In the same vein as Gray's Anatomy for Students and Toronto Notes are the concise versions of Gray's Anatomy and all of medicine, here's our condensed explanations of some University policies which may directly impact you.

Mental Health-related Leave, Leave of Absence Forms and Conference leave #

University policy permits you to take unplanned leave when needed for Mental Health reasons (along with other medical/compassionate/extenuating circumstances as described in the relevant forms).

If requiring such absence, just ask for the Year 1-3/Year 4-6 Leave of Absence form.

How do I access the leave of absence form?

There are separate forms for applying for leave in the pre-clinical and clinical years.

The pre-clinical leave of absence form is accessible by clicking here and finding the MBBS non-attendance (years 1-3) form in the section titled “How can we help?:

The clinical leave of absence form is accessible via following these instructions after logging into Sonia >> Forms (title bar) >> click Years 4-6 Leave form in drop-down menu next to form >> click add >> fill-in the Year 4-6 Leave form that has now popped up on the screen.

Conversely, to access the form required when applying for a more sustained leave of absence (>6 months), click here.

Where does “mental health-related leave” fit into the prescribed categories of medical, compassionate and extenuating on the form?

Mental illness is treated in the same manner as physical illness. Mental health-related leave is considered to be medical leave. In the clinical form, you may choose to elaborate on your illness but this is not required. Submission of a doctor’s certificate, alongside the leave of absence form, is not required unless the leave extends >3 days’ duration.

How often can I take Mental Health-related leave? Is there a limit?

Technically as often as you feel necessary (a doctor’s certificate being required for >3 days duration of leave). However, if a large number of days' leave are considered necessary, alternative coping mechanisms and professional assistance should be sought such as:

  • University Counselling Service: Ph: 83135663, E:
  • Your GP or Doctor’s Health SA: Ph: 82321250, urgent 24/7 confidential helpline: 83660250
  • Lifeline 24-hour service for personal crises: Ph 131114

For further contacts and resources click here and mental health and wellbeing tips click here.

How do I apply for conference (AMSA Convention or other) leave?

By submission of the same pre-clinical and clinical leave of absence forms as discussed above, with these instructions.

For pre-clinical students, under "circumstance for absence" tick "extenuating" and write next to it "conference leave - (further details)."

For clinical students, tick the box which says "conference/educational" and include the details of the conference in the comments section. Make-up time may be required and the leave should be discussed with your clinical supervisor.

It is policy that AMSA Convention leave will be approved except in unusual circumstances (clashes with the Year 4 Musculoskeletal Medicine anatomy teaching / OSCE week, already taken leave for a multitude of conferences etc.).

Replacement and Additional Assessment Policies #

The policies surrounding additional and replacement assessment underwent drastic change at the start of 2016. The 'AMSS Replacement and Additional Assessment Policy Guide' summarises these changes and provides information on who is eligible for Replacement or Additional Assessment and what to do if you need to apply.

Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy #

The AMSS undertook advocacy in 2017 regarding our view that this policy discriminates against students who find themselves requiring a replacement examination for medical, compassionate or other extenuating circumstances. The policy does not entitle such students to an Additional Assessment upon failing their Replacement Examination, despite students otherwise receiving an Additional Assessment upon failing their end-of-year examination(s). Following joint advocacy from the AMSS, Dean of Medical School, Undergraduate Representatives of the University Council, SRC Council President and Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences Undergraduate Representative, the stance of the University shifted to permitting consideration, on a case-by-case basis, for providing an Additional Assessment to a student who has failed their replacement examination. We hence advise students who sit a Replacement Examination, which they do not pass, to contact the Pre-clinical/Clinical Coordinator of the Medical school for consideration for an Additional Assessment.

For further details, please access the letter sent by the 2017 Vice President (Education) to University staff and the reply from the the 2017 Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic). For further questions and questions regarding further advocacy, please contact the AMSS Vice President (Education) via emailing