Day dreaming of simpler times? A cool beer? A sweaty dance floor*? A PresKeg with attendees?

Well stop dreaming, and make your way to the Adelaide Gaol on the 12th March to suckle freshly poured Barossa-brewed pilsner from your President’s Keg. Pull past the dance floor with live DJs, marvel at projected art installations, and cap the night off with inter-year sport.

Entry: FREE ticket with AMSS Membership

Drinks: FREE beer on tap, cider and punch


Dress: Boilers (if you have one, otherwise wear whatever)

Date: March 12th

Time: 6pm onwards

Location: The Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Adelaide SA 5000

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jed, Jack or Piers at

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