Executive #

The Executive is a seven-person team that performs the day-to-day functions of the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society and carries out the directions of the Committee.

In practice the Executive has a multifaceted role including performing technical background work, co-ordinating the efforts of the Committee, and acting as the public face of the AMSS. Each medical student on the Executive is elected by the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting and serves a twelve-month term.

It is important to note that the Executive does most of its work very much as a team, and so the delineation of specific duties above is somewhat misleading. As a strong team the Executive is responsible for carrying out a significant amount of technical background work required to enable members of the Committee to function effectively. In this sense the Executive can be seen as the ‘engine room’ as it works away at behind-the-scenes tasks like preparing minutes, signing-up members, running accounts, ensuring adherence to legislation, organising meetings and arranging sponsor partnerships. The Treasurer, Sponsorship Officer, Membership Officer and Secretary are particularly important for this kind of work.

The AMSS is a large student organisation which runs over sixty separate events each year, with some of them attracting over five hundred students and carrying budgets into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. It has a Committee of approximately seventy different Officers and is active in many spheres including education, representation, health and wellbeing, recreation and philanthropy. It is therefore unsurprising that a large volume of the work of the Executive is ensuring all the different components of the Society work seamlessly together. The President, Vice President (Communication) and Vice President (Education) focus on this role.

Finally the Executive acts as the public face of the AMSS. The entire Executive greets First Years upon their entry to medical school. When an issue arises within the Medical Program that negatively affects students, it is the President and the Vice President (Education) that meet with the Faculty and represent student opinion. The President and Vice President (Communication) focus on being an open and approachable face for the AMSS to all of its members.

The Executive is an exciting group to contribute to! Please get in touch with any current Office-bearers if you want to find out more about their roles.

President: Monica Chen - president@amss.org.au
Vice President (Communications): Toby Zerner - vpc@amss.org.au
Vice President (Education): Malcolm Borg - vpe@amss.org.au
Treasurer: Huy Pham - treasurer@amss.org.au
Sponsorship Officer: Hamish Phillips - sponsorship@amss.org.au
Membership Officer: Abby Moore - membership@amss.org.au
Secretary: Jade Pisaniello - secretary@amss.org.au

Committee #

The Committee forms the most important body within the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society. It is a diverse group comprising approximately seventy Officers from all six year levels of the undergraduate Medical Program at the University of Adelaide. The general role of the Committee is to represent the voice of the wider membership of the Society.

The Committee meets on an (almost) fortnightly basis during the Academic Year to decide upon important directives regarding all aspects of the function of the AMSS, from things like the location of MedBall right through to our official standpoint on a specific educational matter. Decisions made at Committee meetings are then acted upon by the Executive and other Committee members in the time between meetings.

Junior Education Officer: Patrick Kennewell - juniored@amss.org.au
Senior AMSA Representative: James Kimber - amsa@amss.org.au
Gender Officers: Chloe Borgas & Fergus Lynch - gender@amss.org.au
LGBTQI+ Officer: Ricky Stocker-Johns - lgbqti@amss.org.au
Pre-Clinical Coordinator: Sachini Perera- preclin@amss.org.au
Clinical Coordinator: Evan Garrett - clinical@amss.org.au
AMA(SA) Representative: Simon Cousins - ama@amss.org.au
Rural Representative: Tom Gransbury - rural@amss.org.au
Junior AMSA Representative: Florencia Moraga - amsajunior@amss.org.au
Sports Officers: Kavindra Abeyratne & Henry Shaw - sports@amss.org.au
Research Officer: Sebastian Rositano - research@amss.org.au
Philanthropy Officer: Bianca Kennedy - philanthropy@amss.org.au
EdPrograms Coordinators: Catalina Moraga, Georgia Smithson-Tomas & Riley Ovan - edprograms@amss.org.au
EdForum Convenor: Ayra Perakath - edforums@amss.org.au
Health & Wellbeing Officers: Mithma Ekanayake & Shehani Gunasekera - healthandwellbeing@amss.org.au
International Officer: Luzern Tan - international@amss.org.au
IT Officer: Alessio Totani - it@amss.org.au
Historian: Montgommery Do-Wyeld - historian@amss.org.au
Publication Officers: Montgommery Do-Wyeld, Shehani Gunasekara & Tenayah Renshaw - publications@amss.org.au
Photographer: Jessica Walker - photos@amss.org.au
Skullduggery Convenors: Jack Doney, James Kimber, Sushanth Saha & Rachel Torpy - skullduggery@amss.org.au
MedCamp Convenors: Luke Cialini, Sophie Eblen, Alec Morley & Emily Slimming - medcamp@amss.org.au
Functions Convenors: Emily Bliss, Laura Dichiera, Nathan Dignam & Hollie Moran - functions@amss.org.au
APY Exchange Coordinators: Jess Mitchell & Jack Rumbelow - apyexchange@amss.org.au
Medrevue Coordinators: Henry Colovic & Jessica Ransom - medrevue@amss.org.au

Year Level Representatives

Please use your University email to get in contact with the representatives when they are elected. If you're having trouble getting in touch, contact a member of the Executive.

First Year

Year Reps: Oliver Marshall, Simoné Richards
Ed Reps: Kseniia Bogatyreva, Scott Chandrasiri
International Rep: Tegan Schellenberg

Second Year

Year Reps: Tri Nguyen, Fiona Thoi
Ed Reps: Aithne Tobin, Teham Ahmad
International Rep: Tinki Chan

Third Year

Year Reps: Adriano Barilla, Catrin Bannister
Ed Reps: Ella Obst, Ben Ngoi
International Rep: Warren Seow

Fourth Year

Year Reps: Jennifer Hughes, Samuel Pears
Ed Reps: Joel Chan, Jennifer Chataway
International Rep: Fong Yu Heng

Fifth Year

Year Reps: Patrick Brown, Jemima McKenzie
Ed Reps: Charlotte Blacketer, Alex Tsymbal
International Rep: Albert Hung

Sixth Year

Year Reps: Eliza Colley, Joe Hewitt
Ed Reps: Jessica Ransom, Sebastian Rositano
International Rep: Amanthi Mendis