The Adelaide Medical Students' Society (AMSS) is the peak representative organisation for medical students at the University of Adelaide. Currently the Society represents over 900 full-time medical students from all six year levels of the undergraduate course.

The AMSS is proud to provide these students with a myriad of activities, which fall beneath six pillars: representation, education, recreation, health and wellbeing, philanthropy and membership. The AMSS is incredibly vibrant with a rich culture, and it is recognised as being amongst the very best medical student societies in Australia.

In 2019 the AMSS enters its one hundred and thirtieth year of operation and continues to grow and prosper. The Society boasts an inclusive and representative committee of over fifty voting members, ensuring that all medical students are provided ample opportunity to be involved and contribute to their community. The most important function of the Society is to actively represent medical students to the University of Adelaide. It achieves this through its extensive educational representation on numerous boards and committees within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The healthy relationship of the Society with the Faculty enhances its capacity to provide meaningful student input into the curriculum and course structure.

The AMSS has a huge events calendar, with over 80 social, educational and recreational events planned already for the year! From netball, MedFooty and debating, to International Food Fiesta, the annual MedRevue and of course some parties along the way, there is something on almost every week to help maintain a healthy balance of work and play. Much-loved favourites like MedCamp, Jazz Night and MedBall bring together hundreds of medical students to encourage the vibrant culture of the AMSS.

[stimulus], the Society's publication, along with regular AMSS email updates provide insight in to student and Society news, educational resources, medical issues and other interesting bits and pieces. The brand new AMSS website is constantly updated with everything from social events and photos to educational material and current medical news.

The vibrant AMSS culture and the aims of the Society can be summarised by its motto, "Traditio, Spiritus, Gaudium"; Tradition, Spirit, Good Times. We try to keep this in mind as much as possible after all, that is what Med School is about!

Invocation #

The AMSS Invocation was designed as a succinct way to continually remind Committee and Executive members of the primary aims of the Society.

The hope is that by being continually reminded of these aims, individual Committee and Executive members will be inspired, will have a better understanding of the mandate for the Society to act, and will integrate these aims into the fulfilment of their duties.

Furthermore, the Invocation is designed to be a reference point for members in the context of circuitous discussion or debate. It is hoped that by reminding the Committee of the primary aims of the Society, debate can be focused and therefore become more efficient.

Originally it was proposed that the Invocation be read before each Committee meeting, but following discussion at a Committee level, it was decided that it best be put at the front of the pre-reading for AMSS meetings: in this fashion it will be readily available in meetings, without potentially seeming strange or excessive to observers or new Committee members.

The AMSS Invocation is directly derived from the Primary Aims of the Society, as stated in the Constitution; the Invocation reads:

"The Adelaide Medical Students' Society exists primarily to represent Adelaide medical students both individually and as a whole; to provide social, cultural and educational support for its members; and to further the welfare of its members."

As a mark of respect, this Invocation will be coupled with a formal recognition of the traditional Indigenous owners of the land on which AMSS meetings are held.

History #

The Adelaide Medical Students' Society was officially founded at 2pm on Thursday May 21st, 1889.

As the first few cohorts of medical students advanced through the course since the Adelaide Medical School was established in 1885, the question of whether to form a Society to advance and protect the interests of medical students at the University of Adelaide began to be brought forward. At the time, the senior medical students took the matter into consideration but it was felt that the time was 'not yet ripe' for the formation of such a Society.

At the beginning of 1889, with all five years of the course now represented, as was the length of the course at the time, it was decided that a meeting to reconsider the question was now warranted. The inaugural general meeting of the Society, held in the Medical Theatre, was presided over by Professor Sir Edward Charles Stirling and with much enthusiasm and unanimous agreement it was decided that a Society should be formed in connection with the University of Adelaide.

Professor Sir Stirling, one of the founders of the Medical School, had the distinction of becoming the AMSS' first President, and the lecturers and professors of the Medical School became the Vice-Presidents of the AMSS.

Founding Members of the AMSS
President: Sir E.C. Stirling
Members: Drs Goldsmith, Lynch, Robin, Verco, Morgan, Beyer, Giles, Mead, Powell, Seabrook, Cavanagh, Embling, Good, Gunson, Moule, Cudmore, Shanahan, Gibbes, Sangster, Giviro, Corbin, Russell, Goode and Fowler.

Since these early and historical beginnings by the founding members, the AMSS has grown into a most prominent body in the Adelaide Medical School, representing the educational, political, recreational and health interests of all medical students. Over the years, its officer-bearers and committee members have also gone on to become national and international leaders in the world of medicine. Baron Howard Florey, Nobel Prize recipient for his role in the extraction of penicillin and one of the Adelaide Medical School's most famous graduates, was in fact an AMSS alumnus and in his time held the position of Honorary Secretary; the equivalent of the modern day AMSS President.

