Voting for the First Year Representatives is now OPEN and will close on Tuesday March 16th at 11:59pm. Results will be published after nominees have been contacted. Please contact Sachini ( with any questions.

NOTE: Only one vote per person, with voting for first years only.

Current Nominations

Female Year Representative

Kimberly Walters

I believe my outgoing and approachable personality would be a great fit for the position as the first year level representative. I would love to bring forward all of our ideas and issues that will ultimately benefit our entire cohort now and in years to come :)

Hannah Kieu

To represent our cohort and foster an inclusive environment is something I would take great pride in. My goal is to encourage everyone to have a voice and feel that it is heard. Building meaningful friendships, having a memorable first year and representing you is what I will strive for.

Male Year Representative

Isaac Brown

I would love the opportunity to represent the current year one medical students. I believe that my social, approachable, and dedicated personality is tailored for the position. I would love to get to know everyone in the cohort and help bring current issues to the attention to the AMMS on [truncated]

Tafara Mhindurwa

I am keen to elevate all our voices and ideas to help make the year as enjoyable as possible and foster an inclusive culture within the year. Along with my background in systemic advocacy, I believe my approachable and engaging personality makes me a worthy candidate for year level rep!

Female Education Representative

Jessica Zhang

Hey guys, I’m Jess! I’d like to be your Ed rep and make sure everyone’s still struggling through uni classes okay, and not lying sadly in a ditch somewhere. I’m very friendly and reasonably organised (sticky notes!), so any issues you raise have a 99.95% chance of reaching Committee ears.

Constance McIntosh

Hey Guys! I'd love to be your Ed Rep this year! The next six years will be a rollercoaster and starting off well in our studies is something I see as really important. I'm very approachable and will communicate all issues with the TeamEd efficiently so that we have a [truncated]

Male Education Representative

Kashyapchandra Avadhani

Yo, I'm Kash and I'd love to be your Ed Rep. I’m super approachable and always keen for a chat so don’t have any hesitation in contacting me. I hope to listen to all concerns education related or not and try my best to address them through TeamED/Committee meetings. $$$

Rongjun He

Hello everyone, I’m Rongjun! I’d love to be YOUR 2021 Education Representative. I hope to be acquainted with each of you this year. Any suggestions or concerns you raise I’ll deliver to TeamEducation, ensuring effective communication and timely responses. Got questions? - Come to me! I am here for YOU!!

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