For several years, a common issue discussed with Year 4 EdReps is that the MSK course lacks clear learning objectives. The AMSS has tried for several years to work collaboratively with staff to co-create learning objectives that are similar to the MHU student-staff co-created objectives available on Canvas/MyUni. Due to time constraints and resourcing limitations, co-created objectives were unable to be made in 2019. The AMSS hopes that this may be possible in 2020 and will continue efforts towards this. Instead, the AMSS decided to publish a student-created document that meets the needs as identified by students. The AMSS hopes this document provides useful guidance and highlights the topics that we [students] believe (rightly or wrongly) make up the core MSK curriculum. This document was written by students, for students. It is NOT an approved staff-endorsed document.

2019 Msk Objectives Written By Students Only


While this document is as accurate as we could make it, we are students. Accordingly, there may be errors. The information contained in this document is subject to change. While every effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, neither the compilers of this document nor the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society accept any liability for the inclusion of incorrect information or the absence of relevant information from this document. The AMSS and authors of this document do not accept any responsibility or liability relating to the use of the information. Furthermore, it is important to note that if any statement in this document contradicts those in official university documents (e.g. Course Outlines, etc.), the latter takes precedence.

If there are perceived to be any errors, or inappropriate omissions or inclusions in these objectives, please provide feedback to your year level EdReps or the AMSS Vice President (Education) via