VOTING IS NOW OPEN for Clinical Year and Education Representatives, thank you to everyone who has nominated! This is YOUR CHANCE to help decide who you want to representing YOU this year!

Voting closes next Tuesday 2nd Feb 11.59pm, so get your vote in by then to have your say!


If you are in 5th year and interested in representing your year level for Education, please email, it’s such a great chance to help advocate for the best course possible so don’t miss out!

The positions up for voting are:

  • Year Level Representatives - 2 students per year level, one female and one male
  • Education Representatives - 2 students per year level, one female and one male

Make sure you only vote for YOUR YEAR LEVEL, so that we can have the best possible representation!

Year 4

Female Year Representative

Grace Mitchell

I'd love to represent you for our fourth year of s̶u̶f̶f̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ Uni!

What I'll do for you:
- best halfway dinner you've ever had (ft. gin)
- Resident COVID Marshall? Easy
- reminders on all things AMSS? Done
- map of the RAH? memorised
- Hotel? Trivago.

Stevie Young

Keen for an amazing half way dinner, and to share posts on fb until everyone hates the sight of my name x
Experience: I've organised events for Insight, and for my college back in the day. Plus now that I've done one (1) case pres, I'm great at TL;DRs

Sara Schaefer

about me: calvin harris' biggest fan, catch big fish, fall in love easily, often yells out incorrect answers
what this means for you: partytime, sexy, replies to any messages quickly, confidently will provide answers and get in touch with all the big dawgs 4 u

Male Year Representative

Brayden Cross

I promised I would, so I’ll be a great year rep because I can multi-task and have one good ear for you to listen to

Xavier Monacella

TL;DR: vote for me
Well they don’t call me ‘Xavier the Saviour’ for nothing. So, I promise to deliver to that title.
Also, will be as committed to this role as I am to my newly beloved Sea-Monkeys (see pic)

Female Education Representative

Alex Pittar

After a spooky 2020 I'm keen to be your education go-to!
My aims are:
- Focus on health and wellbeing
- Smooth transition to clinical years
- Try and force the faculty to listen to us, I'll give it my best shot xx
Here’s to more uNpREceDentEd times <3

Male Education Representative

Scott Chandrasiri

fUn year hey?

Insane, but it brought many issues to light:
- Mental-health
- University Resourcing
- Adequate Face-to-Face Teaching
- SoMuChmOrE

As PEO last year I had the pleasure of discussing these issues and more with staff every week- I'd love to keep putting you first. [truncated]

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Year 5

Female Year Representative

Emily Slimming

Experience: three years on AMSS committee
Mastered skills: copy and paste, shoe
Interests: your wellbeing
Loves: Charlie
Yodelling: cannot do it

I promise to put you first in this challenging year, represent you at all committee meetings, unite our widespread year level, and send big love all year xx

Male Year Representative

Bradley Lunnay

I would love to represent you in 2021!

- Advocating for our interests on the committee
- Organising safe, inclusive events for everyone (metro and rural)
- Maintaining morale and connection
- *PASSING 5th YEAR! (*results may vary)

- AMSS IT officer in 2020 [truncated]

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Year 6

Female Year Representative

Monique Pisaniello

I would love to once again represent our awesome year in our final stage of uni life! I will ensure any issues are brought to the committee and will hopefully have more events to post about/coordinate in 2021. #sixthyearlife xxx

Hollie Moran

As a cohort we survived:
- new medschool/ RAH
- death of MLTU
- 3 US presidents
- countless deans
- delayed final exams
- river torrens swims
- global pandemic
- ruined travel plans

Therefore, I think we deserve the best 6th year ever and I want to help make it happen!!

Male Year Representative

Adriano Barilla

- Previous 3rd & 5th-year representative
- 2019 MedRevue Convenor
- DMs always open for your concerns!
- Have and will continue to advocate for you! Prof Svigos is on speed dial for backup!
- Italian.

- Overuses dance man/woman emojis

Let’s make 2021 a greater year!

Hamish Phillips

I know covid has sent everyone into a heat waves of exhaustion but strap into your booster seat because as your year rep I’ll be the difference between an ordinary year and a year cardi B’s next song is inspired by. Cheers cobs ☺️

Female Education Representative

Shehani Gunasekera

Experience: 5 x AMSS roles (sorry, I’m not flexing)
Claim to fame: Dubbed a ‘Meme Queen’ by Dr Andrew Vanlint (definitely flexing) Priorities:
- Filling educational gaps/Internship upskilling for time lost off placement
- Tackling any Internship Crisis concerns
- Mental Health
- Supporting our International friends!
Xx ShizzyG

Oshadha Aluthwala

Hiya! I’m Shadi, and I took honours last year so I’m new to this year level. The main reason I’m applying is so I can get to know my new peers + use my skills as a soothsayer and a pitbull to advocate for our educational needs.

Male Education Representative

Hendrew Duvenage

From the major changes that covid brought last year, to the new semesterised teaching style the University brought this year. I will put you first and ensure that admin are privy to any and every request or complaint our year level raises

Submissions for this form are closed.