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Health Fusion Team Challenge - Opportunity for 5th/6th Years

Posted by Victoria Langton

The HFTC is being held in Queensland from 15th-17th Sept, where student teams from across Australian Universities compete in the inter-professional oriented activity. The faculty is supporting a team of 4 students (a combination of health-related disciplines in the faculty) to attend this year's competition, including covering travel/accommodation-associated costs.


So what's the "new MD" and how will it affect me?

Posted by Victoria Langton

The AMSS' TeamEd has received multiple specific questions regarding the "new MD" from the general student body. TeamEd is aware of concerns raised by current students regarding the stress resulting from lack of information, and is advocating to reduce this.


International Film Festival MedFest - Friday 10th May

Posted by Abby Moore

Adelaide University Psychiatry Society is excited to present Medfest 2019. Medfest is an annual mental health film festival dedicated to raising awareness and curating discussion about important mental health issues.

Each year, a coordinating team of psychiatry trainees in London source 3-5 films from around the world concerning a central theme. This year's theme is Inside Outside. Each of the films we plan to showcase will explore the the discrepancy found between our authentic inner worlds and our skin-thick outer projections, as well as, the stigma attached with mental illnesses.

Between film screenings, a group of expert South Australian panellists will discuss their understanding about the ideas presented. This will feature Dr Jaklin Eliott (psychology), Dr Leslie Koopowitz (psychiatry) and Dr Andrea McKivett (social determinants and Aboriginal studies).

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