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This page features nominations received for positions on the 2022 AMSS Committee & Executive. Nominations are displayed on this page once approved by the Returning Officer.

(Applications for Events Convenors will open shortly after the election of Executive and Committee positions, and be elected by the Executive and past Convenors).

President #

Teham Ahmad 5th Year

If navigating COVID as Vice President Education (#yikes) doesn’t prove I love the AMSS, I don’t know what does. I have diverse advocacy and leadership experience through 4 years on TeamEd, AMSF Student Director, AMSA policy and Pakistani Medical Association Event Convenor (#cultured).

2022 priorities:
-Continue input to refine the 2-year internship proposal.
-Bolster our minor, non-drinking events and interest groups (e.g. book club) to cater to diverse student interests.
-Create a strategic plan to safeguard AMSS culture during the BMD transition and ensure continued improvements to the MBBS.
-Institute an AMSS Environmental Officer to prioritise climate and sustainability issues.
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Vice President (Communication) #

Fiona Thoi 5th Year

It has been a pleasure being part of the AMSS family over past few years, and I am excited to give back. I am passionate about:

(1) Prioritising the wellbeing of our volunteers, committee, and exec.
(2) Ensuring our advocacy and representation efforts are heard.
(3) Fostering and maintaining our inter-portfolio, inter-year level and inter-faculty relationships.

Through my 4.5 years on AMSS, Adeladies exec, AUBC chairperson, Convention academics subcom and TeamEd, I am confident in my abilities to uphold our society’s longstanding high quality and professional brand. I look forward to strengthening existing friendships and forming many new ones!
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Bradley Lunnay 5th Year

I would love to continue the strong traditions of the AMSS as your VPC.
With relevant experience as AMSS IT officer, year representative, and AMSF communications officer I have the skills and experience for the job.

My priorities in the role are:
- Maintaining member welfare & boosting inclusivity
- Future-proofing the society’s infrastructure – upgraded website, policies, handover et al.
- Faculty & inter-society collaboration
- Maintaining high engagement with our online presence for AMSS updates, events, and forums
- Welcoming the BMD cohort into the AMSS family

Come hear more at the AGM
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Vice President (Education) #

Nathan Behrendt 5th Year

Have I been successful in everything I’ve advocated? No. Have I continued despite being told no? Absolutely. I haven’t been Preclin officer like many past VPEs, but I have done EdRep for the last 2 years and loved it. Convention didn’t go to plan, but as Academic convenor I learnt to negotiate and adapt, skills I hope to bring to the table as VPE.

Priorities in 2022:
- Improve communication from the faculty
- Provide student insight to the ‘2-year internship’
- Improve the 3rd year hospital clinical experience
- Maintain standards in the MBBS while the BMD rolls in

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Scott Chandrasiri 4th Year

If serenading faculty into providing a course outline was an option- bet I'd be on it.

With 3 years of TeamEd including PEO experience, current Faculty Board, engagement and infrastructure committee representation and a *copious* amount of time spent on AUMO and Medrevue- I'd provide a holistic approach to engage all aspects of student life in TeamEd Advocacy.

1. Utilise Central University avenues- address proctoring and *looming* university merger
2. MBBS "Covid Safe Plan"- address course aspects that are vulnerable
3. Optimise BMD and 2 year internship- maximise wellbeing and preserve culture
4. Improve 3rd year hospital experience
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Treasurer #

Don Kieu 5th Year

Treasury is a vital cog of every society’s success and longevity. Having spearheaded the Adelaide Convention’s (#rip) budgetary and financial direction for the last 2.5 years (despite multiple event model changes and more budget revisions than the hrs/day time I spend looking at spreadsheets), as well as previous event convening, advocacy, and (more) treasury roles, I have a multi-faceted skillset ready to reinforce the AMSS.

I hope to prioritise:
- Transparency of financial decisions
- Ensuring continuing stabilisation of our financial position
- Support ALL portfolios, both with welfare and budgetary matters
- Consider new expenditure avenues to benefit members
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Albert Vu 3rd Year

It’s been a pleasure being part of the AMSS, from ed-repping to multimedia, and so I would like to extend my appreciation and passion for our society by serving as your Treasurer.
I have years of leadership experience as AAS President; coordinating and administrating events, treasury, logistics, sponsorships, and collaborations, in addition to other miscellaneous roles involving events and logistics for ASSCC.

My 2022 priorities:
1. Increase initiative funding expenditure
2. Safeguard AMSS’ financial affairs
3. Continue long-term investments and increase club revenue
4. Provide accurate and timely financial information ‘PRN’ throughout the year

Hope that makes cents.
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Social Officer #

Elly Schoff 3rd Year

Empowerment. I want your vision to come alive, supporting your dreams designing AMSS events.

Over the past year I helped organise…
- Skulldug
- Debating
- Pubcrawls
- Blood-drives
- Convention
…while facing the logistical adversities brought to us by C***d. I’m an innovator, aspiring to push the bounds of where we can go with events.

I’m most proud of concocting upcoming *mystery* events with med, law and eng. I love building community (and opportunities to party!!)

I’m keen to help bring inclusivity and wildness to events in 2022. It’s the essence of AMSS culture. It’s how I met you<3

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Hannah Subramaniam 3rd Year

Socials are the core of AMSS culture! As we push for a more inclusive, diverse and welcoming society, our events should reflect this.

It’s time to reimagine our events. Let’s use them as a vessel for delivering education, philanthropy and well-being whilst keeping the social atmosphere of med school alive!

My aims:
Use events as sponsorship leverage -> year-long perks for members + venues for socials and afterparties
Skills sessions for event convenors -> budgeting, marketing and equity
Giving EdReps, Gender Officers, Queer Officers, Philanthropy and Health & Wellbeing Officers stakes in events with high attendance -> increased member engagement [truncated]

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Sponsorship Officer #

Ayra Perakath 5th Year

A word from our sponsors:
Money Money Money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world!
From being sponsorship officer for AUMO (lets not talk about the win/rejection ratio, that’s nonCENTS), to being an APY Convenor (budgeting & collecting sponsors/donations), I know a thing or two about rejection but also how to persist through it! I would aim to keep existing sponsors happy (win them over with a good coffee), try and get new sponsors + small businesses on board for events (PRICELESS-advocation-of-the-AMSS) and be the (spare) change needed!
After all, girls just wanna have fun(ds)!
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Engagement Officer #

Simon Riddell 5th Year

As an 11x comedy debator and former esteemed Mumma Juggs (RIP Miss Juggs) you know what I’m about - a darn good time. I’m approachable, love bolstering team camaraderie, and I’m keen to foster a fantastic environment for preclins!

-Facilitate preclin mentorship and mixer events to safeguard culture against the BMD / COVID
-Continue advocating for remote international students overseas
-Improve membership benefits/discounts
-Investigate and implement better climate advocacy by the AMSS
-Bolster non-drinking events/societies (debating, IFF, sports)

-AMSS Exec Sponsorships officer 2020 (#COVIDExec)
-Convention sponsorship subcommittee leader
-Clinprac coordinator
-Electives night convenor
-Aided O’week coordination 2020
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Yonina Yang 3rd Year

YoYo 20

Job:Chef x Student x Engagement Officer

Experience:AMSS Year rep, HW, Historian, Pubs, EdForum
AUSS/ASSCC Event officer x2
Insight Co-President, Pubs
ASSCC/Pathsoc Spono
Art Society secretary

What I offer:
- Heavily experienced at coordinating with new and existing sponsors
- A history of running successful events like Yr3 Medball 2.0
- Previous experience designing memorable publications, merchandise and promotional materials
- Strong communicational skills and approachability enabling efficient and accessible student engagement
- Well-versed in managing cross-societal communication+knowledge of inner workings of other societies
- Professional media training (ch10)

My Anthem: MasterchefAu opening

My top Spotify artists: AMSS members
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Luzern Tan 5th Year

I remember being recruited by the Engagement officer into this fun little cult (I mean family) that is the AMSS. That has been one of the best experiences of medical school and I wish to spread this experience far and wide.

My achievements in AMSS thus far:
- Resuscitating the International Food Fiesta back into action as International Rep
- Convention Education Subcommittee member
- Medrevue cast member

What I wish to achieve in 2022:
- Engaging and advocating for equity amongst all students including rural and remote students
- More membership benefits
- Eradicate COVID
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Secretary #

Elyssa Chan 3rd Year

Hi there, I’d love to be your friendly neighbourhood secretary for 2022!!

My goal? To foster community in the AMSS and keep the exec-team running smoothly (despite never having been on a run myself).

I’m also a Leo, so you know I'm approachable and friendly, and I’d love to be in a role where I can welcome younger years into the AMSS family!!

My experience:
• First-year representative
• Leader at youth group, organising retreats/event catering
• Medtransit!!
• AUU helper, O’Ball/Skullduggery
• Baking business side hustle = guaranteed great organisation + snacks
• Secretary @ tutoring company

So take a CHAN-ce on me;))
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Sara Bilwani 2nd Year

Hi friends!

This vibrant AMSS has become my home away from home, and now it’s time to return the love as your 2022 secretary!

Game plan?

2021 proved that first years have some of the most inspiring voices which I promise to represent; as an exec member and friend.

Michelin star food at all meetings and always normalising non-committee members attending and being a part of real change.

AMSS, TeamEd, Insight, AURHA, Paedsoc and more!

Most importantly, I put my everything into what I do, so let’s have an amazing 2022 <3

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Laura Kelly 3rd Year

AMSS is the true joy of medicine, and I would LOVE to be able to give back by being your exec secretary 2022!

- Fun and productive committee meetings
- Encourage new people (especially our fresh first years) to get involved in the discussion!
- Boost interest in Friends of AMSS router
- Assist other portfolios with organisation/minute-taking skills!

- Extensive knowledge of buying and consuming food
- Daughter of accountants
(I.e can promise tasty, budget friendly spreads.)
- Also: H&W, philanthropy, Adeladies, Skullduggery, convention, AMSA policy, Medrevue backstage ANNDD my work as a secretary :)

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Liz Abraham 3rd Year

Organisation? Super keen attitude? Food lover?

Yes, Yes and YES!

I would absolutely love to be your fun and approachable AMSS secretary for 2022.

- Encourage the voices of new committee members and younger years in discussions
- Run meetings efficiently with a set agenda
- Organise the storage room
- Maintain Ksusha’s amazing dinner choices
- Facilitate an inclusive and inviting culture between the exec, society and our students
- Help the exec execute their visions for 2022 AMSS

- AUMO choir leader, dance and APJ
- AMSS publications
- Medrevue x 2
- Medical receptionist experience
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Pre-Clinical Education Officer #

Kashyapchandra Avadhani 1st Year

So the MD is a thing...
After the countless passive-aggressive emails for FBS and SBM as a 1st year ed rep, lets step it up as PEO.

- Advocate aggressively for wellbeing and quality of education for both MD and MBBS students.
- Adapting MedTransit and P2P to work seamlessly with new MD content structure.
- Ensuring concerns of MBBS students are upheld during the transition.
-Guarantee! Positive! Hospital! Experiences!
I’m not afraid of confronting faculty decisions that don’t favour the student experience and I will always champion our student voice.
Sincerely Kash,

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Harriet McConville 2nd Year

Harriet’s the name, communication and advocacy is my aim!
(Aka the overly loud and passionate second year who struggles with the concept of silence!)

- Focus on first-year stimulus making it MD #relatable
- Staff accountability around integration of MD and MBBS
- Work with third year ed-reps to enable a smooth transition to hospital with adequate support, to enable each student to maximise the opportunity
- Ensure EdPrograms can adapt to MD requirements to ensure first years feel included and supported in the “cult” that is the Adelaide Med family <3

Your hopeful 2022 MD/MBBS [truncated]

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Callum Peck 2nd Year

After a “highly successful” stint under the sponsorship subcommittee for Convention 2021 (big sad), I’d love to embark on a new challenge in the form of advocating YOUR education needs.

My goals for Pre-Clin Education Officer in 2022 include:

- Working closely with faculty as the transition to the MD *finally* occurs
- Advocating your needs, and refusing to let the MD preparations cost us OUR education
- Ensuring the inaugural MD cohort is sufficiently supported (rip relying on DK)
- Working intently with VP(E) to implement positive changes, particularly regarding the 3rd year hospital experience
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AMA(SA) Representative #

Vi-Seth Bak 4th Year

2022 is important, it’s the AMC’s ‘preparation’ phase before 2-year internship starts in 2023. My stint on exec has kept me across active advocacy issues and familiar with how the President, VPE, SAMET DoctorsinTraining and AMA(SA) representatives work together to further students’ interests at faculty and professional forums. I hope to bring your voice to AMA(SA) Council and DiT committee, with these priorities:
- Ensuring entry into training and specialty RMO programs are minimally affected,
- Equitable PGY1-2 assessment/e-portfolio implementation
- Keeping you informed about changes, how we will be affected and relaying student feedback
- Proactive advocacy to minimise COVID disruption to students

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Florencia Moraga 5th Year

After 2 years of focusing on Convening Convention, I am BACK BABY!!

What I bring to the table:
1. I have a good working relationship with the AMA(SA), AMA Federal and University leadership
2. I have experience advocating for students (AMSA National Executive 2k19, AMSA National Advocacy Team, AMSA Student Board Director, PreClin Rep, Jr AMSA etcs)
3. Very keen to create tangible advocacy upskilling opportunities for AMSS members

A vote for me will mean your advocacy priorities (MD transition, MBBS optimisation, 2-year internship etcs) will be in safe hands.

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Isaac Tennant 4th Year

Want to have your voice heard by the doctors making decisions for SA, but aren’t keen on the many meetings and commitments?

I’m here to help! I have worked with AMA(SA) members before and am keen to represent the AMSS in a formal role.

My 2022 priorities:
- Promote junior doctor wellbeing (happier doctors = better teaching for students and a supportive environment for us after graduation!)
- Advocate student interests in the 2-year internship proposal
- Provide student input into issues like hospital environmental sustainability

I’m here to represent all medical students, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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Sean Stobie 4th Year

Representing student opinions?
Experience in JAMSA and EdRep advocacy?

I'm running for AMA(SA) rep because I feel it would put me in a strong position to advocate and represent you, on both the Doctors in Training committee and on the AMA. I plan on working closely with our President and VP(E) to ensure a wide and diverse range of student opinion is brought to meetings and addressed, and my experience puts me in the best place to do exactly that!

Now for a closing Haiku:
AMA is great
I am now a candidate
I could be your vote

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Rural Representative #

There are no nominations for this position yet. Nominate

Senior AMSA Representative #

Alison Teubner 3rd Year

Hey! I’m super excited to run for Senior AMSA Rep. AMSA can be a mysterious entity and I’d love to help keen students to get involved, as well as advocating for AMSS on a national level :)

2022 Priorities
• Increasing Adelaide student involvement in AMSA Policy and ThinkTanks
• Leading our Newcastle Convention delegation (Hopefully!!)
• Coordinating and promoting the SA Leadership Development Seminar
• Highlighting AMSS perspectives to AMSA council
• Sharing other AMSA opportunities to AMSS members

• Convention Academic Subcomm :(
• Lead Author for AMSA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Bridging Policy
• AMSA Council Attendee
• Third Year EdRep
• NLDS Delegate
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Junior AMSA Representative #

Oliver Kleinig 1st Year

I’m running to be your JAMSA representative to put the SA back into AMSA!

My goals are to:
- Boost blood drive engagement, including involving other courses
- Push for more, progressive policies at Council
- Expand debating with new styles to further build convention hype
- Build a stronger AMSAxAMSS relationship

- I’ve worked with other advocacy organisations such as the Australian Republic Movement
- I’ve planned successful charity and outreach events
- I’m a debating fanatic :)

If elected, I promise to do everything I can to fight for our representation!
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Rowan Sanun 2nd Year

Hi all!
My name is Rowan and I’m aiming to be your JAMSA representative next year! As an avid debater, frequent donator of that sweet AB+ plasma and a 2021 IT subcommittee member for Reinvention I believe I have the experience to represent us best.

My goals:
- Make AMSA policy more engaging and accessible to members with an increase in both social media presence and events.
- Increase blood donations via more multi-society drives.
- Host a thriller of an inter-year debate in preparation for Newcastle Convention.
- Support the SAMSA rep with all AMSA meetings and at council.

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William Rooke 1st Year

The AMSS’ supportive culture has been the backbone of my first year in medicine. A familiar face at committee meetings and AMSA council, I would love to contribute in an official role for 2022!

- Bring a greater awareness of AMSA policy to the Adelaide Medical School and use policies as a springboard to advocate for greater faculty support on the issues of safer learning environments, flexible learning arrangements and the MD program

- Helped to organise over 10 events in 2021 across Insight and the Adelaide Sustainability Association

Most importantly:
- I make a great cheese board
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Scarlett Peate 1st Year

Hello there!!

I’m Scarlett and I plan on putting the JAM in your JAMSA rep *little dancing man emoji*.

My focus for next year is for an absolute roast battle in inter-year debating and to plug the Vampire Cup a tonne (of blood) more :)

This year I have participated in the Vampire Cup, gotten involved in MedRevue and have attended as many AMSS events as I could *cool sunglasses emoji*

I look forward to supporting the senior AMSA rep and for more integration of the AMSS and AMSA.

See y’all next year!

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IT Officer #

Sonny Tran 3rd Year

Hello, I’m Sonny. You may have seen me around doing photography, so you may be wondering… “Why is he going for IT Officer, and not Multimedia?”

Before Med, my origins are of a tech background. I completed a year of Computer Science at Uni, and I have continued to pursue knowledge in many aspects of tech.

My vision is to work with all the AMSS committee members in delivering a streamlined digital experience, by maintaining and further developing the AMSS web-portal.

I shall put forth the best of my knowledge to ensure the technical experience runs smoothly in 2022.
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Seran Perera 2nd Year

Hey everyone!
My name is Seran and I'd love to be your IT officer for next year! With personal experiences in C++ coding and in the technology subcommittee for AMSA Reinvention (sad), I believe I would be best positioned to fulfil this role. As IT officer, I would aim to answer and resolve any IT issues (big or small), update the current AMSS website and streamline ticket sales for year-wide events as to prevent any potential website crashes (hopefully).
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Jeffrey Sung 3rd Year

Getting anxiety trying to buy your ticket? Missed out and now FOMO's got you down?

Dw fam. I gotchu.

I bring passion and enthusiasm through experience on the Convention EMC Subcomm, UofA ASSC Student Rep and as the AMSS Third Year Rep.

I will maintain our precious gateway to great times, the AMSS website. I will implement features that will enrich the AMSS experience for members, committee and exec. My vision is to create an AMSS companion app, improving accessibility to members.

And if you're up at 3 needing tech support, I'll be there.
because my sleep schedule is f [truncated]
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Multimedia Officer #

Anuradha Pati (she/her) 3rd Year

It’s ya girl,,, Shrek! Endorsed by Bob Ross, here to make your multimedia dreams come true. *passion*

Picture this:
Hand-drawn animations for event cover pages! *passion*
Rapid turnovers because I’d much rather make art than actually study! *passion*
TikToks of footage from events! *passion*

I’ve done multimedia design for:
Psychiatry Society 2020/21
AMSS Philanthropy 2021
AMSS Publications 2021 - First Year Guide, [stimulus]
ClinPrac 2020’s top tier memes
Private commissions - business posters, event flyers, painted denim jackets

& also won the SA Convention Patch competition (“Let me innnnn”) and the AMSSxAAS Logo Design competition! *passion*

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Taylor Rowntree 2nd Year

Multimedia. Multi-ME-dia. Me. Vote for ME to be your multimedia officer!

Puns aren't convincing enough? Ok, fine, here’s some actual reasons:

As your Multimedia Officer I’ll transform the online AMSS experience through engaging, inspiring and consistent content.

My passion for design sets me apart as someone who’ll go above and beyond in my role. There’s nothing I love more than eye-catching ~aesthetic~ visuals.

Finally, I have experience. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last year:
• CriticalCare Multimedia Officer
• MedCamp 2021 Photographer
• Rebranding Adelaidies
• Convention Creative Subcommittee

I'm committed, I'm passionate.
Vote for me!
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Historian #

Steven Zhang 3rd Year

Having built the new AMSS website, worked closely with the VPC as IT officer in 2020, and having gone through 5 years of social media marketing experience through my own YouTube channel, I think I am in a unique position to best bring light to the AMSS as a Historian.
My in-depth knowledge of the new website and integration of social media platforms sets me up to better incorporate the AMSS history into the website.
My experience with the AMSS social media framework and making YouTube videos allows me up to best shine light on the long AMSS history.

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Gender Officers #

Amy Martin & Isaac Brown 1st Year

Hello team!!!
Our names are Isaac and Amy and we are running to be your 2022 Gender Officers!

Advocacy and support are our middle names, and we are here for a good time (and a long time woo 6 years). We hope to bring our open minds to this role to provide a comforting and friendly faces to strike up an interesting convo with :)
As students it is important for us to highlight issues regarding gender and inequality. With this we have a unique opportunity to contribute to change for equal access, opportunity and progression.

We look forward to [truncated]
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Queer Officer #

Ksusha (Kseniia) Bogatyreva 4th Year

Loud, fun, and queer?! That’s just describing me and my vision for next year as Queer Officer!

My priorities:
1) Continue the amazing AMSS Queer Network and organise regular monthly catchups in forms of coffee, drinks, movie nights and drag shows
2) Support and mentorship for queer members throughout the year
3) Advocacy on queer issues within the faculty, AMSS and AMSA
4) Return of Trans Forum as well as looking for opportunities to increase teaching about LGBTQIA+ topics within the medical course

Most of all, I am keen for your ideas and making AMSS feel inclusive for all!
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Sport Officer(s) #

Lachlan Clarke, Leo Hildebrand, Tristan Sprumont, Martins Lidums 2nd Year

As 4 current eLitE athletes we prove ourselves on the field, not off it. In the words of Nick Kyrgios “Choose your moves carefully, in chess as in life.”

That’s where you come in.

So what do we offer you besides peak athleticism and half the brains?

- AFL meme page admin (81,373 followers)
- Shin splints
- Ability to write 100 words (exactly) of bulls**t

We wish to strengthen the relationships between year levels and faculties, aswell as with our geriatric counterparts at Flinders.

Our promise:
- Netball and football
- Cinnamon-challanges
- Lawn-Balls
- Good times

Questions? Contact
Got a question? Get in touch at:

Jake Bastian, Brodie Carrigan, Akshay Kanhere, David Daniel 2nd Year


We would love to run for the position of Sport Officers for 2022!

As four former eLitE athletes in our respective domains, sidelined by serious injuries (and love for cold beverages), we would love to bring our passion to the AMSS, contributing both on and off the field.

Our aim is to increase inclusivity in a variety of sports including: foopy, soccer, lawn balls, golf, etc, events that have been let through to the keeper in recent years. One of our top priorities is to further the culture and camaraderie between year levels.

Cheers, regards
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Emily Li, Katherine Dumas & Kate Spuler 3rd Year

My coach said I run like a girl. I said if he ran a little faster he could too…

We’re Emily, Kat, and Kate! With combined experience of:
-Captaining soccer and table tennis
-Rowing (with crocodiles)
-Running (from problems), hockey, beach dips before sunrise!

Our 2022 vision…VICTORY
1. Inclusivity: sports for everyone!
-Inter-year AMSS 3 sports competitions (netball, futsal, volleyball)
-Inter-degree sports competitions (dentistry, law)
2. Wellbeing: meet new people!
-Mindfulness – yoga, social sports, liaising with Health&Wellbeing
3. Gratification: endorphins
-AMSS groups for salty sips, hiking, bouldering
-Running club!

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Publications Officer(s) #

Reema Madike + Sheridan Ling 2nd Year

A Guide to why Sheridan and Reema should be your Publications Officers
“We’ll solve your issues through magazine issues!”

Within this guide, you will find our passion for design through…
pg 9 / Experience in graphic design and use of Adobe applications
pg 14 / Accreditations including IT convention subcommittee, designing Insight Indigenous Workshop Certificates, + more!!
pg 20 / General Enthusiasm for all things related to pub(lication)s!

[stimulus] ideas:
• Digitalising the 2022 [stimulus]
• Increasing use of the First Year Guide
• Updating AMSS Education Guides

Publish your vote for us so we can publish for you!!
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Research Officer #

Alexandra Walls 4th Year

I completed my Honours right in the middle of COVID so I am well aware that research isn’t always easy. When I first became interested in research during third year, I didn’t know where to start. I didn't know how to find a supervisor, how to find a project and I barely understood what my supervisors meant when they asked what research methodology I was most interested in. The Research Officer at the time was able to point me in the right direction and in 2022, I hope I’ll be able to help other students in the same way.

Whether [truncated]
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Aditi Kamath 3rd Year

Do I have a list of papers to my name? Not yet.

Do I want to help you find your research passion? YES!

Sometimes research opportunities just present themselves, but usually, it requires hours of searching directories and countless emails to researchers. Finding these opportunities can be especially difficult for pre-clin students!

I want to help you find research opportunities tailored to your interests – within the uni or elsewhere!

–Mentoring sessions between experienced researchers and newbies!
–Events to learn about the different ways to get involved with research!
–Expand the Research Discussions Group to advertise opportunities from other institutions!
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Suyash Jain 3rd Year

Most students want to undertake research, but with minimal University guidance besides the highly regimented RCA in 3rd year – who knows what researchers’ expectations or opportunities there are?

Me, I do.

1. Seminars for 1st/2nd years on finding and contacting supervisors.
2. Expanding directories so YOU can contact researchers in fields YOU are interested.
3. Advocate to MBBS Research Committee a portal for researchers to find students interested in their field.
4. Provide Words of Wisdom on Research Discussions FB page from medical students undertaking research.

Vote Suyash and your OR 95%CI will be above 1*
*Results cannot be [truncated]

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Philanthropy Officer(s) #

Xueying Sun, Bora Hyoung & Jeffrey Sung 3rd Year

Good times, for a good cause. Here’s our VISION for 2022:

1. FUNdraisers: movie nights, trivia, scavenger hunts
2. Collabs with local advocacy groups such as Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) & Planet Ark (+ more! We’d love to hear your suggestions)
3. Encouraging student activism & driving positive change

Our team brings experience covering:
- AMSA Code Green
- Insight Sponsorship
- DEA Uni Rep
- AMSS Year Rep
- Convention EMC & Logistics

Having fun + supporting a good cause. It’s not your job to connect the two; hopefully it’s ours!

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Health & Wellbeing Officer(s) #

Nitya Sukheja (5th year), Mansa Sukheja (3rd year) and Lakshi Sukheja (2nd year) 3rd Year

Didn’t expect this? Neither did our parents OOP

From 2 hour CBL and in-person spotters, to “Can everyone see my screen?? Ahahaha NICE” the 3 of us have had completely different *open and closed book* med school experiences.

3 sisters, 3 year levels, 1 visionboard:
- Clin year debriefing
- Hikes, non-competitive team sports
- Sexual health collab x Queer Officer(s)
- Inter-society + inter-course collabs
- Suggestion box and open DMs for YOUR ideas!

We’ve had our fair share of unhealthy coping strategies. Working through some, hoping to address others, and eager to achieve new milestones with youuuu <3
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Kayla Koh, Rebecca Bright, Albert Vu, Cicilia Gomes 3rd Year

Ignore the MPPD emails, we’ll bake you the real thing.

Our initiatives:
1. Help students live their best life with FREE/DISCOUNTED FOOD and monthly movement i.e., boxing, yoga
2. Timely de-stressing mindfulness activities i.e., Arts and crafts
3. Introduce fun ways to learn to reduce your workload

Our gang will utilise our collective experience in different societies i.e. AUPS, AHMS Art society in chairing, multimedia, event running, dope ass memes, scrunchie business, yoga teaching and rural representation to bring a holistic approach to fulfilling your health and wellbeing.

We’re here for your mental sanity :)
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Educational Programs Coordinator(s) #

Jess Zhang, Gina Wang, Trent Heaver, Scarlett Peate 1st Year

Struggling to remember SPs names in your ISBAR? Is the JVP more elusive than your social life?
Keen to share your knowledge and flex your pronunciation of dysdiadochokinesia?
Jess, Scarlett, Trent and Gina are here!
Our vision for 2022:
1. Continue MedTransit and P2P
2. Running Mock OSCEs
3. Year 4/5 Teaching Series
With a Year 1 Ed Rep, 2 MedRevue pigs and a literal child in our team, we believe we’re perfectly qualified!
So whether you’re a struggling fresher trying to have a social life, or an older year desperate for more experience with OSCEs, we’d love to help!
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Anthea Yew, Elise Toyer, Jock Duncan and Huy On 3rd Year

BMD? Terrifying. OSCEs? Never heard of her.

EdProgs? We’re on it.

With BMD around the corner, it’s more important than ever to ensure we preserve the supportive inter-year culture while maintaining support for the MBBS.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

- Better communication between education initiatives (e.g. Years 1-3 ClinPrac)
- Re-evaluate and optimise MedTransit/P2P for both MBBS and BMD students
- Collaborate with medical societies to deliver more targeted and efficient tutorials

- Event organisation (AURHA, AUSS, Skullduggery)
- GOAT’d MedTransits
- 3-years’ worth of EdRepping (#teamedislove)
- Year 1 and 2 ClinPrac coordinators
- 1x PEO
Let us support you next year!

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International Officer(s) #

Jay Tan 3rd Year

It's Jay Tan, the Malaysian sensation, the man with the plan for your consideration.
1. 2 years repping Social and PreClin for Malaysian Medical Student Association.
2. Reached out to offshore students through international education organizations.
3. Pretended I can’t speak English to avoid CBL case pres.
1. Advocacy for offshore + current international students.
2. Working with other medical international student organizations (AUMMSA, SAMW), increasing collaboration with AMSS.
I'm so committed I haven't seen my parents in 20 months, so you know I’ll work hard (what border restrictions?). Give me a (Pfizer) shot and let me impress.
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Kayla Nathin 4th Year

Last year I remotely organised a charity organisation with members being International Indonesian students who are in quarantine. Connecting with fellow students have helped me cope with my homesickness. Therefore, my aim is to provide platforms for international students to connect with another.

1. FB group for pre-clins stuck offshore to ensure that they are welcome.
2. Organise an outing during midterm break. (Holiday blues is real y’all)
3. International food fiesta!!! Favourite. AMSS. Event.

We’re currently in a sad & rusty boat but if we combine our lifejackets together we might be able to float just fine :)

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