This page features nominations received for positions on the 2019 AMSS Committee & Executive. Nominations are displayed on this page once approved by the Returning Officer after 5pm on the day submitted up until voting opens.

Pre-Clinical Coordinator #

Fiona Thoi 2nd Year

I am a passionate human with a big voice and even bigger goals.

Building on Sachini’s work, I aim to:
• Increase liaison between all pre-clinical reps; ed reps & international reps included!
• Collaborate with H&W officers to regularly promote mental health/student support within uni & hospitals
• Create a monthly pre-clin events calendar (involving all societies) to post in year groups, so you know exactly what’s on
• Increase pre-clin event attendance
• Involve YOU during planning inter-year debating, pubcrawl and end-of-semester pre-clin parties

Having been year rep twice, I believe I have the experience and capability to be your 2019 pre-clinical coordinator!
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Tessa Pahl 2nd Year

My experience with the AMSS stems from mostly from enthusiastic (understatement) attendance at events both academic and social and I would love to give back through the role of pre-clinical coordinator. Going into third year I feel that I have a good understanding of what makes our events and would uphold the values of Spiritus, Traditio and live for the Gaudium – aka have plans a spectacular Pub-crawl!

All jokes aside, I am always up for a chat and want to make sure that any pre-clin issues or ideas are well represented at committee meetings
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Scott Chandrasiri 1st Year

Hey! I'll be nominating for the position of Pre-Clinical-Coordinator for 2019.

As a proud attendee and drinkee of many pre-clinical events this year, I'd love to do my part in bringing the medical school as a whole closer; Giving us experiences we'll never forget and an inclusive culture that'll spark great friendships.

It would be an honour to build on the Sachini's incredible work and make these events even more efficient and accessible to all, and implement brand-new ideas while preserving what made these events so special.

• 1st year edrep
• Medrevue chorus leader
• AUMO choir
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Florencia Moraga 2nd Year

Go with the FLO for preclin officer.

My experience in Medschool include JR AMSA, Insight Events officer, Marketing of MedRevue and various subcommittees. I have been thoroughly involved in preclinical life via AUMO, MedRevue, AMSS events, AMSS meetings, Insight and AMSA.

I will:
1. Advocate for study spaces in the AHMS (grrrr honours students that never use their desk)
2. Collaborate with the H&W, LGBTQIA+ and Gender officers to create a more inclusive and stress-free preclin environment
3. Provide and promote more opportunities to upskill preclinical students
4. Have a kick ass pubcrawl and a fun inter-year debating event

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Alec Morley 2nd Year

As Pre-Clin Coordinator, I would push for bigger and better social events throughout the year and more student rights at the AHMS!

• MedCamp Convenor 2018
• Pathsoc 2nd Year Rep
• AMSS committee
• Volunteering- Uni Open Day, ClinPrac, Mary Mag Centre

My event management experience includes MedCamp Convening this year, meaning I know what’s involved in making events such as Inter-year debating and the AMSS Pubcrawl more inclusive and even more enjoyable for everyone!

I would love to build upon Sachini’s work this year by consulting with you about any possible improvements and ensuring more study spaces for everyone.
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Clinical Coordinator #

Monique Pisaniello 3rd Year

I have loved being involved with AMSS events throughout my pre-clinical years and want to keep this up for the coming clinical years! I hope to engage more clinical years in events like Pub-crawl and highlight any educational issues that come up at the different hospital sites. I have had experience in event organisation and communicating in teams through my roles in the Adelaide Uni Psychiatry Society and MedTutes and will use these skills to bring up any issues at the committee meetings!
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Charlotte Blacketer 5th Year

I held this role in 2017 and enjoyed it so much I'd love the opportunity to do it again in my final year of med school! I have heaps of fresh ideas for pub crawl and other events + would love to add to the portfolio by working on improve student areas in different hospitals.
I feel that my previous experience in this role and others, both in the AMSS (Pubs, Year and Ed rep roles) and outside of it (PVOGS founder and cochair), as well as my spare time in #6thyearlife, will allow me to do the role justice
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AMA(SA) Representative #

Patrick Kennewell 3rd Year

I've been a passionate student advocate for the AMSS and would love to continue this as AMA(SA) Rep.

