2nd Year Electives #

Want to know what previous students have thought about their electives? Look no further! The AMSS has collated views about the different electives on offer and summarised them in the document below. We hope you find it useful!

Second Year Electives Guide 2017

Clinical Rotations #

Rolling Handover, or ROVER as it is more fondly known, is your very own Rotation Guide. Long gone are the days where you show up on a unit and don't know where to go, what clinics to attend, whether ward rounds start at 7.30 or 8:00 on a Wednesday and who to contact when you need to apply for leave in advance.

Below you will find a list of rotations. Just click on yours and read away!

ROVER is slowly being compiled so check your rotations below as more rotation summaries are submitted. 

Please make sure you also have a look at the Clin Guide to make the most of your clinical rotations.

If you have just completed a rotation and it is not listed, or you have changes to make to one of the documents, please click here to e-mail the AMSS and we will work with you to make sure this remains as up to date as possible.


General Medicine

General Surgery

Geriatrics & General Practice

Sixth Year Internships (Critical Care)

Sixth Year Internships (Medicine)

Sixth Year Internships (Surgery)


Obstetrics & Gynaecology



Sixth Year Primary Care SCAPs

Sixth Year Psychiatry SCAPs

Sixth Year Medicine SCAPs


Disclaimer: The AMSS Rotation Guide (Rover) is intended as a guide only. The AMSS attempts to ensure the information it provides is accurate, however it absolutely in no way guarantees the accuracy of any information provided about any third parties or their activities (including the University of Adelaide). The AMSS does not accept any liability for any loss sustained by any party due to erroneous information provided on this website about any third parties or their activities. Each student is responsible for their own learning and should check timetables, attendance and assessment requirements with supervisors at the start of each rotation.