About Team Education

Team Education, affectionately known as TeamEd, is the internal advocacy branch of the AMSS.

Who's involved?

This advocacy juggernaut consists of the AMSS Vice-President (Education), Junior Education Officer, International Officer, EdPrograms Coordinator(s), Health and Wellbeing Officer(s), Rural Representative, Research Officer, Year Level Education Representatives and the TeamEd Secretary.

What do they do?

TeamEd meets 3-5 times a year to discuss and collaborate on educational issues across the medical program.

Members of TeamEd sit on various committees within the Medical School to advocate on behalf of students and provide student feedback on issues throughout the MBBS Program and its courses (see the Course Guides Page for a Guide on MBBS structure). Further to this, we often organise individual meetings with staff and look to advocate via email communication to promptly resolve issues on an as needed basis. The circle is then completed as TeamEd communicates their achievements back to the students (see Meeting Summaries below). Other functions of TeamEd include writing student submissions, developing and maintaining educational resources (see the Education Resources Page), producing and collating student surveys and organising educational events and programs (see the EdPrograms Page).

How can I be involved?

There are many ways to be involved in the work of TeamEd, whether you have been elected to an AMSS position or not.

  1. Join the "Friends of TeamEd router" (see below at the very bottom of this page).
  2. There are many ongoing projects where TeamEd is working with staff to improve the medical program. To get involved, please contact your Year Level EdRep or the Vice-President (Education) via emailing vpe@amss.org.au.
  3. As a student and an AMSS member, TeamEd relies or your feedback to bring student issues/concerns to staff. If you have an issue or topic you'd like to discuss get in touch with your Year Level EdRep, or why not become one? Nominations are open each year to all Adelaide medical students.

Meeting Summaries

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 1 Summary

1. Student representation will continue to be three students (one year 1, one year 2, one year 3)

2. The JEO is working with Dr Nairn, Dr Booker, Dr Alsharifi and Dr Wong to implement changes to MMI tutorials to ensure they link closely with the tests, and is considering a change in test format.

3. The JEO and VPE are enacting changes from the 2018 Lecture Review to improve lecture delivery, by working with Dr Nairn, Prof Saint, and the SBM coordinators. This includes ensuring lecture notes are uploaded promptly.

4. Aboriginal Health update: new curriculum initiatives in year 1 (scenario-based tutorial and communication skills) and year 3 (racism in health, healthcare models of delivery). There is also a new Yaitya Purunna online course likely to be introduced in semester 2 year 1.

5. There will be no OSCE for year 1 in 2019. The OSCE for year 2 will be at the end of Semester 1. This has the advantage of spreading the assessment load across the year (2 exams in S1 and 2 exams S2 versus 1 exam in S1 and 3 exams in S2 previously).

6. Year 3 Hospital Day - the focus of Tuesdays will be on gaining “real life” clinical experience and students will be assigned an intern “buddy” who they will be able to contact to seek advice about suitable patients to see. The majority of the didactic teaching components and some simulation activities have been moved so that the same sessions can be delivered to the entire cohort at once to improve consistency across sites. Mental Health First Aid has been included for all students.

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 1 Summary

1. Student representation will continue to be three students (one year 4, one year 5, one year 6)

2. Exciting developments in IPL - students will be able to book Helen Mayo Level 1 Rooms which are exact replica of the rooms in the Sim Centre in AHMS (useful for OSCE practice)

3. Exciting developments in Indigenous Health - rolling out a Indigenous Health MSA with Baptist Care - two Year 4 students will trial this in 2019. Prizes will also be awarded for the best indigenous assignment in Year 4 and Year 6.

4. Clinical Placements issues are in the process of being addressed - both Year 4 OACIS access and the Dean's Elective process for 2020.

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 2 Summary

1. Misunderstandings regarding Year 3 CBL case presentations have been clarified and communicated via CANVAS.

2. The timing of uploading online lectures is being addressed and online lectures should be uploaded one week in advance in the future.

3. Anatomy attendance mechanisms are being reviewed by staff. Dr Nairn hopes that the formative worksheets will not be used for attendance purposes.

4. Lecture review findings being implemented: staff are working with students to reduce overlap and omission of content for semester 2 lectures.

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 2 Summary

1. 2018 End of Year MCQ feedback has been released in Year 4/Year 5

2. MSK is amazing! Prof Smithum has revolutionised the course and it is receiving consistently positive feedback (new co-created student-staff MSK Objectives progressing)

3. Year 5 Rural Update: midyear workshop planning in progress and monthly medical education meetings in progress to ensure quality improvement

4. Year 5 students still have not received Dean’s Electives Dates - ongoing advocacy on this

5. In progress of addressing Year 6 students concerns regarding fair hours and adequate learning opportunities during Psychiatry Selective/ED Internship rotations

6. In progress of developing a standardised communication plan to students for when lecturers are unable to attend scheduled teaching activities at clinical sites

7. Aiming for better student awareness regarding course outlines - VPE currently working on this

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 3 UPCOMING

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 3 Summary

1. The Code of Conduct deadline was successfully resolved

2. The option for more Year 4 Rural Surgery spots and new Year 4 Rural MSAs is being pursued

3. Year 5 MSA Assessment form issue is being escalated urgently

4. Year 5 students have received Dean’s Electives Dates after continual advocacy!

5. Year 6 students are now able swap shifts between themselves during ED rotations - still actively addressing other concerns regarding fair hours

6. In progress of developing a standardised communication plan to students for when lecturers are unable to attend scheduled teaching activities at clinical sites

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 4 UPCOMING

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 4 Summary

1. Fair hours and clear expectations relating to clinical placement was discussed, with Prof Symonds to follow up the Half-Day of Non-Clinical Time per week memorandum and Prof Symonds and Year Level Advisors to meet to discuss creating a statement that includes guidance on what appropriate hours is

2. VPE is investigating the University of Adelaide Coursework Academic Programs Policy and how the MBBS program fits into this, in the context of ensuring clinical students have fair hours while on clinical placement

3. VPE to meet with Year 4 Year Level Advisor to improve the SMTS program

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 5 UPCOMING

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 5 UPCOMING

Year 1-3 Course Committee Meeting 6 UPCOMING

Year 4-6 Course Committee Meeting 6 UPCOMING

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