About Team Representation #

Team Representation, aka TeamRep, is the external representation branch of the AMSS.

Who's involved?

Team Representation is headed up by the AMSS President, Vice-President (Communication), AMA(SA) Representative, AMSA Senior Representative, AMSA Junior Representative, International Officers, Health and Wellbeing Officer(s), and Queer Officer. However, TeamRep is open to all AMSS members who would like to contribute on external advocacy issues.

What do they do?

TeamRep advocates on behalf of the AMSS to the Australian Medical Association (SA), Australian Medical Students' Association, South Australian Institute of Medical Education and Training and other organisations and groups within South Australia and Interstate.

Team Representation advocates on and is involved with issues including:

  1. The availability of internships for all medical graduates.
  2. Preventing further increases to medical student numbers and medical schools to ensure quality clinical placements & sufficient medical training positions.
  3. Student Mental Health and Wellbeing
  4. Discrimination, Bullying and Sexual Harassment

How can I get involved?

If you have an issue or topic you'd like to discuss get in touch with your Year Level Rep, or just come along yourself, TeamRep is an open meeting group and you're more than welcome! For meeting dates or to get involved in any way, get in touch with the AMSA Representatives or the President.


The Australian Medical Students' Association exists to connect, inform and represent every one of Australia's 17,000 medical students.

National Council

AMSA hold three national councils every year to discuss and vote on the big issues affecting medical students nation-wide. The AMSA rep and the President of the Medical Student Society (MedSoc) at each University are invited to voice the views of their members. AMSA also offer guest places at each of these councils, which are open to all medical students.

If you would like to apply to attend AMSA Council as a guest, please contact the AMSA Rep, or stayed tuned to the AMSS Website and Facebook group to hear about when applications are open.

National Convention

AMSA National Convention is the premier event of the AMSA calendar. Adelaide is well renowned at 'Convention' for our success, extending from academia to the social realm.

In 2019, the AMSA National Convention was held in Tasmania, from the 7th to the 13th of July. In 2020, it was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 'Reinvention 2021' is to be held in Adelaide from 28th June until 3rd July 2021.

For more information, visit their website.


What is the AMA?

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is the peak membership organisation representing over 27,000 doctors and many thousands of medical students around Australia. The AMA promotes and protects the professional interests of doctors and the healthcare needs of patients and communities. Advocacy and policy formation is primarily the function of AMA federal council. The federal council of the AMA consists of elected office holders and representatives from each of the state branches, including our own local AMA(SA).

How does the AMA(SA) involve the AMSS?

Medical student membership of the AMA(SA) is free and the AMA is a highly supportive partner of the AMSS. The AMA(SA) also helps advocate alongside, or on behalf of, the AMSS on issues affecting medical students such as Internships and training places. The AMSS committee has an elected student representative that sits on the AMA(SA) committee and communicates between the two groups.

If you wish to contact the current medical student representative on the AMA(SA), please email ama@amss.org.au

Flinders Medical Students' Society #

The Flinders Medical Students' Society (FMSS) is the Flinders University equivalent of the AMSS.

The AMSS and FMSS have had a long history of friendly competition and collaboration.

Both Medical Societies are connected by vocation and the common goal of improving medical education and training to ultimately improve patient care and overall health. Over the year, we will work with the FMSS on medical student advocacy in South Australia including joint submissions, which will be listed on this page.

For more information about the FMSS email info@fmss.org.au

Formal Advocacy Letters #

Health and Medical Science Student Needs for Orientation - Planning for 2020 (Addressed to FHMS Student Engagement Team)