The AMSS is one of the most active student societies in the country; perhaps in the world.

There are activities and events of every size and shape aimed at making medical school, and the lives of those who attend it, just that little bit better. As a Member of the AMSS, you are entitled to your own stake in the Society. As a stakeholder, you are invited and encouraged to be actively involved in the direction the Society takes and the activities and events it provides.

After all, it is your AMSS.

Whatever interest you may have and time commitment you wish to make, there will be something you can sink your teeth into. That's a guarantee.

You are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant Committee member or representative for further information on anything that takes your fancy. They will be more than happy to tell you what's involved and point you in the right direction.

Committee Meetings #

The AMSS holds Committee Meetings approximately once a month. These meetings are open to all AMSS members, and all Executive and Committee members are expected to attend.

The Committee is comprised of Officers with a myriad of different skills and responsibilities. Given such a varied group of contributors within the context of a student organisation, meetings of the Committee are generally interesting and frequently hilarious!

It is important to note that all members of the AMSS are very welcome to attend meetings of the Committee, regardless of whether or not they happen to hold an official position on it. The attendance of observers is strongly encouraged and welcomed.

See the AMSS Calendar for Committee Meeting dates.

If you would like to submit an item for discussion, send an email to

Friends of AMSS router #

Want to be kept in the loop about upcoming Committee Meetings? Learn more about what the Committee does? Read through minutes and voice your opinions at our meetings? Sign up to 'Friends of AMSS' to receive information about upcoming meetings, our current projects and how you can be involved! Use the Friends of AMSS Router form at the bottom of the page to sign up!

Annual General Meeting #

The Annual General Meeting is held in September each year to elect the Committee for the following year. This is your chance to nominate to take on a committee position.

There are a variety of positions available on the committee which entail a spectrum of time involvement and require different skill-sets: there is something for everyone, from first year through to sixth year, for those with no AMSS experience to those with years of AMSS experience. All you need is enthusiasm and a passion to be involved.


  • Spend time with like-minded individuals
  • Meet people from other year levels
  • Drive new initiatives: sport, social, charity… anything
  • Be involved behind-the-scenes
  • Run events: learn how to deal with sponsors, make budgets, marketing principles
  • Opportunity to represent the interests of your peers


  • Variable time commitment
  • Have too much fun


'The AMSS is too cliquey; I wasn't involved in first year, I can't be involved now.'

Truth: Each year a significant portion of the committee is brand new and represents a broad cross section of ages, year-levels and experience.

'AMSS Committee meetings happen weekly and go for 6 hours and they're really boring.'

Truth: AMSS Committee meetings are once per month to fortnightly and they run for a maximum of about 2-3 hours. Whilst the term 'meeting' never really implies fun, we are constantly trying to add something new to meetings including guest speakers, venue changes, different food and drinks etc. The meetings are social as well; a group of 30-40 like-minded individuals all trying to improve student life on campus, and we feel it's actually a lot of fun.

'The AMSS is all political and I don't want to be a politician so I don't want to be involved.'

Truth: Whilst the AMSS does recognise that many changes to health care and medical education are made at political levels and therefore engages in these discussions, the majority of the work the AMSS does is apolitical. In addition, most of the 'political work' the AMSS does is within several positions on the committee including the executive, AMA Rep and the AMSA Rep.

'You have to be in 3rd year or above to be in the committee. I don't think I could manage a position anyway, I don't know enough.'

Truth: Whilst there are some positions in which experience is valuable, the majority of positions can be very well handled by enthusiastic students from any year. Whilst some positions entail a lot of work, the office bearer from the previous year is usually more than happy to support with any advice throughout the year.

'The AMSS is now totally centred around preclinical years and does nothing for us in the clinical years.'

Truth: There are always clinical members on our committee and we are continually trying to engage those from clinical years and encourage them to be involved. The AMSS is continually brainstorming ways to ensure the AMSS maintains its relevance to the older years.

'The AMSS Committee and Executive don't achieve anything. All they do is talk round in circles and don't take action.'

Truth: The AMSS Committee and Executive are constantly acting to benefit members. The Education arm has successfully advocated for students regarding exam and teaching issues, as well as set up new initiatives tailored to the specific issues of the study body (e.g. the Year 1-3 Lecture review and development of new Year 4 Medical Home Unit Objectives). The Society continually reviews its social prospectus and has taken meaningful action on key social issues e.g. gender inequality, the involvement of alcohol in our culture and events.

Committee Positions #

Ever wondered what a specific Executive or Committee position actually entails? What exactly does a Vice President (Communication) do? How busy is the Pre-Clinical Education Officer? Do you have to be a clinical student to be AMA(SA) Rep? These questions and more demystified through the Position "Snapshots" included on this page.

If you want to nominate for any of these positions up for election at the AGM, click on the position title to read the snapshot, then click "Nominate for this position". Email with any questions.


Avg. 11+ hours per week
The role is both immensely rewarding and demanding at the same time. There are four main aspects to the role of President: (1) management of the Executive, and thereby ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the Society, (2) leading the society at a macroscopic and strategic level, (3) managing the risk profile of the society and (4) acting as the public face of the Society in both internal and external advocacy efforts.

Apart from the above four aspects, the role is poorly defined, and this affords the President a lot of discretion as to how to lead the Society. One can bring their own ideas, initiatives and goals to the position and has the ability to enlist help from the full 50+ Committee to achieve these.

The President oversees the following portfolios: Junior and Senior AMSA, AMSF, and AMA.
Baseline workload is approximately ~20-25 hours a week, which increases during busy periods such as O-Week, March and August
  • Working with a variety of different individuals, from Executive, to Committee to general AMSS members
  • Ability to pursue new ideas and directions for the Society
  • Development and refinement of skills in leadership, organisation, strategic direction and risk management
  • Intimate involvement and understanding of all aspects of the Society
  • Fun and fulfilling!
  • Large time commitment, and sometimes there are 'emergencies' that need to be dealt with
  • Lots of emails and following up of tasks
  • Easy to lose 'vision' when caught up in day-to-day oversight of the Society's activities
Ideas for the future
  • Largely up to the candidate!
  • Creation and implementation of a new strategic plan for the society
  • Focus on future-proofing the society through, ensuring long-term financial viability
  • Initiatives targeted at reducing volunteer burden and improving engagement with the society
Previous office bearers
2022 Teham Ahmad
2021 Patrick Kennewell
2020 Jade Pisaniello
2019 Tom Gransbury
2018 Monica Chen
2017 Simon Cousins
2016 James Johnston
2015 Shane Selvanderan
Avg. 11+ hours per week
Vice President (Education) or VP(E) is a privileged position which represents the whole medical student body in all things education related and oversees Team Education. There are two key, related roles: 1) educational advocacy for medical students and 2) initiating and continuing peer-led educational programs. Furthermore, the role also includes the general task of being an Executive member - which is (always) a fun, but (at times) demanding commitment.

