Phone: I aim to introduce the regular use of an AMSS welfare phone, in which attendees can easily contact myself or another exec member for any concerns regarding risk and safety.
- Cost-Effective Event Planning: Let’s be real, AMSS events can get expensive, but I am hoping by working closely with the treasurer and sponsorship, we can optimise budgeting and maximise the value for our members.

I hope you can see I am very enthusiastic to serve as your Social Officer!

Thank you all for you consideration :)
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Engagement Officer #

Chirath Lekamge 1st Year

AMSS! I’m Chirath and I'm thrilled to apply as your 2024 Engagement Officer!

2024 sees equal representation from the BMD and MBBS. Being in BMD-II next year, a Pre-Clinical voice will support a visible and present connection to the AMSS allowing for dynamic, effective and inclusive engagement.

Despite being a part of the AMSS for one year, I’ve grown to adore the warmth and community of the AMSS that I’ve experienced as:
First Year EdRep
AMSA GHC24 Management Team (Media & Marketing)
Insight Publications Officer
AMSS Strategic Planning Committee
and the MedRevue Chorus!

These experiences have equipped me well to serve as an Executive member and I look forward to growing in this position to support our amazing community!

My 2024 goals include:

1. Community:
Revamp First Year O’Week with interactive MedSoc sessions, Older-Year Q&As and dedicated Pre-Clin and Clin Year mixers.
Establish a working group for inclusive events with AMSS Equity, Queer, Gender, Health & Wellbeing and the International Officers.

2. AMSS Outreach:
Collaborate with IT & VPC to update our website with timely notifications and event highlights.
Engagement focus groups and a digital platform for member feedback.
Recognising and increasing volunteer engagement with merch prizes + exclusive discounts.

3. Cross-Portfolio Engagement:
Maintain communication with TeamEd for improved inter-year academic opportunities, bridging the gap between BMD and MBBS.
Foster inclusive and intentional community mixing to redefine AMSS events by working with the VPC and Socials Officer.

4. Member Benefits:
Introduce new merch drives while modernizing classic designs like the rugby jumper.
Launch a merch design competition to encourage fresh ideas.
Expand member discounts while exploring ambitious perks like R.M Williams, Osmosis and eMedici!

I’m incredibly passionate about continuing the traditions of mentorship, camaraderie and inclusivity, while shaping a new and exciting 2024. Come to the AGM to hear more!
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Elly Schoff 5th Year

Community. It’s why I’m here and it’s what I want to build next year. Hi! I’m Elly, and I want to be your Engagement Officer.

Over the last 5 years I have learnt an incredible amount about what it means to advocate and serve our community. You may have seen me around:
-AMSS Exec as Social Officer, or Adeladies Exec as Treasurer
-As Rural Rep, Junior AMSA Rep or Skullduggery Convenor
-As Sponsorship for MedRevue, Event Officer for ASSCC or Academics for Reinvention

My vision is to build a community that is connected, supportive and worthwhile.

-Kickstarting the year with ripper welcome events, cultivating our strong camaraderie.
-Working with international officers to host mixers and create a culture of belonging for everyone.
-Focusing on long-term engagement strategies for O-Week and fresh collaborations.
-Committee member introductions at the start of the year, with portfolio goal sharing, creating more personable and connected committee meetings.

-Building a committee framework for burnout management.
-Establishing advocacy goals with team equity, supporting innovative vision, and finding creative solutions to barriers which our community faces.
-Fostering fresh initiatives; opportunities where engagement is widely accessible, not just those already on the committee.
-Year-long volunteer appreciation and patches at the end of the year.

-New personalised merch, retro prints, themed earrings, with multiple drives, and sizing pictures to help with fit selection.
-Membership benefits (funky ID card holders or even discounted gym memberships) that are useful daily and focus on wellbeing.
-I want to create excitement when renewing membership, with an opportunity to feedback ideas on benefits you want in the coming year.

I will be dedicated, approachable and always strive to represent you. I’m so excited for the year ahead!

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Sponsorship Officer #

Kyan Reimers 1st Year

Hi, I am Kyan and I would love to represent the AMSS as the 2024 Sponsorship Officer.

