MBBS Program Structure and Who to Contact Guide #

Last Updated - May 2021

This guide contains contains an overall structure of the medical program, useful staff contacts across various roles as well as a guide at the end for individual students to raise issues themselves.

All students are welcome and encouraged to contact the year level EdReps if they have any questions about raising an issue with staff and especially if an issue affects multiple students.

MBBS Program Structure and Who to Contact Guide

First Year Guide #

The First Year Guide is your survival guide to help you navigate the scary waters of your first year of University life. Packed with information about the best coffee joints, cheap food, as well as the closest watering holes, it is your bible to make First Year as enjoyable as possible. It's ethical, it's organic, it's natural, it's healthy and it's anything else you want it to be. Your own personal copy of the First Year Guide will be in your First Year Membership bag. Missed out on one in O'Week? Lost your copy or destroyed it from over-use? Just interested? You can download a copy of the First Year Guide below.

First Year Guide

First Year Guide to Anatomy #

The First Year Guide to Anatomy is a guide by MBBS III students on the ins and outs of anatomy. Not sure about what resources to use or how to study? This document summarises the top tips on how to study anatomy and how to get the most out of resource sessions!

First Year Anatomy Guide

Second Year Electives #

Want to know what previous students have thought about their electives? Look no further! The AMSS has collated views about the different electives on offer and summarised them in the document below. We hope you find it useful!

Second Year Electives Guide 2017

Third Year Guide to Hospital #

The Third Year Guide to Hospital is a collection of answers to YOUR questions, as well as some pearls of wisdom from older years that have "been there, done that". We hope that it will help to clarify any outstanding questions and concerns you have regarding your first taste of the #Clin life.

As always, feel free to contact us (edprograms@amss.org.au) if you have any questions.

Third Year Guide To Hospital V2

Fourth Year - Guide to the Clinical Years #

The 2011 AMSS Clin Guide, compiled by students and clinicians, had been the bible for medical students' life on the wards. In 2019, it got revamped! Have a look at the snazzy updated version to get the goss on all things clinical, from scrubbing, to EPAS, to what a TL is. So... what are you waiting for? Click on the file below to view!

Amss Guide To The Clinical Years 2022

Guide to 5th Year Options #

Considering options for 5th year? Wondering whether to stay city or go Rural? Don't know what each of the programs involve? Interested in more information on specific rural sites? The AMSS has you covered!

The AMSS Guide to 5th Year Options has all the information you need to learn more about the 5th Year Programs on offer. This guide covers in detail the teaching at each site, along with past experiences of students who have previously completed each program. It also includes a handy list of current 5th years who are happy to chat with anyone about their placement and location.

All the best with your application! Please don't hesitate to contact our AMSS Rural Rep if you have any questions at rural@amss.org.au.

AMSS Guide To 5th Year Options

Guide to AHPRA Registration and Medicare Prescriber/Provider Numbers #

Graduating? Welcome to the world of paperwork! This guide outlines how to ensure you meet all the requirements in a timely manner so you can start work easily.

2020 Guide To Applying For Provider And Prescriber Numbers Including Ahpra Registration

Year 4/5 FAQs on Assessment #

Have questions about Year 4/5 assessment? Wondering what you need to do to progress from 4th year to 5th year and from 5th year to 6th year? This document was compiled together with Prof Ian Symonds (Dean of the Medical School) and goes over many of the important questions students might have surrounding assessment, progression rules and additional assessments.

Year 45 Faqs On Assessment V1 2020

A Clinical Year's Guide to MSAs/Selectives #

As all clinical students know, many rotations can be a bit confusing at first, as we're never quite sure what to expect, and without being lucky enough to have someone to quiz about various rotations, there's very little information available before you start!

To help people feel a little more prepared, and to choose the best MSA/Selective for them, we've developed a survey to get some feedback from current clinical students, so that we can put together a guide for future students.

So, just completed an MSA/Selective? Have any pearls of wisdom to offer? This is YOUR chance to help out future students by telling us all about your MSA/Selective experience. We'd love to hear all about it! Stay tuned for the completed guide.

To many medical students, what an Honours year entails remains a mystery. To help alleviate this issue, the AMSS has coordinated an annual Honours & Research Opportunities evening and developed a database of past medical Honours graduates. While the aforementioned evening may provide general information to medical students, we intend for this database to facilitate the provision of information targeted to the Honours-interested student, via communications between potential future Honours students and past Honours graduates.

Thank you for aiding this initiative.