Welcome to EdPrograms! We’re the centre of all education-based support to supplement your journey throughout Medical School. Below you can find information on the programs available to you, which include the AMSS Teaching Series, MedTransit, ClinPrac and Peer-2-Peer. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via edprograms@amss.org.au

Catalina Moraga, Riley Ovan and Georgia Smithson-Tomas
MBBS IV 2018

AMSS Teaching Series #

The AMSS Teaching Series lectures have been written to supplement student learning and act as a form of self-assessment. 'Core Content' lectures cover topics that students should be very familiar with by the end of the rotation. 'End of Rotation' lectures cover some more peripheral, or challenging, content. A pre-clinical organ system-based lecture series is in development.

Click here to access previous AMSS Teaching Series lectures

MedTransit #

Don’t understand how to CBL or where the best coffee spots are in the West End? We’ve got you covered. MedTransit is a student-run mentorship program that involves pairing up groups of first years (you) with second year students to offer advice regarding study techniques, pointing out available resources and being an easily accessible contact for ANY questions that you may have. Life-long friendships have been made in this way

To sign up for the 2018 MedTransit program (First Year sign up only), please fill out the following form.

For more information on MedTransit, please contact the EdPrograms Coordinators, edprograms@amss.org.au

ClinPrac #

Weekly Clinical Skills tutorials to provide first years with extra practice on history-taking skills and physical examinations under the guidance of second years. 

The tutorials are roughly structured around the current topics for Clinical Skills tutorials, but are flexible and can be adjusted to cover other topics depending on the needs of students. 

The ClinPrac calendar culminates in a Mock OSCE to help familiarise students with the OSCE format and provide constructive feedback in the lead up to exams.

For more information on ClinPrac, please contact the EdPrograms Coordinators, edprograms@amss.org.au

Peer-2- Peer (P2P) #

Older years are akin to a walking foundation of knowledge waiting to share their wisdom, and Peer-2- Peer takes advantage of this. This is a student-run education program that facilitates tutoring for small groups of first and second years by more senior medical students who have been in your exact footsteps. Sessions cover the essentials of your CBL cases, provide assistance with difficult concepts and offer high- yield exam preparation techniques. 

If you’re a First or Second Year Student wishing to be tutored in 2018, please fill out the following form.

If you’re a Clinical Student wishing to tutor a Peer-2- Peer group in 2018, please fill out the following form.

For more information on Peer-2- Peer, please contact the EdPrograms Coordinators, edprograms@amss.org.au