We had a chat with the stellar MedRevue Convenors for 2019 – Adriano Barilla, Huy Pham, Owen Streeter, Gracey Goodwin and Carla De Angelis – to find out more about this year’s production and their manifesto for world domination. Tickets go on sale from Wednesday 21st August – like their Facebook page ‘MedRevue 2019’ for more info!

So what can you tell us about MedRevue 2019? What can the audience expect?
Adriano: Where do we begin… well ultimately we can’t tell you very much. I think what makes MedRevue so wild is the unknown of what you’re going to experience. But if I had to put it simply… Think what it would be like if Christopher Nolan and Destiny’s Child had a baby, and at the ripe ol’ age of 32 that child was unsure whether to start an R&B supergroup or win an Academy Award. Then the child married Tina Fey, stole the Mean Girls script and claimed it as their own. Then said “nah m8 I wanna study Med!” then said “I reckon I should become a director” then sat down for a year, wrote a show and exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’ve done this!” It was very cathartic for young Edwin. He cried, he laughed then cried again. That show went on to become the number 1 Broadway musical of all time. Sounds pretty ridiculous hey, but the thing is that this is a true story and Edwin is actually the 5 MedRevue Convenors and Med Girls is the show...

How is the preparation coming along?
Gracey: It’s fabulous! We’ve got an incredibly strong subcommittee to thank for that! Lena Eversheim and Scott Chandrasiri tirelessly working their magic to make the cast and chorus sound incredible; Celine Chia showing the chorus how to box step, jazz hand, and step clap; Francis Litwin conducting the band into shape; Rebekah Clarke slaving over her sewing machine; James Whitehead rolling in cash from our sponsors; our incredible logistics crew, Alexander Ewers, Roger Parnis, and Vinay Athreya preparing for the chaos of backstage; and Monty Do Wyeld, Nick Scott, and Tenayah Renshaw for confirming that our jokes are actually funny! And telling us that we’re all sexy comedic beastz lel!

How long did it take to prepare for MedRevue over the holidays?
Carla: Many Nordburgers were eaten much to Adriano’s disappointment (he was trying to eat healthy soz Adri), many laughs were had and many sheets of butchers paper were used. We started meeting regularly in November of 2018 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a lot of work but a huge amount of fun.

What’s the secret to a perfect parody song?
Carla: More sexual
Gracey: rhymezone.com
Adriano: double shot espresso and telling me that there are no boundaries
Huy: Definitely rhymezone.com, I don’t know how rappers do it!

How does it feel to be treading the boards of the esteemed Scott Theatre?
Adriano: Knowing that once Velta graced that same stage to teach about Amino Acids, Codons and Anti-codons is all the inspiration the Convenors and Cast need to put on a good show.

When will we have a staff cameo?
Carla: This is a medrevue secret come to the show to find out. You won’t be disappointed. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

You guys essentially have the green light to publicly take the piss out of the Med School. What’s the best thing about yielding that type of power?
All: Well, with great power comes great responsibility! And like Charles Caleb Colton once said, “No man is wise enough, or good enough to be trust with unlimited power.” Luckily, we’re not one man, we are 3 mans and 2 wo-mans at best and therefore unlimited power is harnessable by our unity and strength. And we will harness it! Power is the by-product of understanding. What do we understand? We understand the collective voice of the people, and we will be the megaphone that directs this voice to The Man for the The Man is NOT unlimited! So when our unlimited power clashes headstrong and head-on with The Man, the delta ∆ will shift atop the fulcrum to the victory of the masses. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY WE WILL FREE THE PEOPLE FROM THE CHAINS OF OPPRESSION WHICH THE MAN HAS LOCKED FOR TOO LONG!


Sorry, what was the question?

What’s the best thing about working on MedRevue?
Gracey: the people you meet!
Huy: The chills you get when everyone’s been working so hard to put voice and dance together and everyone nails every move, note and facial expression. MedRevue can be a lot of work and stress but nothing beats that feeling.

And the worst?
Carla: That feeling on opening night where you see the Dean in the front row and a wave of excitement and utter dread falls over you for what he’s about to see and you’re not quite sure if you’ll be allowed back into AHMS on Monday. It’s great.

You’re all in your Clin years - how do you manage balancing full days (or not) at hospital with coordinating MedRevue?
Gracey: I think being in sixth year helps. No study. No worries.
Huy: I think being in fourth year helps. Pretending to have no study. No worries. (Nervous laughter)

Tell us a bit about the fundraising aspect of MedRevue.
Gracey: Over the past few years, MedRevue Convenors have been working hard with their subcommittee to gain sponsorship and raise money through raffles, bake sales, BBQs, and of course our show - all in order to raise money for the wonderful APY Exchange team. This year we are so excited that one of these trips will be mainly supported by all the proceeds raised by MedRevue!

Is it a prerequisite to know all the songs from ‘Hamilton: the Musical’ to be a part of MedRevue, or is it open to all and any levels of talent?
Owen: MedRevue is open to absolutely EVERYONE! No prerequisites required. If you know Hamilton that’s great, but if not it’s even more exciting for us as we get to introduce you to the wonderful world of musical theatre and the brilliant mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Thoughts on the MD?
Huy: We’re probably all too old to care about the MD but Cady definitely suffers from it in the show. You could say this year’s MedRevue is a scarily accurate clairvoyant window into Adelaide Medical Student life during the roaring twenties 2.0 once the MD arrives.

Can you give us a plug for ‘MedGirls’ in just 10 words or less?
Adriano: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol minus the Alcohol, Drugs and Sex, ;) yuh!
Huy: *Your children* “Daddy? HELP! Come to MedRevue or they’ll kill us!” yuh!