The AMSS is extremely excited to welcome our members to our inaugural MedCamp again in 2020! We are very much looking forward to welcoming the new wave of first years with you all. Although it is a very exciting time, we urge members to consider the following prior to MedCamp

  • Sleeping in or around cars is not permitted. If you are not allocated to a dormitory, you are required to bring or organise appropriate sleeping arrangements (e.g tent, swag)
  • Behaviour must be in accordance with the AMSS behaviour matrix and code of conduct. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of illicit drugs, bullying and harassment
  • No personal alcohol can be brought onto the premises
  • Alcohol cannot be sought by students below the legal drinking limit of 18
  • The consumption of alcohol is to align with The University of Adelaide’s ‘Alcohol Management & Use Policy’ (digitally available:

Every year this event is a hit, and there have been very few serious problems in previous years thanks to our members doing the right thing. As such, we expect that MedCamp 2020 will be no different! We are very much looking forward to welcoming the first years on Friday and the older year levels on Saturday.