The AMSS' TeamEd has received multiple specific questions regarding the "new MD" from the general student body. TeamEd is aware of concerns raised by current students regarding the stress resulting from lack of information, and is advocating to reduce this.

Due to other forms of the communication being limited, TeamEd aimed to compile the most common questions and seek answers, on behalf of all students. A draft document with answers to the most common questions was created during the period from March – May 2019. Prior to publication, the document was reviewed by staff at the Adelaide Medical School, Dr Marc Gladman (MBBS Program Coordinator) and Professor Ian Symonds (Dean of Medicine), where it was significantly edited. This decision was based on the priority of keeping the message simple and to only what is most stable and least likely to change, to reduce “the potential for confusion due to miscommunication of a ‘moving target’ [being] potentially more detrimental than no (limited) communication”.

TeamEd hopes that further details will become available to all students as soon as possible, but it is unclear when this will occur. Further updates will be posted here, and the attached document will be amended, once more detailed information is able to be publicised to the general student body.

As previously mentioned, TeamEd is aware this issue is causing stress to current students. If you have further concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with the AMSS Vice President (Education) at Alternatively, see the Health and Wellbeing Resources Page for other sources of support.

Please email any questions regarding the content of this document to the AMSS Vice President (Education) at

Faqs About New Md Bmd 2019 Final