Being a part of the AMSS has been an enriching experience and I've witnessed first-hand how it has facilitated connections, fostered companionship, and has provided so many amazing opportunities. However, it's important to recognise that the lifeline of our society lies in our sponsors. They are the backbone that sustains our traditions and facilitates a variety of events. I am eager to take on the role of Sponsorship Officer to ensure the financial stability and continuity of this remarkable society.

Looking ahead to 2024, there will be an equal proportion of BMS/MD and MBBS students within our members. This transition underscores the importance of having a diverse executive team to represent the interests of all members.

A few goals for Sponsorship Officer in 2024 include:

Strengthening Relationships:

I plan to actively engage with our current sponsors by providing them summaries of our events detailing how medical students were exposed to their brand and how AMSS members benefitted from their contributions.

Seeking New Opportunities:

Actively pursuing new sponsors will be a priority to ensure the AMSS' continued financial stability. Also, it is imperative to address the need for another major sponsor, given the departure of BOQ.

Ensuring Stability:

It's crucial to secure at least another three-year contract with Perks, one of our major sponsors. Additionally, addressing the sponsorship needs of MedRevue and the APY exchange program, is also a top priority.

While my prior role as First Year Representative and involvement in the AMSS strategic plan provided valuable insights, I am committed to learning, growing, and becoming more involved with this amazing society.

I look forward to sharing more about my vision for the role and the society at the upcoming AGM!

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Xueying Sun 5th Year

If you know anything about me, you know that I love baking. But this time I want to be bringing the dough to the AMSS.

Hi! I’m Xueying, and it would be my pleasure to act as your breadwinner (sponsorship officer) next year. Having gone through 5 years of med school, I’ve experienced a veritable tasting platter of everything it has to offer. Here’s a lil’ laundry list:

Skullduggery & EdForums convener
Philanthropy officer
Doctors for the Environment Australia
Adl Reinvention logistics subcommittee
Insight code green & aid projects officers
PsychSoc initiative & year officers
4 MedRevues

I understand how important sponsors are. They provide the AMSS with the funds to make our dreams come true. Going into 2024, I want to ensure that we nurture our partnership with existing sponsors whilst also expanding our sources of income, allowing us to strengthen our financial position. My plans to achieve this are as follows:

1.MAINTAIN our relationship with major sponsor Perks by engaging in another three-year contract, securing funding for the future of AMSS.

2.DIVERSIFY our sponsor portfolio. The risk of losing sponsors and being put in a difficult economic situation compromises what the AMSS can offer. I hope to mitigate this by expanding partnerships and increasing cash inflow from multiple sources.

3.ALIGN our future sponsors’ visions with our own. Seek partnerships with businesses and companies that share our values: to provide an enriching university experience for our members and set ourselves up for a promising future. If our sponsors are on the same page as us, it makes our collaboration all the more meaningful.

The AMSS has provided me with so much, and I’m excited to return the favour. I look forward to expanding on these ideas at the AGM! See you there <3
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Secretary #

Sarah Jacob 2nd Year

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah, and I would love to be your Secretary! In 2024, I aim to boost engagement, provide hands-on support and advocate for your education!

To my first point, engagement. The AMSS fosters many meaningful connections and one of the most effective events for these to grow is through our committee meetings. As your Secretary, I will ensure these run efficiently by focusing our meeting time on vital discussion points and limiting updates to ~3 minutes. I’ll also take great care in providing accessible pre-readings, meetings minutes and delicious dinners!

Furthermore, as an executive member I will strive to bring my experience as 2023 MedCamp Convenor as well as hands-on support to combat the high pressure environments that the committee can face. You can also expect regular storeroom inventory updates, using my creativity and logistic skills from my role as Pre-Clinical Education Officer on AdeLadies, to provide you ease when you run events.

Finally, I believe we are all critical stakeholders in our education. Therefore, it is vital that your 2024 Executive has as many Preclinical voices as possible to ensure any MD concerns are actioned and improved. Having been an EdRep in the first year of the MD program and a 3rd year in 2024, I’ll ensure that every student is heard and supported. I will also strive to work with the Clinical members of the AMSS to ensure that the faculty continues to refine all clinical placements within the MBBS.

Thank you for your kind consideration and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

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Vivienne Ng 3rd Year

Hi everyone, I’m Vivienne, and I would be honoured to be your 2024 Secretary!