Educational advocacy occurs through meetings with staff of the Adelaide Medical School as well as through the running of Team Education, and also involves producing formal reports of student surveys. Team Education is the driving force behind all advocacy, and it is the role of the VP(E) to guide Team Education. Working with a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about advocacy is one of the highlights of this role. One of the most time consuming aspects of this role is attending various meetings held throughout the year, as it is here where the important issues are raised with staff. These meetings are the behind-the-scenes work that drives the medical program, which can be tiring, and time management is crucial.

The VP(E) oversees Team Education, which is the following portfolios: Education Representatives, Preclinical Representative, EdPrograms, Rural Representative, Research Officer.
Baseline workload is approximately ~20-25 hours a week, which increases if any emergencies spring up, and during busy periods of March (setting up Team Ed), June (AMC report) and August (publication of submissions due). There is also an expanding role for VPE and EdPrograms in the coordination of Mock OSCES for all year levels in conjunction with the various MedSocs. Time commitments vary from week to week, depending on the number of meetings required needed to attend, the number of issues currently active, the number of projects that are ongoing, and the number of reports that are being produced.
  • A privileged position to speak on behalf of your fellow students
  • Leading Team Education
  • Working closely with staff
  • Seeing changes to the medical program
  • Gaining insight into Medical Education and administration
  • Large time commitment
  • Meeting times can conflict with other commitments
  • Feedback not always well received
  • Must handle many confidential issues
Ideas for the future
  • Ongoing improvements to MD program
  • Ongoing advocacy about improving assessment feedback
  • Advocacy for Indigenous Students
Previous office bearers
2022 Nathan Behrendt
2021 Ella Obst
2020 Teham Ahmad
2019 Victoria Langton
2018 Malcolm Borg
2017 Thomas Gransbury
2016 Simon Cousins
2015 Joshua Calleja
Avg. 11+ hours per week
The Vice President (Communication) or VP(C), is responsible for maintaining the AMSS' internal perception, communications and external brand. He or she is charged with ensuring the Society's events, advocacy and representation efforts are promoted and communicated. The VP(C) oversees ensuring consistency in the AMSS' branding, high quality of produced content and proper representation of Adelaide medical students.

Furthermore, a major responsibility of the VPC is to support the wellbeing of Officers of the Executive, Officers of the Committee and volunteers of the Society including through regularly checking in and offering support to volunteers, managing burnout of volunteers, assisting in conflict resolution between volunteers; and induction and upskilling of volunteers.

Other responsibilities of the VP(C) include:
- Running the nomination and voting of year level representatives and education representatives
- Managing handover processes within the Society
- Assisting the President in overseeing the general functioning and events of the Society
- Regularly updating content on the AMSS website and maintaining the AMSS Facebook and Instagram pages
- Coordinating communication to members via year-level representatives
- Overseeing the annual events run by the respective year-level representatives (i.e., end of first year event, second year AMSS pubcrawl, third year champagne breakfast, fourth year halfway dinner, end of fifth year event, assisting with Gradweek for sixth years)
- General Executive duties (e.g. assisting at AMSS events, attending executive meetings, overseeing Committee portfolios)
- General Committee duties (e.g. writing for [stimulus], attending committee meetings)

The VP(C) oversees the following portfolios: Year Representatives, IT, Multimedia, Publications, and the Historian.
  • Ability to shape the visual image of the Society
  • Assist with the running of all Society events
  • Help maintain the traditions and culture of our wonderful AMSS
  • Interacting with almost all members of the Committee
  • There is a lot of chasing people up for event promotional material
  • The workload increases significantly around event-dense periods (e.g. March & August) and the AMSS page runs the risk of spamming due to all the promotional posts from different events (can end up posting up to 3 times a day in different places)
  • There is no real 'off' time as you are constantly troubleshooting or helping with promotions
  • Addressing Committee engagement and burnout can be difficult with such a large group
Ideas for the future
  • Continue to improve handover between portfolios from year to year
  • Consider in-person meetings with Year Reps and Event Convenors to coordinate the promotion of upcoming activities / events
  • Develop methods to better engage students with the AMSS and make our Society stand out against other student groups
  • Create new promotional ideas for TeamEd activities and non-event activities
  • Consider better ways to avoid spam and prevent reduced engagement on social media pages
Previous office bearers
2022 Fiona Thoi
2021 Sachini Perera
2020 Jennifer Chataway
2019 Abby Moore
2018 Toby Zerner
2017 Hiep Tu
2016 Anna Grosse
2015 Annie Hebenstreit
Avg. 11+ hours per week
The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the AMSS finances and accounts. They are tasked with ensuring responsible budgeting goals, both on a societal scale and for individual events, and then enacting these goals effectively. They are the first port of call for any necessary payments, and must always be aware of the AMSS' financial status and future needs. Accurate financial records are the key to this role in order to guarantee precise reporting, and their creation and maintenance are where the majority of time will be spent. Other key roles include taxation reporting in conjunction with Perks, the formation of Invoices for sponsors and the tracking of their payment, and communication with the Committee regarding the state of accounts.

As a predominantly event-based society, the AMSS' treasurer is involved in virtually all portfolios and roles, working particularly with event convenors to guide and oversee their financial priorities, ensuring budgets are kept, and approving all payments travelling through the AMSS accounts.