One hundred and twenty-five years later, the AMSS continues to exist today as the primary body of medical student representation at the University of Adelaide, and renown as one of the most significant and professional student societies in Australia.

Strategic Plan #

In 2011 the AMSS undertook the initiative to develop a strategic plan to provide recommendations for the management of the Society and its interests into the future.

This document was reviewed across 2016 and 2017 with the final document presented to the Membership at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

The 2016/17 review was undertaken with the intention to make this document more approachable and outcome focused. It should be viewed as flexible and responsive to membership feedback and therefore should be reviewed on a regular basis. The overarching goals within the document form a scaffold which should be utilised in the yearly development of an 'implementation plan' during the Executive Retreat and initial meeting of the Committee. Such an implementation plan need not address every issue or goal outlined in this document but rather specific goals and outcomes of Executives from year to year. This flexible approach will enable the vibrant enthusiasm of Adelaide medical students to contribute to a dynamic and exciting Society.

Furthermore, the review has specific relevance in the changing context of the Medical Program of the University of Adelaide. The implementation of the Doctor of Medicine in place of existing Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery will see the Medical Program change from a Non-Graded Pass to a Graded degree. This major change will have drastic implications for the volunteer base of the Society, thus this review focuses distinctly on elements of volunteer burden and engagement. These and other internal measures will ensure sustainability for the Society in the years to come, thus should be a focus of early implementation.

If you have any questions about the 2019 Review of the Strategic Plan please contact

Download the 2017 Review of the Amss Strategic Plan Here

Honour Boards #

The AMSS Honour Boards commemorate notable members of the Society. Please find below our past Presidents and recipients of various prizes and awards. We note that there are gaps with respect to the Patron's Plate, so if you know who the recipients were in the relevant years, please contact the President.

We note that, previously, the President of the AMSS was an esteemed doctor who performed more of a 'Patron' type role. This practice ceased in the mid-seventies and the esteemed 'Patron' type Office Bearer became the Chairman / Chairwoman. Today we have a Patron, which is currently Professor Randall Faull. We have, from the time of the change in the mid-seventies, documented the name of the student President rather than the esteemed medical practitioner.

We note that before 1998, any medical student was eligible to be awarded the Patron's Plate each year. From 1998 onward, only final year medical students have been eligible to receive the Patron's Plate. The criteria have otherwise remained unchanged since the inception of the award.

Past Presidents

1889 Sir E Stirling
1890 Dr F Goldsmith
1891 Dr A Morgan
1892 Dr H Powell
1893 Dr W Cavenagh-Mainwaring
1894 Dr J Sangster
1895 Dr F Hone
1896 Dr J Bonnin
1897 Dr A Campbell
1898 Dr H Evans
1899 Dr H Evans
1900 Dr C Cooper
1901 Dr A Lendon
1902 Dr W Giles
1903 Dr A Clayton
1904 Sir J Verco
1905 Dr A Stokes
1906 Sir J Verco
1907 Sir J Verco
1908 Sir J Verco
1909 Sir J Verco
1910 Sir J Verco
1911 Sir J Verco
1912 Sir J Verco
1913 Sir J Verco
1914 Sir J Verco
1915 Sir J Verco
1916 Dr F Hone
1917 Dr F Hone
1918 Dr F Hone
1919 Dr F Hone
1920 Dr F Hone
1921 Prof F Wood-Jones
1922 Dr W Ray
1923 Dr W Ray
1924 Dr M Scott
1925 Prof J Cleland
1926 Prof J Cleland
1927 Dr J Corbin
1928 Dr J Corbin
1929 Sir H Newland
1930 Dr H Shorney
1931 Dr H Shorney
1932 Mr I Jose
1933 Dr L Lindon
1934 Dr L Lindon
1935 Dr F Beare
1936 Dr F Beare
1937 Mr G Burnel
1938 Mr G Burnel
1939 Dr K Hetzel
1940 Dr A Jones
1941 Dr L Betts
1942 Sir P Messent
1943 Dr W Joynt
1944 Dr W Joynt
1945 Dr A Southwood
1946 Dr B Hanson
1947 Prof A Abbie
1948 Mr I Barbour
1949 Mr J Dwyer
1950 Dr C Sangster
1951 Dr C Sangster
1952 Dr A Lampbee
1953 Mr H Sutherland
1954 Prof Sir C Santon-Hicks
1955 Dr R Pellew
1956 Dr J Covernton
1957 Mr I Magarey
1958 Mr L Pellew
1959 Dr M Chinner
1960 Prof R Jepson
1961 Mr O Leitch
1962 Dr L Poidevin
1963 Dr E Sims
1964 Prof G Maxwell
1965 Mr J Maddern
1966 Mr G Wyllie
1967 Dr J Bonnin
1968 Prof R Jepson
1969 Mr M Smith
1970 Dr G Kneebone
1971 Mr H Brown
1972 Mr D Paterson
1973 Dr I Hislop
1974 Dr R Burns
1975 Mr T Pavy
1976 Mr S Brennecks
1977 Mr T Moore
1978 Mr A Hardy
1979 MR A Saies
1980 Mr P Rischbieth
1981 Mr P Parry
1982 Mr J Cleary
1983 Ms H Symons
1984 Mr M Condous
1985 Mr P English
1986 Mr D Beaumont
1987 Ms S Evans
1988 Ms R Burdon
1989 Mr A Southcott
1990 Mr C Sexton
1991 Mr A Comley
1992 Ms C Frewin
1993 Mr D Short
1994 Ms G Hurst
1995 Ms C Lai
1996 Mr C Comley
1997 Ms A Jeeves
1998 Mr T Smith
1999 Mr Y-L Leong
2000 Mr C Withnall
2001 Ms E White
2002 Mr M Hutchinson
2003 Ms H Beadnall
2004 Ms L Mignone
2005 Ms C Frauenfelder
2006 Mr D Hubik
2007 Mr A Nelson
2008 Mr C Wong
2009 Mr M Hassall
2010 Mr S LaBroome
2011 Mr T Crowhurst
2012 Ms D Rudaks
2013 Mr K Venkataraman
2014 Mr T Eldredge
2015 Mr S Selvanderan
2016 Mr J Johnston
2017 Mr S Cousins
2018 Ms M Chen
2019 Mr T Gransbury
2020 Ms J Pisaniello