This year, I had the privilege of serving you as an International Student Officer, where I convened the International Students Welcome and IFF’23. This role involves setting collaborative goals with executive and committee members, channelling our vision into events, and fostering the personal growth of our members. I’m confident I have the skills to take on the responsibilities that come with this position. So, what can I bring to the table?

- Planning for YOUR future AMSS via formal documentation of agendas and action items, continual re-organising of the storerooms for your ease as an event convenor, while ensuring that our committee builds upon the foundations of the 2023 Strategic Plan. With my experience as a Freelance Writer for the last 3.5 years, I’ll safeguard the longevity of the AMSS by ensuring a Strategic Plan is approved and acted on for years to come.

- Increasing portfolio efficiency for incoming committee members by updating our current role descriptions while advocating for standardised handover procedures across all positions - no more fumbling around for the first half of the year!
- Providing on-site assistance for all events. I’m prepared to help tackle any challenge, especially with my experience in UoA’s Singapore Association as an Executive Member (Publicity), where I convened the largest event of the year.

For YOUR benefit:
- As busy medical students, we value proficiency and productivity. I’ll ensure that our meetings focus on quality, not quantity, by focusing on valuable discussion points and amazing food!

As a passionate individual who sets high standards for herself, I’m so excited to work with all members of our wonderful committee to improve the running of AMSS. I look forward to seeing you at the AGM!
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Senior AMSA Representative #

There are no nominations for this position yet. Nominate

Pre-Clinical Education Officer #

Isabella Wallwork 2nd Year

Hey! My name’s Isabella, and I am keen to be 2024 PEO, and act as your voice in university decisions.

The AMSS is a success because of its unique support network passed down through year levels. This structure has been somewhat hindered by the introduction of the MD program. My goal is to liaise with university staff to understand the structure of clinical MD years and use this to establish better pre-clinical learning resources.

My vision includes:
-More focused lecture content delivery
-Increased early clinical interactions
-Clearer understanding of learning objectives during SBL
-Opportunities to practice rural and Indigenous medicine

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Rushan Khurram 2nd Year

With the preclinical years fully transitioning to MD next year, it’s important to recognise this rare opportunity we have to create change, with university faculty more open than ever to listen to our desires and concerns.

Being in the inaugural MD year, we have a responsibility to use our experiences to shape the learning experience of future cohorts into a constructive and streamlined process. The vibrant AMSS community has given me so much, and I would feel privileged to give back as PEO and ensure our Ed reps have a strong platform to be your voice in influencing university decision-making.
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Benjamin Cook 1st Year

Hi everyone!
I’m Ben and I’d love to serve as AMSS Pre-Clinical Education Officer.
The recent move from the MBBS to BMS/MD program has brought constant changes and I would enjoy being in a position where I can work with students and staff to ensure that students’ educational needs are being met.

I aim to receive regular feedback from students regarding whether Learning Objectives are being adequately addressed and to help organise peer-lead sessions to supplement students’ learning where necessary. I also hope to bolster students’ participation in extra-curricular educational events held by student societies.

See you at the AGM!
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Scarlett Tod 2nd Year

Hi everyone, I’m Scarlett and I would love to be your 2024 Pre-Clinical Education Officer.

My goals include:
-Boosting engagement across all years in education
-Creating resources for BMD students, such as question banks
-Providing support to all students
-Bridging connections between the pre-clinical years and Adelaide Medical Staff

This year as AMSS Publication’s Officer I’ve enjoyed creating the First Year Guide, [stimulus] and all the organisation and connections that came with the role. I believe that this role has given me the skills necessary to take on Pre-Clinical Education Officer.

See you all at the AGM!

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AMA(SA) Representative #

Hannah Kieu 3rd Year

It’s Hannah the merch girl here, and I want to be your AMA(SA) rep next year.

You might not know what AMA(SA) is, but I hope to share their powerful advocacy for medical students, doctors, and patients both nationally + state-wide, working with governments, AMC, hospitals, and medical schools.

I'll strive to listen to you and maintain transparency, keeping you updated with infographics on how AMA(SA) is helping you…

-Implementation of the first stages of the National Prevocational Framework commonly misinterpreted as 2-year internship
-Rural teaching sustainability
-International student internships

-JMO working conditions
-Specialty training requirements
-Rural/GP workforce
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Sara Bilwani 4th Year

Hi there friends! I’m Sara and here’s my game plan as your AMA rep in 2024!