In addition to this, the Treasurer is an Executive position, which carries additional responsibilities outside the realm of finance, to do with the everyday running and oversight of the AMSS and its events.
Time commitment is consistently high, as events run year 'round, and reporting and taxation must be done regularly. During busy periods such as O'Week, this can lead to 15 hours or more of work a week.
  • Able to be a part of organising every event the AMSS runs
  • Skill-building in financial areas
  • High level of influence when shaping the AMSS' monetary focus
  • Large time commitment, requiring at least an hour a day to remain on top of things
  • Much of the bulk of your work cannot be delegated during busy periods
  • The role is active for the entire year not just the university year
Ideas for the future
  • Maintaining the AMSS' strong financial position through long term investments
  • Streamlining of events budget reporting to the Executive
  • Increasing accessibility and ease for Committee Members to engage with treasury requirements
Previous office bearers
2022 Don Kieu
2021 Vi-Seth Bak
2020 Sophie Eblen
2019 Sushanth Saha
2018 Huy Pham
2017 Patrick Kennewell
2016 Tom Rogerson
2015 James Turnbull
Avg. 11+ hours per week
The Social Officer is responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating all major AMSS Events throughout the year.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone with experience in running events, and who is aware of the many facets that must be considered including logistics, budgeting, marketing and risk management.

The Social Officer will work closely with events convenors throughout the year to help them achieve their goals for the event whilst adhering to the vision and values of the Society.
Time commitments are consistently intense and focus on being in constant contact with teams for the months leading up to events. Requirements can increase to 15 hours or more in the weeks before each event.
  • Ability to shape the visual image of the Society
  • Help maintain the traditions and culture of our wonderful AMSS
  • Interact with almost all members of the Committee
  • Build really close relationships with events convenors
  • Be a part of creating eight wonderful events throughout the year
  • High level of responsibility
  • Can be difficult constantly chasing people up
Ideas for the future
Previous office bearers
2022 Elly Schoff
2021 Simoné Richards
2020 Emily Slimming
Avg. 6-10 hours per week
The Sponsorship officer is responsible for liasing regularly with our Major Partners and Minor Partners and ensures that their expectations are consistently and successfully met. The AMSS could not operate and run over 50 events without the help of our Sponsors. Communication and organisation are key and you will soon become an email God or Godess as well as learn to say yes to a free coffee when a sponsor offers. Always remember happy sponsors equals a happy AMSS.

The main roles of the sponsorship officer include updating the yearly sponsorship prospectus, creating new sponsorship prospectus/ for new initiatives/events, strengthening relationships with current sponsors, looking for new avenues to attract further sponsorship and organising events including the 6th years Electives Night and Life in the Real World Seminar. In addition, you must fullfill you rrole as an executive member by being a sound leader and supporting the other executive and committee members.
Constant throughout the year!
  • Get valuable business and meeting skills
  • Member of the Exec (WOOOOO)
  • FREE COFFEE at meetings
  • Writing and signing contracts is super cool!
  • Assisting with events your portfolios run is great upskilling in leadership!
  • All the skills and etiquette you learn prepare you for the professional world, both in business and medicine
  • It's quite satisfying following different avenues for sponsorship & being creative with who you contact
  • Inbox is rarely at 0
  • You have to be proactive following people up in order to get success!
  • Prepares you for the dating world through lots of rejection...
  • Have to learn the art of being firm if sponsors try to swindle you
Ideas for the future
  • Tidy up the minor sponsor portfolio
  • Invite sponsors to more events!
Previous office bearers
2022 Ayra Perakath
2021 Sebastian Ricci
2020 Simon Riddell
2019 Shehani Gunasekera
2018 Hamish Phillips
2017 Collette Massy-Westropp
2016 Jarrad Hopkins
2015 Tony Barbaro
Avg. 6-10 hours per week
Previously titled the 'Membership Officer', the Engagement Officer of the AMSS is responsible for recruiting members and supporting the needs of the society's member base each year. Practically, this means being an ever approachable, friendly face to all students and doing your best to represent the needs of the members when contributing to exec conversations. The varied tasks of the Engagement Officer means they function as a jack of all trades, and they should do their best to use the downtime in their role to support their exec.

A lot of the work for the role happens before the year starts, from acquiring member benefits to designing and ordering merchandise like retractable ID card holders, stickers, and other fun things! The start of the year also gives you the opportunity to run three well-loved events - O'Week, 6th Year Welcome Drinks and the Clinical Students' Welcome. Coordinating events is a unique and challenging experience, but gives you the chance to exercise your event management, budgeting and design skills. If you're a Clin Year, it's strongly recommended that you take O'Week off!

The heavy workload in the start of the year tapers after O'Week, which gives you a unique opportunity to choose how to fill your time, creating and supporting projects that you think would benefit the members best. This allows a lot of scope and creativity within the position.

This role also co-ordinates the activities of the Committee Equity Officers, a series of portfolios including the Queer Officer, Gender Officers, Philanthropy, International Officer(s), Health and Wellbeing, and the AIDA representative. This will assist you in ensuring all of the member base receive support and benefits.

Another big part of this role is as part of the Executive Team. This adds up to a considerable amount of time as you are often the supportive role to pick up loose ends, but it's so much fun and you learn a lot more about how the society works and what goes in to planning each event.

Overall it's a fantastic way to get involved in the Executive and the AMSS, and requires less specific skills than some of the other Exec positions. It's perfect if you're keen on the AMSS, would love to get involved and have some new ideas!
Time requirements are quite substantial in the beginning of the year and then taper throughout the year, although being part of the Exec requires quite a time commitment during the year for meetings and helping out at all of our events.
  • Scope to be creative with membership merch and events
  • Great opportunity to learn; from design and event promotion, through to picking up tips from the rest of the exec or negotiating with venues
  • Work load tapers after O'Week, giving you greater scope to help other exec members and events
  • Being on the Exec is great fun
  • Opportunity to meet the new students, particularly through the number of portfolios you coordinate
  • You basically get to be a friendly, approachable face to everyone!
  • Approaching stores for discounts and freebies can be intimidating!
  • High work load at start of the year
  • O'Week organisation can be a challenge
  • Merchandise ordering and distribution almost always has hiccups, from missed merch to students not picking it up
Ideas for the future
  • Be creative with member benefits lasting throughout the year!
Previous office bearers
2022 Simon Riddell
2021 Mithma Ekanayake
2020 Chloe Borgas
2019 James Kimber
2018 Abby Moore
2017 Nupur Shukla
2016 Alex Bate
2015 Jane Collinson
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
The Secretary position is a lot of fun and especially good as a first Executive role! You will learn about the Society completely from the inside-out.

You will be responsible for co-ordinating Agendas, Pre-Readings, Minutes, Apologies, and the overall running of Committee Meetings. This can be time consuming but organisation is key. It's very important to have an accurate record of the discussions at both Committee and Executive Meetings so that they can be referred to later and included in Handovers for the subsequent years.

