About Team Education #

Team Education, affectionately known as TeamEd, is the internal advocacy branch of the AMSS.

Who's involved?

This advocacy juggernaut consists of the AMSS Vice-President (Education), Junior Education Officer, International Officer, EdEvents Coordinator, Health and Wellbeing Officer, Rural Representative, Research Officer, Year Level Education Representatives and the TeamEd Secretary. 

What do they do?

TeamEd meets 4-6 times a year to discuss and collaborate on educational issues across the medical program.

Members of TeamEd sit on various Faculty committees to advocate on behalf of students and provide student feedback on topics and issues throughout the MBBS Program and it’s courses.  The circle is then completed as TeamEd communicates the outcomes and Faculty responses back to the students.

Other functions of TeamEd include writing student submissions, producing and collating student surveys and running education events and programs including MedTransit, Peer2Peer and ClinPrac.

How can I be involved?

As a student and an AMSS member, TeamEd relies or your feedback to bring to the faculty. If you have an issue or topic you'd like to discuss get in touch with your Year Level Ed Rep, or why not become one!?  Nominations are open each year to all AMSS members.

For more information or to get involved, contact the Vice-President Education (vpe@amss.org.au)