With my (quite extensive) AMSS Committee and Executive experience, I have the background to continue building the bridge between our 2024 Committee and the AMA and advocating for our views as a student body, and ultimately, as future doctors.

Let's provide the student perspective on:
- 2 year internship changes and what that means for us
- Increased transparency of specialty training requirements
- Working conditions of junior doctors
- Ensuring longstanding success for the rural medical school

See ya'll at the agm <3

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Rural Representative #

Reema Madike 4th Year

Hi everyone! I’m Reema and I would love to be your Rural Rep from Port Lincoln!

My vision for 2024 (RURAL):
1. Running rural-based bonding events to bring us together and prevent Adelaide FOMO.
2. Updating AMSS rural guides with more pictures and information from recent students.
3. Rural AMSS Insta takeovers to show students what rural life is like.
4. Advocating for rural students and guiding AMSS through the potential change involving the new end-to-end Adelaide rural school.
5. Liaising with rural students and AMSS to create the best rural experience for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration <3
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Junior AMSA Representative #

Maddy Flapper 2nd Year

Hi!! Im Maddy and I'd love to be the 2024 junior AMSA representative!

As Ed Rep this year, I've loved representing my cohort as part of the AMSS committee. I aim to improve AMSA participation, particularly with GHC in Adelaide next year, and ensure all students are represented and their concerns heard.

As half of the cohort will be in the MD course, policy should be constantly updated to address this. This includes getting more pre-clins involved in AMSA council, and changing current strategies to increase policy engagement by making it more exciting/relevant to MD students.

Excited for 2024!!!
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Emma Jorgensen 2nd Year

Hey everyone! I'm Emma and I would love to be your Junior AMSA Representative for 2024.
AMSA events provide great opportunities for students of different year levels and stages of their degree to get to know each other. I would love to support a strong delegation at convention next year and the Global Health Conference that will be held in Adelaide.
For Vampire Cup I plan to organise group donation times to increase participation and ensure everyone can have support for their donation.
Through Team Rep I will advocate for MD students to ensure quality clinical placements.
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George Rarichan 1st Year

Hey! I'm George and I am excited to be applying for the 2024 Junior AMSA Representative role!

Currently, I am involved with AMSA through their AMSA resources team and the 2024 AMSA convention subcommittee. I would love to extend my involvement within AMSA to include representing our university’s preclinical students.

As your junior AMSA rep I will:
- Be a point of contact and support for Adelaide students attending AMSA convention 2024
- Push for more awareness and promotion of the tri-society blood drive especially for preclins
- Represent our preclinical students’ views to AMSA and work towards meaningful change.

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IT Officer #

Justin Chow 4th Year

I'm Justin and I'm hoping to become the AMSS IT officer for 2024!

I've been involved across ASSCC, AMSF and Adelaide convention (Lol big rip) in secretary, treasurer and sponsorship officer roles which have provided me experience in event planning and website management.

My goals for 2024
1. Ensure smooth online payment and ticketing operation at our AMSS events.
2. Increasing event information availability to our members.
3. Introducing "AMSS member spotlights" as a way to highlight what is happening around the AMSS.
4. Being accessible to provide IT support to our committee and society.

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Multimedia Officer #

Devyanshi Mahra 3rd Year

Hi! I am Devyanshi and I would love to be your multimedia officer!

The roles I have served previously/currently include:
1. ASSCC Junior Multimedia Officer 2023
2. AMSS International Officer 2023
3. UoA’s Singapore Association - Executive Member (Publicity) 2022

These roles have provided me with valuable experience in event branding and graphic design, and they align well with the responsibilities of the Multimedia Officer role. I am committed to our Society's success and dedicated to putting out quality content. As a Multimedia Officer, I look forward to contributing my skills and creativity to enhance AMSS's marketing and promotion efforts.

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Historian #

Yianni Briggs 4th Year

Hey y’all!

To those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting I’m Yianni and I’m running to be AMSS historian in 2024, the 135th year of this amazing society!

