It's normal to find university overwhelming at times, and it's important to be able to recognise this and take a break to catch up when needed. University policy permits you to take unplanned leave when needed for Mental Health reasons (along with other medical/compassionate/extenuating circumstances as described in the relevant forms).

If requiring such absence, just ask for the Year 1-3 /Year 4-6 Leave of Absence form.

How do I access the leave of absence form?

There are separate forms for applying for leave in the pre-clinical and clinical years.

The pre-clinical leave of absence form is accessible by clicking here and finding the MBBS non-attendance (Years 1-3) form in the section titled "How can we help?"

The clinical leave of absence form is accessible via following these instructions after logging into Sonia >> Forms (title bar) >> click Years 4-6 Leave form in drop-down menu next to form >> click add >> fill-in the Year 4-6 Leave form that has now popped up on the screen.

Conversely, to access the form required when applying for a more sustained leave of absence (>6 months), click here.

Where does 'mental health-related leave' fit into the prescribed categories of medical, compassionate and extenuating on the form?

Mental illness is treated in the same manner as physical illness. Mental health-related leave is considered to be medical leave. In the clinical form, you may choose to elaborate on your illness but this is not required. Submission of a doctor's certificate, alongside the leave of absence form, is not required unless the leave extends >3 days' duration.

How often can I take Mental Health-related leave? Is there a limit?

Technically as often as you feel necessary (a doctor's certificate being required for >3 days duration of leave). However, if a large number of days' leave are considered necessary, alternative coping mechanisms and professional assistance should be sought such as:

  • University Counselling Service: Ph: 83135663, E:
  • Your GP or Doctor's Health SA: Ph: 82321250, urgent 24/7 confidential helpline: 83660250
  • Lifeline 24-hour service for personal crises: Ph 131114

For further contacts and resources click here and mental health and wellbeing tips click here.