You also get to let your gastronomic creativity run wild when deciding on Committee Meeting dinners. Your options are endless (within the budget!)

On top of this, have a diverse range of other responsibilities including writing formal documents and being a point of contact for external sources.

As an Executive member you are expected to help out at all AMSS events and support the Executive and Committee Members as needed. This means you end up meeting lots of new people and learning a lot about the running of the AMSS!
Peaks of time requirement surrounding Committee meetings
  • Decide on the food for the meetings
  • Know a lot about all areas of the AMSS
  • Forced to listen in all Exec and Committee meetings
  • Executive is a lot of fun!
  • Learn the names of all of the Committee
  • Spend a lot of time chasing people up
  • Hard to contribute at Committee Meetings
Ideas for the future
  • Different delicious cuisines!
  • Provide food at Executive meetings
  • Make Committee Meetings more of a "thing"
Previous office bearers
2022 Sara Bilwani
2021 Ksusha Bogatyreva
2020 Aithne Tobin
2019 Mithma Ekanayake
2018 Jade Pisaniello
2017 Sachini Perera
2016 Rosie Massolino
2015 Jessica Walker


Avg. 3-5 hours per week
(Previously named 'Junior Education Officer' or 'JEO')

The pinnacle of Pre-Clinical advocacy, this role is an opportunity to be on the frontline, upskill in advocacy and communication, and be a direct link between students and staff. The primary function of the PCEO is to liaise with pre-clinical EdReps and formulate feedback from across Years 1-3 in order to advocate on behalf of students at various committees. This also includes closing the loop back to students on various advocacy matters. Furthermore, the PCEO must work with EdPrograms to ensure smooth organisation of peer-led educational programs aimed at pre-clinical students. You will work closely with the VP(E) to oversee Team Education.

Your calendar year will consist of attending various staff meetings, supporting the VP(E) with various projects, and supporting EdPrograms. The focus of your year is to liaise with EdReps and your peers to identify advocacy issues or new initiatives for peer-led educational programs. Other tasks as PCEO include writing submissions (e.g meeting summaries, [stimulus], First Year Guide, surveys etc.) as well as organising the First Year Exam Forum.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the PCEO is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

This position will be elected at the AGM and nominees are invited to give a 2-minute speech, followed by 1-minute of questions
Time requirement is fluctuant and highly dependent on the Faculty meeting schedule.
  • Learn about the inner workings of the medical program
  • Upskilling in meeting etiquette, leadership and advocacy
  • Working with Team Education
  • Opportunity to have a positive impact on medical education
  • Meetings can often be long and/or boring
  • Unresolved educational issues can cause frustration
  • Meeting times can conflict with other commitments
Ideas for the future
  • Improvements to Y3 Hospital and assessment feedback in Years 1-3
  • Resolving BMD issues as they come
  • Maintaining relationships with all faculty members
Previous office bearers
2022 Kelly Hou
2021 Anthea Yew
2020 Scott Chandrasiri
2019 Teham Ahmad
2018 Patrick Kennewell
2017 Jack Rumbelow
2016 Tom Gransbury
2015 Simon Cousins
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The AMA(SA) Representative will represent the AMSS and Adelaide medical students at meetings of the Australian Medical Assocation (SA).

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the AMA(SA) Rep is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The AMA(SA) Representative sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Approximately 9 meetings in a calendar year of the AMA(SA) Council. Monthly meetings of the DiT (doctors in training) Council.
  • Insight into the political issues affecting doctors in South Australia
  • Networking with junior doctors and senior clinicians
  • Experiencing higher level discussions about the health workforce
  • Gaining a better understanding about the advocacy of the AMA
  • Mainly observational - little scope to create change
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • The DiT is becoming more active - involvement in campaigns including social media, junior doctor AMA membership, junior doctor pipeline issues will continue to be important
  • Greater involvement with the AMSS in its advocacy position re interships and other training issues
Previous office bearers
2022 Vi-Seth Bak
2021 Shehani Gunasekera
2020 Jack Rumbelow
2019 Patrick Kennewell
2018 Simon Cousins
2017 Monica Chen
2016 Brian Gue
2015 James Johnston
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The Rural Representative provides a link between the AMSS and students on rural placements. They keep students updated with all matters AMSS and keep the AMSS updated with all things rural.

In this position, the Rural Representative sits on the rural school's staff committee and provides feedback on issues affecting students in the country. For this reason, it is a role probably best suited to someone in the rural fifth-year cohort.

Other duties of the Rural Rep include updating the AMSS Guide To Going Rural and AMSS 5th Year Options Guide, organising rural-based events, and maintaining good rural cohort communication. The role also includes educational advocacy via Team Education regarding issues faced by rural students.

There is lots of scope to expand this portfolio in terms of creating rural-based events, working with other rural health groups and pursuing sponsorship opportunities.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Rural Rep is expected to attend all AMSS meetings where feasible (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The Rural Representative sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings. They must attend Team Education meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Attendance at staff meetings once per month (videoconference is available)
  • Keeping in touch with the rural cohort
  • Can be difficult to attend meetings due to distance
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Creating a rural rolling handover (ROVER)
  • Improving AMSS member benefits for rural students
Previous office bearers
2022 Stevie Young
2021 Teham Ahmad
2020 Abby Moore
2019 Emily Hammond
2018 Tom Gransbury
2017 Emma Kelly
2016 Maya Todd
2015 Anna Grosse
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
Senior AMSA Representative
The Senior AMSA Representative is a fulfilling leadership position. This role is the conduit between the AMSS and AMSA; communicating between each, bringing issues and concerns of the AMSS to AMSA Council, being an advocate and leading the Adelaide delegation at Convention.

The key roles of the AMSA Rep include:
- Attending the 3 AMSA Councils during the year (2x in AMSA Executive's home state and 1x in the Convention location, reimbursed by AMSA)

- Leading and managing the Adelaide Convention delegation (organising logistics and teams, helping with floor sweeps, attending meetings etc.)

- Promoting AMSA and AMSA events to Adelaide medical students

During each Council, the AMSA Rep will represent the AMSS's views, discuss and pass official AMSA policy and be updated on AMSA events, projects, activities and affiliate organisations. They will also discuss the activities of other medical student societies, attend upskilling workshops, and network with medical students from around the country and attend fun social nights!