Patron's Plate Recipients

1986 Andrew Kellie
1987 Andrew Kellie
1988 Andrew Kellie
1989 Andrew Kellie
1990 Andrew Hamilson
1991 Tiffany Mould
1992 Matthew Craig
1993 Kirsten Gormly
1994 Michael Switajewski
1995 Kate Hillier
1996 Christine Lai
1997 Shaundeep Sen
1998 Michael Osborn
1999 Gregory Rice
2000 Thomas Smith
2001 Yen-Lee Leong
2002 Shalini Bastiampali
2003 Fletcher Davies
2004 Andrew Perry
2005 Heidi Beadnall
2006 Richard Taverner
2007 Jan-Paul Kwasik
2008 Claire Frauenfelder
2009 Matthew Rackham
2010 Adam Nelson
2011 Sean Jolly
2012 Daina Rudaks
2013 Thomas Crowhurst
2014 Dr Sam LaBroome
2015 Dr Joshua Calleja
2016 Dr Caitlyn Sun
2017 Dr Stefan Court-Kowalski
2018 Mr S Cousins
2019 Ms V Langton
2020 Ms J Pisaniello

Life Members

1889 Sir E Stirling
1890 Dr F Goldsmith
1915 Sir J Verco
1921 Dr F Hone
1921 Prof F Wood-Jones
1923 Dr W Ray
1926 Prof J Cleland
1958 Sir H Newland
1960 Sir H Florey
1970 Dr G Kneebone
1972 Dr R Hamilton
2000 Prof J Marley
2002 Dr C Lai
2002 Dr Y-L Leong
2002 Dr T Smith
2002 Ms E White
2003 Mr M Hutchinson
2005 Prof D Frewin
2010 Mr A Nelson
2013 Mr T Crowhurst
2017 Dr A Perry
2020 Dr S Jolly

AMA(SA) Medal

1993 Kathryn Oaten
1994 Christine Frewin
1995 Julia Coldrey
1996 Kirsten Gormly
1997 Christine Lai
1998 Michael Osborn
1999 Chien-Li Liew
2000 Thomas Smith
2001 Yen-Lee Leong
2002 Rosalind Bullock
2002 Julianne Wilson
2003 Emily White
2004 Andrew Fah
2004 Andrew Perry
2005 Heidi Beadnall
2006 Dan Hubik
2007 Ruth Lim
2008 Claire Frauenfelder
2009 Ken Lim
2010 Adam Nelson
2011 Sophie Nelson
2012 Daina Rudaks
2013 Thomas Crowhurst
2014 Karthik Venkataraman
2015 Shane Selvanderan
2016 James Johnston
2017 Laura Sharley
2018 Emma Kelly