I believe it is vitally important to keep our history in mind, especially looking towards the emergence of the MD and the possible university merger.

Throughout these external fluctuations I’ll be looking to keep connections to the AMSS’s rich history, advocating for a historical article in [stimulus], while also marking our time and place in the society for future students to aspire to!
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Justin Chan 3rd Year

Hi everyone, I am Justin and would love to be your historian in 2024.
As a history geek (self-proclaimed), I'm here to bring a dose of fun to our past. From the mysterious 'time capsule' for the new med school to unearthing ancient editions of [stimulus], I promise to make our history great again! While I can’t time-travel to guarantee perfect punctuality, I'll definitely be there to sprinkle some historical charm at AMSS events. Let's journey through our past to shape a brighter tomorrow.
See you all at the AGM!

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Ali Teubner 5th Year

Hey! I’m Ali and I’m both history and AMSS obsessed!

As AMSS’s historian, I promise to find and share the interesting historical happenings of our society, via social takeovers and [stimulus]. Did you know…
- AMSS was founded on May 21st 1889, with only 25 members. This makes 2024 our 135th birthday!
-Adelaide graduate Laura Fowler, was the equal first female doctor trained in Australia, and served in WWI
-We’ve hosted nine and a half conventions (RIP ADL21)

The present is also noteworthy with COVID/early BMD years, and I will diligently file our current happenings, for future AMSS generations!
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Daniel Zahedi 3rd Year

I’m Daniel Zahedi, and I'm applying for AMSS Historian 2024. I’m extremely passionate about LORE and you’ll receive in detail LORE about the AMSS and other important historical information like the battle of Hastings which I think was in 1066?
I have experience through med revue subcom, ASSCC, and as ‘remier league champion ‘23. As Gender Officer 2023, I gained experience by considering running an event, and next year I aspire to do even more. As your historian, I will preserve our vivid history through maintenance of historical texts and providing the society with cultural knowledge of the past.
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Gender Officers #

There are no nominations for this position yet. Nominate

Queer Officer #

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Sports Officer(s) #

Mathilda Meinecke, Sivanthi Sivasuthan, Tafadzwa Mutape 1st Year

Hiya! We're Taf, Tilly, and Siv and we'd love to be your 2024 sports officers! We’re a team that's committed to innovating the AMSS sports scene!

Our goals:
- Increase AMSS sports social media presence and physical well-being promotion
- Collaborate with health and wellbeing officer(s)
- Introduce more events: social sports teams, yoga and more!
- Maintain the traditions of MedFooty and inter-society soccer, making them bigger and better than ever!

With event organising experience, passion for physical wellbeing, and involvement in a variety of sports we want to make AMSS sport exciting and memorable for everyone! #YeahTheGirls #AMSSSportsDreamTeam
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Publications Officer(s) #

Devyanshi Mahra, Sandhiya Pugalendhi & Vivienne Ng 3rd Year

Hello! We are Devyanshi, Vivienne and Sandhiya and would love to be your Publications officers for 2024.
Over the past 3 years, we’ve had a combined experience in event planning and publications across the AMSS, ASSCC, PVOGS, and UoA Singapore Association.

We intend to:
- Bring a more diversified perspective to highlight the holistic nature of med students
- Work on publishing new content online frequently in collaboration with the IT officer
- Provide longer deadlines for stimulus submissions, taking into account peak workload periods

We are very excited to create a fantastic recollection of 2024 in the form of our [Stimulus] !!
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Research Officer #

Sahil Kharwadkar 5th Year

Hey everyone! I'm Sahil and I am hoping to be your research officer for 2024! I am currently finishing up my honours in Public Health which I have completed alongside 4th and 5th year.

My vision is to make it easier for everyone to get involved with research. Research can be exciting and looks great on your CV, but it is often difficult to know how to get started. I hope to be your first point of contact - someone who can connect you with researchers across various disciplines and keep you updated on upcoming research opportunities.

Thanks :)

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Philanthropy Officer(s) #

Aparajitha Raamkummar, Georgina Varley 3rd Year

Hi everyone! We are Rajitha and Gigi and we would love to be your Philanthropy Officers next year! We have significant event planning/fundraising experience, and together have been a part of MedRevue sub-com, ClinPrac, PVOGs, and other committees in and out of med school.

