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Contact List #

Mailing Address

Level 3, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building
North Terrace, SA 5000


Monica Chen - president@amss.org.au
Vice President (Communications):
Toby Zerner - vpc@amss.org.au
Vice President (Education):
Malcolm Borg - vpe@amss.org.au
Huy Pham - treasurer@amss.org.au
Sponsorship Officer:
Hamish Phillips - sponsorship@amss.org.au
Membership Officer:
Abby Moore - membership@amss.org.au
Jade Pisaniello - secretary@amss.org.au


Pre-clinical Co-ordinator:
Sachini Perera- preclin@amss.org.au
Clinical Co-ordinator:
Evan Garrett - clinical@amss.org.au
Junior Education Officer:
Patrick Kennewell - juniored@amss.org.au
Education Forum Convenor
Arya Perakath - edforums@amss.org.au
Educational Programs Co-ordinators
Catalina Moraga, Georgia Smithson-Tomas & Riley Ovan - edprograms@amss.org.au
AMA(SA) Representative
Simon Cousins - ama@amss.org.au
Senior AMSA Representative
James Kimber - amsa@amss.org.au
Junior AMSA Representative:
Florencia Moraga - amsajunior@amss.org.au
Rural Representative:
Tom Gransbury - rural@amss.org.au
Information Technology Officer
Alessio Totani - it@amss.org.au
Gender Officers:
Chloe Borgas & Fergus Lynch - gender@amss.org.au

LGBTQI+ Officer:
Ricky Stocker-Johns - lgbqti@amss.org.au

Sports Officers:
Kavindra Abeyratne & Henry Shaw - sports@amss.org.au
Montgommery Do-Wyeld - historian@amss.org.au
Publications Officers:
Montgommery Do-Wyeld, Shehani Gunasekara & Tenayah Renshaw - publications@amss.org.au
International Officer:
Luzern Tan - international@amss.org.au
Research Officer:
Sebastian Rositano - research@amss.org.au
Jessica Walker - photos@amss.org.au
Philanthropy Officer:
Bianca Kennedy - philanthropy@amss.org.au
Health and Wellbeing Officers:
Mithma Ekanayake & Shehani Gunasekera - healthandwellbeing@amss.org.au
Skullduggery Convenors:
Jack Doney, James Kimber, Sushanth Saha & Rachel Torpy - skullduggery@amss.org.au
MedCamp Convenors:
Luke Cialini, Sophie Eblen, Alec Morley & Emily Slimming - medcamp@amss.org.au
Functions Convenors:
Emily Bliss, Laura Dichiera, Nathan Dignam & Hollie Moran - functions@amss.org.au

APY Exchange coordinators
Jess Mitchell & Jack Rumbelow - apyexchange@amss.org.au

MedRevue Convenors:
Jessica Ransom & Henry Colovic - medrevue@amss.org.au

Year Level Representatives

Please use your University email to get in contact with the representatives when they are elected. If you're having trouble getting in touch, contact a member of the Executive.

First Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Second Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Third Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps:
International Rep: 

Fourth Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps: 
International Rep: 

Fifth Year

Year Reps: 
Ed Reps: 
International Rep: 

Sixth Year

Year Reps:
Ed Reps:  
International Rep: 

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