Each AMSA Rep holds their university's vote for votes on passing policy, board members, incoming AMSA Exec bid etc. Before each Council, the AMSA Rep needs to read all the policies and relevant documents, hold a ThinkTank event and/or run a survey to gauge AMSS opinions in order to accurately represent it, particularly on things voted on. The AMSA National Co-ordinator sends you a weekly email with tasks and relevant information.

Although it is a rewarding representative role and provides the opportunity to meet many amazing people along the way, this position is quite a big time committment. This position is recommended for anyone intersted in AMSA, policy and advocacy and who has a deep love of Convention!

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the AMSA Rep is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The Senior AMSA Representative shares their Committee vote with the Junior AMSA Representative.

This position will be elected at the AGM and nominees are invited to give a 2-minute speech, followed by 1-minute of questions
Varies - busiest before each Council and Convention, sometimes no work, sometimes many tasks
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Become friends with many fantastic interstate medical students
  • Get an orange T-shirt
  • Guaranteed rego for Convention
  • Upskilling in policy production
  • Work closely with like-minded driven medical students
  • Represent the AMSS at AMSA Council
  • Upskilling in event organisation (SALDS)
  • Stay up to date on key medical student issues
  • Can be time consuming
  • Politics can be frustrating
  • Convention organisation and giving up some of your time at Convention
Ideas for the future
  • Consider new ways to engage the AMSS with AMSA Policy/Council
Previous office bearers
2022 Alison Teubner
2021 Raffaela Skourletos
2020 Ines Portella
2019 Jade Pisaniello
2018 James Kimber
2017 Letti Sweet
2016 Monica Chen
2015 Kimberly Brown
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The AMSA Junior Representative acts as a conduit between the AMSS' pre-clinical cohort and the activities of the Australian Medical Students' Association.

Key roles include:
- Attendance at Team Rep (which the Junior usually takes minutes for) and AMSA council.
- Coordinating Adelaide's effort in the National Vampire Cup (AMSA's blood drive)
- Assisting the Senior AMSA representative in managing Adelaide's Convention delegation. This includes assisting with welfare.
- Helping to organise the tri-society blood drive e.g. liaise with convenors for Suits, Scrubs, Spanners and coordinate the AMSS’ effort in the Tri-Society Blood Drive.
- Any general support the Senior AMSA rep may require (communicating with AMSA, moral guidance)

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the AMSA Junior Rep is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The Junior AMSA Representative shares their Committee vote with the Senior AMSA Representative.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Time commitments can ramp up a little around Vampire Cup
  • Meeting like-minded peers across Australia.
  • Seeing the AMSS Vampire Cup results is super rewarding
  • Working with the Senior AMSA rep is really enjoyable and super supportive
  • Contributing to AMSA through council +/- policy
  • Stay up to date on key medical student issues
  • Largely supportive role and somewhat ill defined (this does mean you can do what you want with it though!)
  • Significant increase in workload during vampire cup (may be helpful to delegate jobs early)
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Come up with different competitions to boost Vampire Cup engagement
  • Plenty of scope to introduce new debates (bring back staff vs. students or a completely new debate...)
Previous office bearers
2022 Will Rooke
2021 Elly Schoff
2020 Sean Stobie
2019 Oliver Marshall
2018 Florencia Moraga
2017 Henry Marshall
2016 Letti Sweet
2015 Jonathan Chou
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
The main role of the IT officer is to provide technical support for the various digital platforms and activities of the society.

This involves maintaining, updating, and preserving the AMSS website. Including:
- Adding and removing content.
- Working with the Treasurer, VPC, Engagement officer, and event coordinators to set up online payments and event ticketing.
- Setting up pages for things like payment gateways, AGM nominations, etc.

Other important tasks include maintaining the society's other digital platforms and responding to the digital needs of the society as a whole (e.g. adapting to online meetings and voting during a pandemic).

Although it may seem like you need to know how to ~code~ (you don't but it helps!) the job is definetely that hard once you get the hang of it. Problem-solving, navigation of resources, and communication are more important than any specific IT skills.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the IT Officer is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year) and help out at AMSS events. If you want, you can also write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The IT Officer sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
More time required during busy ticketing times (e.g. JazzNight, MedBall) + for online events/meetings (can be 5-10+ hours)
  • Get to work with almost all other committee positions
  • Can help in many aspects of the society, it's up to you
  • Very easy and rewarding to upskill on IT knowledge
  • Can do pretty much everything from home
  • You are literally a hacker ~allegedly~
  • Not really a true negative, but most work is behind the scenes, so you’ll rarely see your work “on show”
  • Depending on your IT proficiency, you'll need to ask for help occasionally (i.e. from previous officer-bearers or Dr Google)
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Future planning + streamlining of IT support
  • Innovating and increasing frequency of updates from all portfolios on the website
  • Consideration of implementing Craft 4 onto the website
Previous office bearers
2022 Seran Perera
2021 Steven Zhang
2020 Bradley Lunnay
2019 Sean Stobie
2018 Alessio Totani
2017 Rosie Massolino
2016 Lorenzo Chewparsad
2015 Dexter Leong
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The role of the Multimedia Officer is to create multimedia for the marketing and promotion of Society events and initiatives, in collaboration with the Vice President (Communication) and other relevant committee and executive members. This mainly involves designing event branding in the form of Facebook event cover photos, posters, and other promotional material such as videos. Graphic design experience is valuable but certainly not necessary!

The Multimedia Officer also creates and updates Society document templates and stationery where required, and prepares photos for publication by applying a Society watermark.

The Multimedia Officer sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Busier in event-dense periods on the calendar
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
Previous office bearers
2022 Anuradha Pati
2021 Albert Vu
2020 Henry Lock
2019 Henry Lock
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
There are lots of great opportunities to put your historical skills to the test and implement new ideas as Historian.

You'll need to write an article for [stimulus], attend all of the AMSS Committee meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and generally GAI. But that is where the real 'requirements' end...

It would be great to continue work on the 'time capsule' for the new medical school and on digitising all of the old files and editions of [stimulus] which currently live in Arcadia. The rest of this role would be up to you and any ideas you have.

Pop quiz: what was the magazine of the Society called before it was called [stimulus]? If you know the answer, you should apply for this role. If you don't know the answer, apply and you're sure to find out.

