Patron's Plate #

The Adelaide Medical Students' Society (AMSS or the Society) Patron's Plate is the most prestigious annual award offered by the Society, initiated by Adam Lockett in 1986.

The relevant regulations require that the Patron's Plate is awarded to the "final year medical student who is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to medical student life during the six years of the Medical Course." The coveted prize therefore acknowledges over half a decade of contribution by the recipient to medical student life, which expands to involve contributions made from the local to the national level. Within the exuberant culture and energy of medical student life at the University of Adelaide, such an award is an extremely high honour indeed!

The recipient of the Patron's Plate shall receive the perpetual Patron's Plate for one year and a medallion that they retain forever. The vote for the Patron's Plate is a simple majority vote of the AMSS Committee.


All medical students at the University of Adelaide are invited to nominate final year students that they feel are fit for consideration for the Patron's Plate.

Nominees will be informed of their nomination by email from the President and will be requested to submit a one-page curriculum vitae (CV) depicting their 'contribution to medical school life.'

The CVs of all nominees will be provided to all members of the Committee for consideration prior to a normal AMSS Committee Meeting, at which discussion and voting will take place.

Finally, all nominees will be acknowledged and thanked at the annual MedBall. The recipient of the Patron's Plate will then be announced.

Past Recipients

2020: Dr Jade Pisaniello

2019: Dr Victoria Langton

2018: Dr Simon Cousins

2017: Dr Stefan Court-Kowalski

2016: Dr Caitlyn Sun

2015: Dr Joshua Calleja

2014: Dr Sam LaBroome

O'Brien Memorial Awards #

The Judith Ann O'Brien and Daniel Mannix O'Brien Memorial Awards are prizes made in honour of the O'Brien family. These awards are made annually and recognise valuable contribution to the Medical School.

The Judith Ann O'Brien Award is for a student in First to Third Year of the Medical Program at the University of Adelaide. The Daniel Mannix O'Brien Award is for a student in Fourth to Sixth Year of the Medical Program at the University of Adelaide.

The O'Brien Memorial Awards recognise and reward three main aspects of a student's character:

  • Service to peers and community;
  • Loyalty and compassion towards friends; and
  • Leadership and personal development.

An emphasis of the award is to recognise students whose valuable contributions may often go unnoticed.

The process regarding the awarding of the O'Brien Memorial Awards can be summarised as below:

  • Any medical student or staff member of the University of Adelaide Medical School may nominate a current medical student;
  • Nominations must include the name of the nominee and 50 - 100 words about why they deserve the award;

The winner of each O'Brien Memorial Award shall be chosen by a Selection Committee and announced at the AMSS MedBall.

Note that the Selection Committee for the O'Brien Memorial Awards is comprised of the following individuals:

  • The Dean of the Medical School;
  • The President of the AMSS;
  • The Vice President (Communication) of the AMSS;
  • The Clinical Co-ordinator of the AMSS;
  • One member of the Medical School administrative staff; and
  • The O'Brien Family nominated representative(s).

For more information about the O'Brien Memorial Awards, please do not hesitate to contact the President at:

Past Daniel Mannix O'Brien Award Recipients

2019: Christine Gan

2018: Charlotte Pugh

2017: Annie Collinson

2016: Stefan Court-Kowalski

2015: Joule Li

Past Judith Ann O'Brien Award Recipients

2019: Francis Litwin

2018: Abby Moore

2017: Jennifer Chataway

2016: Isabella Watts

2015: Jessica Walker

AMA Medal #

The AMA(SA) Medal is awarded annually to a final year University of Adelaide medical student in recognition of their consistently high academic achievement and rich involvement in the life of the medical school.

A separate medal is presented to a final year Flinders University medical student. The AMA(SA) medal is presented to a student who is judged to have been the best student in terms of academic performance in the course of his or her contribution to the Faculty of Medicine through representing the interests of students and involvement in the life of the Adelaide Medical Students.

The selection of the AMA(SA) Medal includes a general call for nominations (along with the Patron's Plate nominations), submission of a CV on behalf of the nominee where possible and formal discussion and selection of the winner by a selection committee consisting of Faculty members and AMA(SA) staff.

Past winners of the AMA Medal

  • 2018: Emma Kelly
  • 2017: Laura Sharley
  • 2016: James Johnston
  • 2015: Shane Selvanderan
  • 2014: Karthik Venkataraman
  • 2013: Thomas Crowhurst
  • 2012: Daina Rudaks
  • 2011: Sophie Nelson
  • 2010: Adam Nelson
  • 2009: Ken Lim
  • 2008: Claire Frauenfelder
  • 2007: Ruth Lim
  • 2006: Dan Hubik
  • 2005: Heidi Beadnall
  • 2004: Andrew Perry and Andrew Fah

AMSS President's Research Award #

This Award was established by a generous donation from Dr Ram S Tulsi to the University of Adelaide, who wished to initiate the Australian Medical Student's Society President's Research Award for excellence in research executed by undergraduate medical students. The object of the award is to encourage undergraduate medical students to pursue excellence in scientific biomedical research.

The application period for 2017 has now closed. The details of the award can still be accessed via the attached application form.

Please direct any queries to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Research Education team via

Download the Guideline & Applications Form here.