At the recent grand round at the Royal Adelaide Hospital today (Tuesday 23/04/19) discussing the move to the "new MD program", it was mentioned that Emedici would be phased out from the Year 4 General Surgery program.

The possible reasons for this are multifactorial, but likely include the move to an integrated model of learning resources, where all educational services are run out of central university online platforms (e.g. CANVAS), rather than using external systems (e.g. Emedici website).

Following student queries and concern, the AMSS is investigating this issue further.

The AMSS is seeking to better understand student opinion of Emedici, including whether students feel strongly in continuing to have access to Emedici and continuing to have it as part of the Year 4 General Surgery program.

Please consider completing the survey below.

The survey may be used to advocate for Emedici to remain as an option for medical students of the University of Adelaide to use in their course. It is possible that unidentified brief quotes from the responses may be used in AMSS documents at some point in the future (please tick the survey box if you do not want any part of your response to be quoted).

All responses are unable to be identified and will remain confidential.

All opinions regarding Emedici, both positive and negative, are appreciated.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Vice-President (Education) at