The Historian sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
As much or as little as you like
  • Rewarding for those with an interest in the history of the AMSS
  • Reading through old editions of [stimulus] and finding articles written by your reg (or even consultant!)
  • Lots of scope to implement your own ideas
  • You'll never be able to go through everything on the hard drive
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Continue with plans for new med school 'time capsule' and curate the content into the future
  • Update the history section of the website or include material in member mailouts
  • Continue digitising old editions of [stimulus]
Previous office bearers
2022 Huy Pham
2021 Yonina Yang
2020 Fergus Lynch
2019 Evan Garrett
2018 Monty Do-Wyeld
2017 Sib Hare-Breidahl
2016 Joe Hewitt
2015 Matthew Borg
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The primary responsibilities of the Gender Officers are to advocate for gender diversity and equality within the course and the Society itself, as well as organise the annual AMSS Quiz/Trivia Night. Other previous initiatives have included networking events (within the student cohort and with professionals), discussion forums, and advocacy for teaching of gender issues in the curriculum. There has also traditionally been a pastoral aspect to this role, in being a familiar face and welcoming first years, and providing support to members in general but particularly at AMSS events.

Candidates should apply in pairs for the role. Please note the two Officers must be gender-diverse (i.e. two people who identify as different genders).

As with all AMSS positions, the Gender Officers are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for [stimulus], the Society's major publication.

The positions will be elected online; nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
  • Lots of scope for incorporating your own passions/ideas
  • Up skilling in a range of areas from events, to advocacy, to education
  • Room for collaboration with other portfolios
  • Rewarding opportunity to provide pastoral support & establish relationships with people in all year levels
  • Controversial gender issues can require diplomatic skills (more of a challenge than a negative though!)
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
Previous office bearers
2022 Amy Martin & Isaac Brown
2021 Vishak Senthil & Yeji Kim
2020 Sachini Perera & Luke Cialini
2019 Issy Burdon & Ricky Stocker-Johns
2018 Chloe Borgas & Fergus Lynch
2017 Tony Barbaro (Men's Officer) & Sally Wark (Women's Officer)
2016 Gracey Goodwin (Women's Officer) & Alex Howes (Men's Officer)
2015 Jess Ransom (Women's Officer) & Donald Shivakumar (Men's Officer)
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
(Previously named LGBTQI+ Officer)

The role of Queer Officer is a brand new position on the AMSS Committee for 2018! The role of this officer is intended to represent the views and needs of the LGBTQI+ community within medicine and aim to liaise with other members of the committee, ensuring all discussions, events and so forth regarding LGBTQI+ community and or individuals are handled with respect and sensitivity.

With LGBTQI+ medical students at a heightened risk of mental health issues, particularly within our current political climate (re: Same-Sex Marriage) this position is preferably to be filled by an active member of the LGBTQI+ community or someone who considers themselves a strong ally and experienced voice of such.

As this is a new role the particular requirements are yet to be clear, so it'll be up to the individual elected to help the position find its feet and breathe some life into it. Collaboration on Health & Wellbeing Events, EdForums, MedCamp and so forth are a great place to start and we look forward to seeing what can be brought to the role. The Queer Officer will also be expected to attend all AMSS meetings throughout the year, as with any committee position.

The position will be elected online; nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Small community get togethers
  • Fundraising events
  • Educational events
  • Advocacy with the university
Previous office bearers
2022 Ksusha Bogatyreva
2021 Anuradha Pati
2020 Parsa Shorofi
2019 Kaitlyn Hunt
2018 Ricky Stocker-Johns (LGBTQI+ Officer)
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The Sports Officer(s) role is a really fun one! It is an event focused position, with a few key events throughout the year. These include MedFooty, medrugby (at Medcamp), Med vs. dent (dodgeball), or Med vs FMSS (lawn bowls)

There is so much space to bring your own creative flavour including social netball, bouldering and salty sips. There's enough flexibility to bring your own flavour and has time demands in the lead up to an event but otherwise a low stress job!

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Sports Officer(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The Sports Officer(s) sit on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Increases quite a bit in the lead up to your events
  • Lots of fun!
  • Can improve your own fitness
  • Meet a lot of people
  • Gain event management skills
  • Very flexible in what can be done
  • Good platform for banter/memes/photoshop
  • Time consuming in the lead up to events
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Increasing fitness opportunities for AMSS
  • Improving interfaculty relationships
  • Different sporting events!
Previous office bearers
2022 Emily Li, Katherine Dumas, Kate Spuler
2021 Lewie Elliot, Matthew Robertson, Joshua Tinnion & William Cowling
2020 Peter Stapleton & Samuel Pears
2019 Yianni Glynatsis & Yu Kato
2018 Kavindra Abeyratne & Henry Shaw
2017 Hubib Ahmad & Dan Zweck
2016 Tony Barbaro, Eliza Colley & Sam Harms
2015 Brian Gue
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The Publications Officer(s), lovingly known as 'Pubs', oversee the design and creation of the First Year Guide and the AMSS' major publication, [stimulus].

Key roles include:

- Designing and formatting the FYG and [stimulus]
- Liaising with (read: sending hundreds of nagging emails to) other committee members and students to submit articles
- Overseeing the printing of the FYG and [stimulus]
- Overseeing the distribution of [stimulus], including mailing to rural students

Pubs is a very diverse role, and due to the breadth of tasks, applying as a team is ideal. This enables the workload to be shared and tasks delegated. Computer skills and familiarity of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) are worthwhile; however, prior knowledge is not required as these skills can be learnt on-the-job. A good grasp of punctuation and grammar are invaluable and, because of the need to chase up articles, effective communication skills are also essential and yes, you may need to nag a little.

Whilst the role can be challenging, and peak workloads come during swotvac/exam time (and even before the academic year starts), Publications is a very rewarding role, the networks you form with your peers will last you a lifetime and seeing the physical manifestation of your labours makes it all worthwhile.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Publications Officer(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year) and help out at AMSS events.

