The position of Year ClinPrac Coordinator is now open. Year 3 ClinPrac will run for the duration of the pre-clinical Semester 2, 2019. The first session will be held during the week beginning Mon 29th July 2019

The aims of Year 3 ClinPrac are to:

  • Provide weekly face-to-face clinical skills teaching sessions for Year 3 students, focusing on a different exam/system each week
  • Provide demonstrations of techniques to complete physical examinations, as well as examples of how to report findings (particularly abnormal findings, as this is a large focus in Year 3)
  • Create a relaxed environment where Year 3 students feel safe to ask questions

The Year 3 ClinPrac Coordinator is expected to:

  • Recruit tutors (Year 4-6 students) to help teach the sessions, including providing weekly updates to the tutors and up-skilling them
  • Work with Year 3 EdReps to ensure: 1. the rooms are booked, 2. the sessions are publicised (via Facebook event or other method), 3. well timed for Year 3 students, and 4. tailored to what Year 3 students would like to be taught

Requirements to be the Year 3 ClinPrac Coordinator

  • Must be in Year 5 or Year 6
  • Must be able to commit to weekly sessions (weekly sessions generally last 1 hour, plus 15 mins set up prior and 15 mins pack up at end) - it is important to note the Year 3 ClinPrac Coordinator is not expected attend 100% of sessions, but should attend the majority of sessions
  • Must have excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Must have confident public speaking and teaching abilities
  • Must be able to demonstrate physical examinations – knowledgeable regarding physical examinations and other clinical skills

The Year 3 ClinPrac Coordinator will be supported and overseen by both the EdPrograms Coordinators and the VPE.

How to apply (APPLY BY FRI 19th July 2019):

Send an email to with:

  1. Your name
  2. Your year level (either Year 5 or Year 6)
  3. A list of any previous teaching positions you have held / any previous teaching experience you have
  4. A summary (150 word max) on why you would be excellent for the role, and your plan/vision for the role

Applications close on Fri 19th July 2019. The successful application will be informed on Mon 22nd July 2019.

Any questions please contact the VPE at