Our 2024 goals include:
- Increasing AMSS engagement with new charities as well as previously supported ones
- Maintaining current wonderful initiatives (warm and fuzzies we love you!) + creating new fun events (random acts of kindness days, charity bake offs)
- Working with AULSS/AUES to create another fabulous suits, scrubs, and spanners!
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Health & Wellbeing Officer(s) #

Miranda Wilkinson, Yuna Kim 1st Year

Hiya! For those of you who don’t know us, we’re Miranda and Yuna and we love being well! With our combined event planning and fundraising experience, we would be honoured to be your 2023 Health and Wellbeing officers, to represent your needs, concerns, and interests within the AMSS and medical school, through new and improved Health and Wellbeing initiatives:
-Expanding student engagement in H&W activities through partnerships with societies (YAY more bake sales)
-Establishing more chill zones at AMSS events
-Increasing mental health awareness and supports available

We’re passionate about enhancing your student experience and can’t wait to get started!
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Caitlin Abbs, Ranveen Tuteja, Rancy Liu, Wendy Dai 3rd Year

Hiiii, we’re Rany, Caitlin, Wendy and Rancy, and we’d love to be your 2024 H&W officers!!!

Med school can be stressful (as Wendy says: such is life), so we’d love to make the year more enjoyable! We’ve been involved in GPSN, PaedSoc, ASSCC, etc. where we organized & promoted events and contacted sponsors.

2024 vision:

Arts+crafts sessions!
AMSS book library/start book exchange nook
Outdoor-sy activities to boost our vitamin D & serotonin together (Saltysip, parkruns, AU Sports)
Bake sales galore
Chill-out zones at medcamp + more
AMSS community volunteering events

Always down for a chat! Promise we’re not scary beings :)
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Education Programs Coordinator(s) #

Rebecca Bright and Elise Toyer 5th Year

Hi, we’re Bec and Elise and we’ve been away on our rural year but are excited to return to the city in 2024 with some big plans! Between us we have experience as event organisers, peer tutors, ClinPrac and EdPrograms coordinators.

Our vision for EdPrograms:
- Build on the work of this years coordinators in revitalising P2P/MedTransit into a vibrant clinical-pre clinical mentoring program

- Work closely with ClinPrac teams to ensure sessions remain relevant to the MD program

- Team up with VP(E), rural rep and student societies to ensure students have access to high quality mock OSCEs
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Charlotte Mackenzie, James Tsimiklis, Jai Paris 4th Year

Hey :)) We are Jai, James and Charlotte and would love to be your Ed program coordinators.

Our collective background in Medtransit, PIMP, ClinPrac/event coordinating and more equips us to seamlessly take this role to places it has never been before!

Our vision includes:
* Enhance peer-tutoring effectiveness through provided structured weekly session objectives tailored to the new MD program
* Expand education programs to include research-buddy focus groups and workshops on student-requested pre-exam topics
* Work with the Engagement Officer to strengthen the “Welcome to the Ed programs” aspect of O Day and grow involvement
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Shreyas Khanna, Jess Zhang 3rd Year

Hi everyone, we’re Shreyas and Jess and we’re keen to be your EdPrograms coordinators!

We’re both highly involved in education, with combined experience as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years EdReps + various other TeamEd roles including Secretary and Comms Officer, and experience as ClinPrac and MedTransit tutors.

Our goals include:
- Improving peer-tutoring programs by tailoring them to the MD curriculum
- Continuing Dom and Sean’s incredible work with Mock OSCEs, and aiming to increase student spots even further and examiners + SPs
- Running more educational initiatives targeting relevant, high-yield content (e.g., “how to DAQ” tutorials for 1st years)
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International Officer #

Rithiha Balu, Ganesh Natarajan Venkatesh 3rd Year

We are Rithiha and Ganesh and we would like to be your International officers!
Being closely involved with many events helmed by the previous international officers, we have benefited a great deal from them. We want to pay it forward and serve as a platform to raise and mitigate issues faced by international students.

We intend to continue and expand the initiatives set out by our predecessors (International Food Fiesta, First year welcome, Peer to Peer programme). Additionally, we want to:
- Advocate for career pathways for international students
- Increase collaboration with other societies (e.g. AUDSS international wing)
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