The Publications Officer(s) sit on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Most of the work concentrated in the few weeks before printing deadlines
  • Huge amounts of creative freedom
  • Develop invaluable skills
  • Having a reason to talk to other Committee members without looking awkward
  • Being able to hold a finished product after months of hard work
  • Lots of work in a short space of time (around exam time)
  • Some people are terrible at sticking to deadlines (and replying to emails)
  • So much nagging
  • Spellcheck doesn't always work (and doesn't check names)
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Run submissions through dropbox or similar (being trialed at time of writing)
  • Online edition of [stimulus]
  • Improving utilisation of Facebook page - videos were suggested this year but unable to be implemented due to time restraints
Previous office bearers
2022 Reema Madike & Sheridan Ling
2021 Aditi Kamath, Anuradha Pati, Liz Abraham & Yonina Yang
2020 Isabel Schilling, Caitlin Gilsenan-Reed, Sam Mali, & Lisa Du
2019 Caitlin Gilsenan-Reed & Raffaela Skourletos
2018 Montgommery Do-Wyeld, Shehani Gunasekara & Tenayah Renshaw
2017 Abby Moore, Huy Pham & Hamish Phillips
2016 Henry Colovic & Joe Hewitt
2015 Charlotte Blacketer, Henry Colovic & Nicholas Scott
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The role's key purposes are to help engage medical students in research and represent medical students in discussions regarding the research components of the medical program.

The current core duties of the portfolio are a general advisory role for students interested in undertaking research, updating the AMSS' online research materials, educational advocacy via Team Education regarding issues faced by students performing research, and organising the Honours Information Night.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Research Officer is expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The Research Officer sits on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings. They are required to attend Team Education Meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Most aspects of the role are sporadic and not time consuming. The largest part of the role is responding to research-related enquiries from students.
  • Only through adding to the collective knowledge of mankind can we truly claim to have improved the edifice of medical science.
  • Working with a wide variety of research students and supervisors
  • The opportunity to inspire students to perform research
  • Only through adding to the collective knowledge of mankind can we truly claim to have improved the edifice of medical science.
  • Communicating effectively with students regarding research opportunities can be difficult
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Expand the portfolio and online research materials to include information relating to postgraduate and non-clinical opportunities for medical students
  • Organise new initiatives to supplement teaching on the research components of the course
  • Find ways to continue utilising the new 'AMSS Research Discussions' Facebook group started by Fiona in 2021
Previous office bearers
2022 Alexandra Walls
2021 Fiona Thoi
2020 Esther Jones
2019 Monty Do-Wyeld
2018 Sebastian Rositano
2017 Malcolm Borg
2016 Stefan Court-Kowalski
2015 Lucy Pittolo
Avg. 0-2 hours per week
The Philanthropy role includes coordinating charity fundraisers, working with select charities and implementing any new initiatives. It is a really fulfilling role with room to grow in the future.

The Philanthropy Officer(s) will be responsible for organising the annual semester AMSS Charity Event that has now become a tri-society event involving Adelaide University's law and engineering societies. This event is truly a great opportunity to raise awareness and money for a charity of your choosing.

A creative team or individual with enthusiasm and ideas about how to expand this area of the AMSS would fit this role well!

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Philanthropy Officer(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Can be fairly light on, week to week, but in the lead up to events or programs the time commitment can be increased.
  • Very rewarding!
  • Experience different community groups and contribute to charities (e.g. tree planting)
  • Lots of room to incorporate your own new ideas!
  • Not too much of a time commitment outside once your event/initiatives have been completed
  • Can be difficult to drum up engagement given the busy AMSS/Med Soc calendars
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
Previous office bearers
2022 Xueying Sun, Bora Hyoung & Jeffrey Sung
2021 Anuradha Pati, Laura Kelly & Mansa Sukheja
2020 Shehani Gunasekera & Tanya Bala
2019 Bianca Kennedy & Sachini Perera
2018 Bianca Kennedy
2017 Jessica Ransom
2016 Carla De Angelis
2015 Tess Ryan
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
Great chance to get involved with such an important area in the medical school. Heaps of room for growth whether you are a fresh face or a veteran of the AMSS. Best suited for someone with heaps of imagination and a passion for student wellbeing and mental health, advocacy and getting involved with AMSS members.

Key responsibilities include:

- Health and Wellbeing Week and any other relevant events you choose to run
- Advocate for health and wellbeing through Team Ed
- Working party with faculty, university staff, and the Dean
- Run Carefactor workshop
- Running MedCamp chillzone

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the Health & Wellbeing Officer(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
  • People are very appreciative and enthusiastic for you
  • Opportunity to work with other portfolios
  • Chance to address key issue in the medical school
  • Minimal direction
  • Difficulty engaging students
  • Focused time commitment around H&W week
  • Lots of meetings
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Continue advocating within the university
Previous office bearers
2022 Kayla Yi-Xhuan Koh, Rebecca Bright, Albert Vu & Cicilia Gomes
2021 Josie Rositano, Laura Kelly, Namrata Gawde & Yonina Yang
2020 Simoné Richards, Alex Pittar & Raffaela Skourletos
2019 Luke Cialini & Elly Thompkins
2018 Mithma Ekanayake & Shehani Gunasekera
2017 Helena Torpy & Rachel Torpy
2016 Lucy Adams & Bella Watts
2015 Jessica Ransom
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
The role of the Educational Programs Coordinator(s) is multifactorial. The EdPrograms Coordinator is responsible for managing several initiatives of the AMSS including:
- The peer tutoring programs: MedTransit, Peer2Peer, Year 1, 2 and 3 ClinPrac, and Year 1, 4 and 5 Teaching Series
- Several publications e.g. the TextBook Talk publication
- Helping run Year 3, 4 and 5 mock OSCES in conjunction with VP(E)

Other roles include reviewing the peer-tutoring/transitioning programs, being a member of Team Education and running other educational initiatives like surface anatomy tutorials that have been done in the past.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the EdPrograms Coodinator(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus].

