Are you keen on research even in the midst of COVID? 🦠👩‍💻

The Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research Student Committee (ACURSC) have recently launched a competition for undergraduate researchers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The “Great ACUR Undergraduate Research Writing Project” challenges undergraduates, honours students and recent graduates to examine the impacts of COVID-19 on their own subject field. Whether it be the psychology of self-isolation, the American political implications of a pandemic in the 2020 election year or the potential decrease of nosocomial bacterial infections, every field will have something to share.

The competition offers a $500 cash prize to the winning entry, a 500-word piece or A3 poster, and are now open to entries from undergraduates across the globe. Submission of work is due in September 2020, with the best entries published in the ACUR Newsletter Australasia wide.

To find out more head to their website: