City-Bay #

The AMSS is proud to enter a team in the City-Bay each year whereby we challenge the Flinders Medical Student's Society to a 'Bed-push Race' to see which team can push a hospital gurney from North Terrace to Glenelg the fastest.

Every year the AMSS competes against Flinders Medical Students' Society in the annual 'Bed Push' where several students run together pushing a hospital gurney to the finish line. This year we would love YOU to be a part of our amazing AMSS team (email! But, you don't have to be involved in the bed push to be part of our team, you can sign up for the AMSS team and run with your friends or even just try and beat your own PB!

There will be many different running groups to cater for all running and walking speeds, so no matter what your fitness level, there will be an AMSS group for you to run with. It is always a great day and another great opportunity to meet some of the students from Flinders and enjoy a free BBQ breakfast and drinks after the run (details to be provided soon)!