The EdPrograms Coordinator(s) sit on the Committee as a General Officer, hence does not hold a vote at Committee Meetings. They are expected to attend all TeamEd meetings.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Variable time - during summer holidays, TextBook Talk and arrangements for MedTransit/ClinPrac and Peer2Peer are necessary. Workload is dependent on upcoming events - e.g. there is some work ahead of the First Year Exam Forum and Mock OSCEs.
  • A majority of the work is during the summer holidays, so there are some light periods during the year.
  • Get to be artsy and creative in creating TextBook Talk
  • A lot of it is organising and coordinating other stuff - which is a positive if you like that sort of thing!
  • Interacting and supporting the First Years especially
  • Gain a seat on TeamEd!!
  • Med school tours can difficult be coordinate
  • Some experience with ClinPrac and Mock OSCEs is preferable.
  • There is a bit of a rush at the start of the year when signing up students and tutors for MedTransit/Peer2PEer, organising med school tours and completing interviews for ClinPracs
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Initiating another educational tutorial other than surface anatomy
Previous office bearers
2022 Anthea Yew, Elise Toyer, Jock Duncan & Huy On
2021 Huy Pham & Nathan Dignam
2020 Kah Lyn Carri Foo, Jill Lee & Seevakan Chimbaram
2019 Vidhi Arya, Rebecca Langhans, Ella Obst & Jaspreet Sandhu
2018 Catalina Moraga, Georgia Smithson-Tomas & Riley Ovan
2017 Stephen Bacchi & Ivana Chim
2016 Thu Nguyen & Esther Jones
2015 Aashray Gupta
Avg. 3-5 hours per week
International Officer is a great role for any student, international or domestic, to get involved with the AMSS by being the voice for international students across a broad range of areas including education, internship, and student involvement. You also get to run two great events, the International Students Welcome Event (O'Week), and International Food Fiesta. These events allow you creative flexibility and provide excellent experience in event organisation. Overall this position has room to be expanded on in future years.

As of 2022, the faculty has asked to catch up monthly. Another important aim is to continue the P2P program for international students.

As with all AMSS Committee positions, the International Officer(s) are expected to attend all AMSS meetings (approximately 6 per year), help out at AMSS events and write an article for the Society's major publication, [stimulus]. They are also strongly recommended to attend all TeamEd meetings.

Individuals may nominate for the role of International Officer either individually or in a pair.
Candidates may apply in pairs, with the proviso that one must be a Pre-Clinical student and one must be a Clinical student in the year that the position is held.

This position will be elected online and nominees are not required to give a speech at the AGM.
Time requirement details: Monthly AMSS Meetings, TeamEd Meetings 3-4 times per year, International Food Fiesta requires 3-4 hours per week for 1-2 months and up to 30 hours in the week preceeding. Other times of the year 0-2 hours per week.
  • Organising the International Food Fiesta is a great experience; it's a lot of fun, allows you to build skills in event management and working in a team
  • The role provides you with the opportunity to establish stronger connections with international students in your year level as well as students around Australia through being a member of the AMSA International Students' Network
  • International student internship advocacy continues to be a difficult issue to address
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
  • Expanding the International Food Fiesta to host more food stalls and be more accessible not only to medical students, but also the wider university community
  • Continue the P2P program for international students
Previous office bearers
2022 Kayla Nathin
2021 Lee Wei Shan Bobby & Adeline Thong
2020 Luzern Tan & Jill Lee
2019 Warren Seow
2018 Luzern Tan
2017 Sharanya Shantharam
2016 John Snow
2015 Ashani Mahawattege
The duties of the AIDA Representative are to be the official spokesperson of AIDA to the AMSS, and to act as a reference point for individual and collective Indigenous Medical Student concerns. These concerns may be regarding educational issues and the delivery of the Medical Program, and they must represent the interests of Indigenous Medical Students at the University. To further aid this, the AIDA Representative is strongly encouraged to be an active member of Team Education.

The AIDA Representative is elected through an independent process as agreed upon by the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association. The AIDA Representative will be invited to sit on the AMSS Committee, but is not compelled to sit if they do not choose to. The AIDA Representative will hold one (1) vote on the Committee.

If you are interested in applying for this position for 2023, or you would like more information, please get in contact at
This position is not elected at the AGM.
Ideas for the future
Previous office bearers
2022 Shane Hutchinson

Events Convenors #

Details of AMSS Event Convening Roles and the expression of interest form can be found here.

Nominations #

Nominations will be displayed on this page once approved by the Returning Officer.

Proxy Votes #

Proxy votes for the 2022 AGM will occur as per usual, granted only to those who are unable to be in Adelaide for the meeting due to extenuating circumstances. They must be submitted via email to

To be accepted as valid, you must be a current AMSS member, and specify:

  • Your name and university email address;
  • The valid reason you cannot attend the annual general meeting;
  • The details of the ballot(s) [name of position] that you are wishing to lodge a proxy vote for, including:
    • the name of your most preferred candidate with a number one placed against that name
    • optionally, as many of the names of other candidates of lower preference, indicating decreasing preference by placing higher integers against those names

The Returning Officer will determine if a written proxy vote is valid. Only proxy votes with a legitimate reason for non-attendance at the AGM will be counted. The legitimacy of reasons for proxy votes will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Returning Officer, with no exceptions. Please contact with any questions regarding proxy voting.

Nominate #

Please note that the AMSS will be using online voting and nominees for most committee positions will not be required to speak at the AGM. Executive position nominees and nominees for Senior AMSA Representative and Pre-Clinical Education Officer will be required to speak and will be elected at the AGM. Candidates will have 2 minutes of speaking time, followed by 1 minute of question time, which is exclusive of the time taken for questions to be spoken.

Your nomination must include your name, your current MBBS year of study, and the position for which you are nominating. It should also include a statement of nomination, which may be up to 100 words for those applying for Committee positions (including Senior AMSA Representative and Pre-Clinical Education Officer), and up to 300 words for those applying for Executive positions.

You may apply for multiple positions by submitting this form multiple times. Online voting for the Committee positions not elected at the AGM will open soon after the conclusion of the AGM. If you are unsuccessful at the AGM, you will have the opportunity to immediately nominate for a Committee position.

Please note that, as always, campaigning for votes is strictly prohibited. Any nominee found to be in breach of this policy will have their nomination(s) revoked.

Elected Committee members are expected to attend AMSS meetings (approximately 7 per year), help out at AMSS events, and write an article for the Society's annual publication, [stimulus].

Any questions can be directed at

Year Level and Education Representatives Nominations #

Nominations for Year 1 Year Level and Ed Reps are now open! See below to nominate.

We are thrilled to announce that nominations for the 2023 Year 1 Year Level Representatives and Education Representatives to the AMSS are now open.

If you're keen to get involved by representing your year level to the AMSS or to TeamEd and the Faculty, please put your hand up as a Year Level Rep of Ed Rep respectively. There are two Year Level Reps and two Ed Reps respectively - one male and one female.

Nominations can be found here.

For any questions regarding Year Level Rep, please contact

For any questions regarding Ed Rep, please contact

Submissions for this form are closed.