• Internships!
• AMA mentoring program- maximum inclusivity, catering for specialty and common interests between mentor and mentee
• AMA stance in Uni SA merger - quiet study space, AMSS office, dedicated common room, more staff
• H&W advocacy, strong stance against bullying and harassment, more spaces for junior doctors and students in hospitals.
• Push AMA to fund AMSS H&W events

• Advocacy as JEO and Treasurer on 24K exec
• Board Experience - Faculty Board, Adelaide University Union Board, AMSF Board

Vote PK for AMA(SA)!

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Rural Representative #

Emily Hammond 4th Year

Rural Rep comes down to advocacy, which is something I have had plenty of experience in #TeamEd! I’ll be based at Port Augusta - the perfect site for obtaining student feedback and improving paediatrics teaching.
I will:
- Work with AMSS portfolios to provide teaching opportunities to rural students (esp. O&G + Paeds)
- Promote mental health support
- Improve indigenous health curriculum
- Update the ‘Guide to Going Rural’
- Organise social events + promote local events (Tunarama, Blenheimfest, Rodeos)
I might not own a pair of RM’s, but I would love to be your Rural Rep!
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Sally Terrett 4th Year

As someone who has lived in a rural community for my entire life, I have a strong interest in rural health and would love the opportunity to be the 2019 rural representative.
Some areas I would like to focus on next year are:
- Creating a guide for 4th and 6th year rural placements
- Working with AURHA and the 5th year rural cohort to promote studying medicine to rural high school students
- Running social events for 5th year rural students at midyear/end of year
- Continuing to strengthen communication between rural students and the medical school

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Lucy Adams 4th Year

I am so excited to be living in Port Pirie next year and would love to be your rural rep!
My main aims will be:
⁃Advocacy for mental health support for rural students, including pushing for skype counselling and mental health leave
⁃Increased educational advocacy and integration for rural students
⁃Rural rave: party in a rural location, think jazz night crossed with old McDonald had a farm, everyone welcome!
I’ve been involved in the AMSS since first year with relevant experience as Ed Rep, Health and Wellbeing Officer, and Functions. Let’s get rural wooo!

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Junior AMSA Representative #

Oliver Marshall 1st Year

Hey guys, I'm Oliver Marshall, and I would love the opportunity to be the Junior AMSA REP for 2019. In 2018 I was first year representative, and believe that I was engaged with changes to policy and Team Rep, an important part of the role, as well as other events regarding AMSA, but am looking for a more substantial role for 2019. I may or may not have given myself iron deficiency in AMSA's Vampire cup and would love to help give everyone an epic time at convention in Hobart.
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Xavier Monacella 1st Year

Hey Guys,
I'm Xavier Monacella and I would be honoured to be your Junior AMSA rep next year!
I am keen to bring my enthusiasm and creative ideas to this role to hopefully continue the legacy that Flo has created this year.
This year I attended my first convention (and got my fair share of conventionitis) and I would love to give back to the AMSS and AMSA by assisting with next year's convention in Hobart to make it the best one yet.
Furthermore, I would love to continue to increase our ranking in Vampire Cup without any hypovolemic shock.

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IT Officer #

Sean Stobie 1st Year

Hello there, I’m nominating for 2019 IT Officer to achieve what previous office holders have also achieved: a working website, non-crashing gateways, and successfully processed merch payments. I hope to have strong communication between all relevant members of the AMSS committee to ensure the website is ‘UpToDate’ and has Best Maximal JPEGs (BMJ). With a committed and focused attitude to problem solving, issues arising with the AMSS website would be researched and handled as necessary, thus maintaining the integrity of the website. Finally, I am partially Russian, making me the best candidate to prevent any hacking attempts.
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Medhir Kumawat 1st Year

Hey guys, I’m Medhir Kumawat, and I’d love to be the 2019 IT Officer for AMSS! As the IT officer, I believe that I can help ensure that the website is constantly up-to date with all of the news relevant to AMSS, ensure timely setting up of payment gateways for the events we all know and love and also possibly help make the AMSS website a little easier to navigate with a little reorganization to make sure students can quickly find the resources or articles they need access too (can't beat Toby’s work though :’( ).

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Multimedia Officer #

Alexandra Walls 2nd Year is already my best friend and that is the main reason why I would make a great inaugural Multimedia Officer. I currently manage social media pages when I’m avoiding study and would love to add working as AMSS Multimedia Officer to my ever-growing list of procrastination activities.

My work in social media has involved editing photos, creating graphics/promotional content and making boring documents like privacy policies look a little more exciting.

As Multimedia Officer, I will work closely with the VPC and committees to make informative, creative and more importantly, aesthetically pleasing content for the AMSS!
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Henry Lock 1st Year

I love anything to do with photos or video! I've been an event photographer, and produced promotional posters and videos. I've been involved with document creation and formatting for the Government of South Australia. I've been messing around with photos and videos since forever, and I run 2 (trash) meme pages.

As the first multimedia officer I would love to work with the VPC and other committees to contribute to formal AMSS documents as well as event promotion and LOTS of other multimedia for events. I want to decrease event photo turnaround times and create attractive and exciting promotional material.
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Historian #

Jamie Budenberg 3rd Year

Who was the first AMSS member to wear RM William’s boots? Which legends would make the all-time boat racing team? What was Dr Robin Warren like as a student? Has anyone ever actually enjoyed an MSK rotation? These vital mysteries and more will be solved if I am allowed the honour and privilege of being the AMSS historian. I’ll introduce an ‘AMSS fun facts’ portion of the monthly mailout and annual pub quiz, as well as further filling the AHMS time capsule and researching deep into the archives. Continuing to digitise old editions of [stimulus] is also a priority!
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Tasha Arnold 2nd Year

One fateful O-Week morning, I had the task of finding the AMSS’ barbecue’s legs. My journeys led me to the Old MedSchool to the storage under Florey where my passion for AMSS’ history started, amongst cans of Tun from MedCamps gone by, and stacks of [stimulus] waiting to be perused.

What can I offer?
• (?Drunk?) histories with AMSS legends
• Regular history updates from past [stimulus]
• AMSS trivia comp
• Fresh cabinet displays (new event, new display)
• Investigate alternative locations for the honour boards
• Integrating Historian with AMSS Calendar - quizzes about events, with prizes
• Experience (O’week, Preskeg, MedCamp, MedRevue)

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Evan Garrett 6th Year

I am old.
Very old.
With 7 years with the amss I have seen many great traditions rise and fall. From 30 students standing on the ledge by frome road to competitively catch leaves - to the AMSS buying $237 of pancakes at 5am after medball in 2012.
I already collect historical tidbits and would love to do it formally publishing excerpts of our dark and mysterious past in stimulus and the AMSS page.
Vote geriatric, I was there when history happened.
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Gender Officers #

Ricky Stocker-Johns and Issy Burdon 3rd Year

Aloha people Ricky and Issy here! We would love the opportunity to bring our creativity, energy and passion to the role of gender officers in 2019! As a preclin/clin duo we are approachable to students in both aspects of medlyfe. We believe gender diversity should be celebrated for the depth it brings to our society but gender itself should not be a means of defining or limiting people. As gender officers we would support the student body with this core belief in mind, taking a particular focus on events (PUB QUIZ + fun new ideas!!!) and advocacy for gender equity.
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LGBTQI+ Officer #

Kaitlyn Hunt 2nd Year

Hey friends, it’s your local happy-sock fiend Kaitlyn. As a member of the queer community, my journey into medicine was a daunting one. I know that I spent a lot of first-year fearing that no one would share my love of astrology and the movie Carol #nichequeerjokes.

Quality banter aside, being queer can be a struggle, what I want to achieve is:
• A greater focus on education, advocacy and philanthropy around queer issues
• Collaboration with the gender officers on trans* and intersex issues
• Greater support for queer medical students
• More queer-friendly events (LGBTQIA+ movie nights + quizzes anyone?)

Yeahgood. GAI.

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Alexandra Walls 2nd Year

As a queer-med-student, I am passionate about creating spaces where members of the alphabet that is sexual-and-gender-diversity feel safe and included.

It can be difficult for LGBTQI+ students to feel heard in a course steeped in tradition like Medicine. As LGBTQI+ Officer, I will create a platform where LQBTQI+ AMSS members feel understood and appreciated.

Queer or not, as doctors we will be faced with caring for the health of LQBTQI+ people. It is important that we are educated about queer-issues in clinical-practice and I will work hard to ensure that Ricky’s advocacy efforts in this area continue in 2019.
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Sports Officer(s) #

Jen Hughes, Yu Kato, Yianni Glynatsis 4th Year

It’s us, the most athletic threesome in med school. We want to MAKE THE AMSS FITSPO AGAIN. Jen likes active wear, Kato likes watching sport, and Yianni is a fab third wheel. Between the 3 of us, we have won 2 most improved player awards. We want a stronger fitspo social-media presence, we want to celebrate the sporting achievements of members, we want discounts for gyms and classes, and of course we want more med footy-related memes. As a group we have strong events experience and even stronger muscles - vote for us and let’s get physical

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Publications Officer(s) #

Jill Lee, Carri Foo and Tim Falloon 1st Year

HELLO ALL!! We're nominating for Publications Officers 2019 as we would like to make a smashing [stimulus] and First Year Guide for all the lost freshers next year, having been in their position very recently!!!

Between us three, we have several years of experience in publicity, a half decent writer and one member who is pretty good at photoshop (if i say so myself)!!! We're a hardworking bunch and promise to do our very best in order to create an inclusive platform that everyone is comfortable contributing to.

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Cat Gilsenan-Reed and Raff Skourletos 1st Year

We’ll breathe new life into the AMSS' iconic magazines, bringing them into 2019 by introducing dropbox submissions and collaborative video productions (@multimediaofficer) - including a 'Welcome to Med School' for our new firsties, and a dramatic af promo video for AMSS 2019. Akin to the Betoota Advocate, we’ll grow [stimulus] online to reach more target audiences.

Well-honed perfectionism (read: focussed on getting the job done)
Combined gall to nag people into submitting articles on time
Member w/ the heart of a BArts student
HS Level photoshop skills
Experience publicising for ASSCC/Insight
Aesthetic Pinterests

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Research Officer #

Lian Huynh Honours

- Currently doing Honours. Previously awarded 3 research scholarships. Done multiple summer projects and Year 4 Research Elective.
- Previous PathSoc Research Officer with experience promoting research and organising research scholarships for students.

- Expanding the Research page on the AMSS website
- Guide students to research opportunities and scholarships
- Expanding Seb's journal club initiative (currently only for Honours students) to other interested medical students as well.
- Confused about what power is or what is a chi-squared test? – I aim to develop resources on basic research and statistical skills (targeted especially at 3rd years initially)
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Monty Do-Wyeld Honours

Title: Intial Experience with Voting for Me as Research Officer: Yeah or Nah?

Methods: Prospective single-centre observational study on the effect of attentive student-query management, project database maintenance, expansion of Research Speed Dating Night and introduction of a TED-talk/3MT-style night on student morale and research engagement against controls. Application of author’s previous experience as Honours student, research in variety of settings, prior roles on AMSS Committee (EdForum, Pubs, Historian).

Results: A more informed and entertained student body, engaged with research and networking opportunities (p=0.00000000000001).

Conclusion: Further validation of our methods needed by voting for the author in the 2018 AGM.

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Philanthropy Officer(s) #

Shanaya De Silva and Georgia Anker 1st Year

Philanthropy is more than just loose change and bakesales.
What can we as students do to enact change that is both wide reaching and long lasting?
This is the question we set out to answer over the coming year!!
We’d like boost our society’s involvement with the Mary Magdalene Centre and work on ways that we can reach out to young people and provide a framework for volunteering that transgresses our medical society.
We’ve got creative juices running through our veins. We love a good joke, but equally love hard work, bouncing ideas back and forth and rallying others to [truncated]
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Tu-An Ma and Medhir Kumawat 1st Year

Our HS experiences of coordinating fundraisers (bakestalls, fun runs) and volunteering events (food drives, Pyjama Foundation, Save The Children, Time for Change) has gifted us very relevant skills for this role. But, we come in a solid package that also includes passion, creativity and a heck lot of enthusiasm! :D

As best friends, we believe that we are the perfect ‘package’ who will effectively organize, raise awareness for and innovate impactful events throughout the year!

