Want to get involved with the AMSS in 2019? Nominations are now open for Second and Third Year Representative positions. Whether it's helping out at events or nutting out educational issues, you can be a part of it!

The positions up for nomination include:

  • Year Level Representative - 2 students per year level, one female and one male
  • Education Representative - 2 students per year level, one female and one male
  • International Representative - 1 student per year level, any gender

Nominations will close Thursday 21st of February at 9pm, so be quick!

Any questions regrading the roles please feel free to email Abby Moore at vpc@amss.org.au.

Current Nominations

Year 2

Male Year Level Representative

Neel Mishra: I would be honoured to be your year rep, and here’s what I bring: Straightforward and caring dude, Timely Facebook updates, Bona-fide rep since ’98 and no better opportunity to get to know you all. I’ll make sure you’re all heard in the AMSS. Here’s to a spectacular 2019.

Vi-Seth Bak: 2nd years, I’m here to be a passionate voice for you and the whole cohort, solving your problems and keeping you in the know. It would be an absolute honour to help make your 2019 full of Traditio, Spiritus and Gaudium.

Henry Lock: I would describe my year rep style as peri-peri: trustworthy and nourishing, yet spicy with a memorable aftertaste. It satisfies everything you wanted from it, yet leaves you pleasantly surprised along the way. Best paired with some well fried chicken, a light salad and a sprinkle of memes

Female Year Level Representative

Raffaela Skourletos: Helloooo all, would be an honour to hold it down for you gems as year level rep because you’ve given me a home away from home! So ready to return the love in the form of memey fb nag-posts and mad representation of 2023. Promise I’ll be better at this than FBS x

Male Education Representative

Neel Mishra: Déjà vu? As Ed-rep, I will be your advocate for representing the issues we face and organising the assistance we need to make assessments great again. One thing I wish we had was an “official” memorandum for MCQ/ exams, so that during exam season we wouldn’t be pulling our hair out

Arav Kannen: Hey guys, it would be awesome to be your EdRep whether it’s issues you have with CBL, lectures or anything med I would love to hear it. As geeky as it is, I would love to talk to you guys more about med in and out of uni and it would amazing to represent you to the AMSS and the faculty. Looking forward to an amazing 2019!

Female Education Representative

Kaviya Kalyanasundaram: Saw 5 mins before applications close that no one has applied for this cool position so thought I must! My goal as an education rep would be to get suggestions about things we can improve from you guys and take it to the faculty.

International Representative

Yishu Wang: I am an international student with strong execution abilities and sense of responsibility. I had similar experience as a student office manager in a University library. If I am privileged enough to be chosen, I will focus on your concerns, especially more internship opportunities for international students.

Year 3

Male Year Level Representative

Nathan Behrendt: I reckon I did a decent-ish job of medtutes (please direct all complaints to Fiona Thoi who is 100% responsible for any issues) so double down and give me more responsibility? I’ve got very little to say here but I’d love to represent so yeah chuck us a vote

Female Year Level Representative

Emily Slimming:

Gotta keep this short, sharp and shiny so here is why I embody this phrase:


  • genetics


  • to the point (haha) in Facebook posts
  • on time


  • represent you in a polished manner
  • get a bit sweaty walking to AHMS

Vote for me for a good time this year!

Ines Portella: my homies, i wanna spend this year helping y’all self-care in this hell. vote 4 ines and win a lifetime supply of my love, a shoulder to cry on and a stand-in mom that will complain to the manager(faculty) for u. let’s get this bread xx

Sara Schaefer:

Would love to represent everyone, I really care about y’all. Plus!!

- Speak both English and Boganese (easy to talk to)

- Have an Akubra (not Bob Katter, but I advocate for concerns passionately)

- Was co-captain of girls footy (We lost but I swear I’m a good leader)

Tessa Pahl: Hey everyone! I am enthusiastic about keeping our fantastic year level connected and involved, making sure our voices are heard at all AMSS meetings. I am always up for a chat – over coffee, kombucha or a beer! Looking forward to an incredible 2019 x

Male Education Representative

Don Kieu: With more unpredictability in our course than every first-year’s form at Skulldug, it’d be nice to have some stability. Vote me to be your reliable Ed-Rep who will put in the hard yards to raise and resolve issues, and will be always happy to have a quick educational chat.

Luzern Tan: Hey guys, heard there are two skeleton teachers at school. One is humerus, but the other is very sternum (Totally not taken from the internet). But in all seriousness, please vote for me. :)

Female Education Representative

Tanya Sirikrishnabala: Hey guys! I would love to have the opportunity to make the wonders of studying med a little more tolerable.. by incessantly sending your complaints and queries through to faculty members poking holes in the system at slightly unreasonable hours. It truly would be an honour. Xx

International Representative

There are currently no nominations for this role.

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