- Tu-An & Medhir
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Maddy O'Brien & Emily Kelsh 2nd Year

NOTE: Emily Kelsh's name has been mistakenly omitted from the online ballot. A vote for Maddy O'Brien will count as a vote for Maddy O'Brien & Emily Kelsh.
What is more satisfying than a boring Med students life? The sensation of giving something back! We are extremely passionate people who would love the opportunity to oversee and expand the philanthropy of the AMSS. We are particularly passionate about supporting Catherine House and Rural Aid Australia.
We promise to create amazing charity events and help you to get involved.
What makes you think we could handle it?
- Previous President of the Canteen fundraising committee
- President of HS St Vincent de Paul Society
- Volunteering overseas with Missionaries-for-Charity
- One of us shaved our head for money (World’s Greatest Shave)
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Sachini Perera and Bianca Kennedy 3rd Year

AMSS Philanthropy needs remodelling and we want to make that happen. Our aims:
• Establish a template that’ll make philanthropy an AMSS priority
• Develop lasting relationships with designated charities chosen by the Committee
• Integrate charity into other portfolios throughout the year (including [stimulus] and H&W)
• Grow AMSS Action page to highlight achievements of our members and advertise philanthropic opportunities
As one Philanthropy Officer (who ain’t ready to move on) and one girl with too lengthy an AMSS resume to get into (plus being Charity Co-Convenors together raising $2500) we’re ready to bring philanthropy the focus it deserves.
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Health & Wellbeing Officer(s) #

Samiksha Mali and Quynh Nguyen 1st Year

We are Quynh & Sam, the flower children you never knew you needed. So, if you've ever shed a lone tear on a Sherwood page at 2 am, had enough coffee to enhance your doctor's handwriting, or EVEN if you’re a medkid so happy that birds talk to you… we are for you.

Here's what's up: we will continue advocating for the needs of medkids (especially to the faculty) and the age-old tradition of using food to bribe students into doing something good for themselves (RUOK? Pancakes). We’ll add: fresh-faced flair and innovating co-ordination with other societies and charities.
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Dimple Bhatia & Ella Bertolus 2nd Year

Hey guys!! We’d love to be your h&w officers for 2019

Following Mithma and Shehani’s amazing work, we want to push to get the faculty around improving your h&w by improving access to mental health services.

Reasons to vote for us?
- Wholesome/10
- Killer h&w week brunch
- Yoga and Zumba at AHMS
- Nutella toasties
- Level 3 h&w corner
- Aesthetic h&w insta (experience from AURHA Publications)
- Friendly, approachable, always down for a chat
- Gain feedback from clin students and make mental health days more accessible
- Bunny/puppy days (!!!)

Ella and Dimple xx
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Maddy O'Brien & Emily Kelsh 2nd Year

Do you remember life before Med? When SACE was the worst thing imaginable? Let us remind you that there’s more to life than Lola Smith.

We’re very passionate about your Health & Wellbeing! We’ll strive to create an interactive platform for you to access free health resources, working towards breaking down the mental-health-stigma.

There’s nothing better for a med students health than FREE STUFF!
Let us extend the blue moon Health & Wellbeing week activities into your everyday lives, bringing Zumba, Yoga and free food to the AHMS.

We can’t wait to bring our fabulous personalities to this amazing role [truncated]
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Luke Cialini & Elly Thompkins 2nd Year

We’re passionate about supporting members of all backgrounds through the challenges of med-school (and life). We aim to:
- Maintain a strong, friendly and approachable presence as a point of contact and support
- Strongly advocate for H&W through Team Ed
- Organise a greater variety of activities during H&W and Blue Weeks to improve engagement and inclusivity (particularly among clin students)
- Further integrate H&W into current events
- Hold informal events to provide students with + promote balance
- Facilitate open conversations about mental health
- Increase awareness and accessibility of H&W resources, starting with first years through O’Week and MedCamp
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Ayra Perakath & Shyanne Premnath 2nd Year

If you’re already having Shehani & Mithma withdrawals, you’ll feel like you’re seeing double having us lead H&W, so vote for your resident non-biological twins Ayra and Shyanne!

With Ayra’s experience being EdRep and Edforum convenor and Shyanne’s experience organising H&W at Medcamp (+taking on the highly sought after role of food transporter for EdForum), we promise to build upon previous events with movie nights, even more free food days (do-nut take us lightly), promote & support H&W charity events (eg. Beyondblue), and continue to create an inclusive atmosphere at events to enhance all things #traditio-spiritus-gaudium within the AMSS!
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Tu-An Ma and Medhir Kumawat 1st Year

“Practice what you preach”: the health and wellbeing of our fellow students is a priority not only for themselves in this long-life career but also for the health of our future patients.

If gifted this opportunity, we endeavour to raise H&W awareness through coordinating more events like H&W Week that continue the conversation surrounding issues that affect our peers e.g. mental health, mindfulness, eating healthy... Eating more donuts during H&W week that’s for sure ;)

We believe we make a strong candidate because we have experience in coordinating events, a passion for health awareness and creativity!

- Tu-An & Medhir
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Raelene Emmanuel & Laure Mansour 2nd Year

It’s Raelene and Laure, and we are looking to be your Health and Wellbeing Officers for 2019. You may have seen Raelene working with Insight and Laure with Critical Care, and we are keen to bring our diverse experience and creativity to give you that much-needed wellbeing boost. We would be thrilled to share with you our enthusiasm, love, and fun new ideas such as a Krispy Kreme day, hot-choccy & marshmallow arvos, brunch and more. Also, look forward to massages, yoga and more.
Of course, we hope to bring back the puppies!
Much love,
Rae and Laure xx
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Educational Programs Coordinator(s) #

Laure Mansour & Raelene Emmanuel 2nd Year

It’s Laure and Raelene, and we are looking to be your Educational Programs Coordinators for 2019. You may have seen Laure working with Pathsoc and Raelene with Insight, and as tutors in Medtransit and at College. We are keen to bring our diverse experience to ensure the smooth running of AMSS Ed programs like Peer2peer and Medtransit. We’re aware of how difficult the transition from school to med can be, and our goal is to work with TeamEd to make your lives easier!
Not to mention, getting that PLOTRADIO grind with mock OSCEs!
Much love,
Rae and Laure xx
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Emily Kelsh, Maddy O'Brien, Kirrily Zacher 2nd Year

We are a tag team of organised, enthusiastic and fabulous individuals passionate about your education! We want to help welcome the first years and make their transition into our wonderful (torturous) course as supported as possible. We may not know much as the uneducated second years we are, but let us connect you with those that do! We would love the opportunity to join Team Ed and coordinate the Medtransit, Peer2peer and 3rd year mock OSCE’s. Let us make education sexy again <3
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Ella Obst, Vidhi Arya, Jaspreet Sandhu, Rebecca Langhans 3rd Year

As Medrevue has recently illustrated for us, the interyear supports, both formal and informal make med school both easier and more enjoyable. As both a beneficiary and a volunteer in a number of these programs we are passionate about continuing this legacy. Our goals are to make it more flexible with a focus on online supports and communication to supplement (not replace) face to face teaching and collaboration. As well as improving supports for volunteer tutors/peers. We have previous experience in Ed roles and are ready and excited for the challenges of 2019!!
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International Officer #

Warren Seow 3rd Year

Hi! I'm running for International Officer a.k.a that-dude-running-international-food-fiesta because I want to make sure people get to try delicious chicken briyanis and pork baos made by our dear friends. Just kidding! I want to make sure international students have a louder presence in the AMSS. Being an international rep for the past 2 years gives me a better understanding of some challenges internationals face in 1) transitioning to 1st year in a foreign country and 2) post-grad internship applications. As International Officer, I hope to voice these concerns and push for more advocacy in these issues for international students. [truncated]
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EdForum Convenor(s) #

Luzern Tan and Jonathan Tan 2nd Year

Howdy!! It's the dynamic duo from across the sea. Pump filled with enthusiasm and the desire to inject excitement into the humdrum of medical school, let us take you on a whole new EdForum adventure coming 2019.
From learning how to use “stubbie” correctly to what exactly is ultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, hold on tight as we spoon-feed you with knowledge (and pizzas). We understand your hunger and we are here to provide, both literally and metaphorically.
Vote for us to be your EdForum Conveners and you’ll be one step closer to answering yes to “You doctor yet?”
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Sophie Eblen and Alec Morley 2nd Year

What do medical students crave above all else? Free food (and outstanding educational forums on contemporary issues relevant to med students). If you feel you could go a slice of margarita alongside some compelling learning, boy are we the EdForum Convenors for you.

We would love to continue the amazing work of Ayra this year and continue to run enlightening and stimulating EdForums.

Our experience includes organising MedCamp and involvement in Pathsoc and ASSCC – all comprising core organization skills essential to EdForums.

Vote for us for great speakers and even better food.
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