The University of Melbourne is looking for male clinical models for the iHeartScan workshop in Adelaide on the 4-5 October at the Playford Hotel. The purpose of the workshop is for doctors to gain experience using ultrasound machines on patients and view ultrasound heart images in real time.

During the workshop, clinical models will lie on examination bed for doctors to perform ultrasound examination of their heart. Ultrasound images will be obtained from various positions of the upper body, and models will be able to see the inside of the heart, the chambers, valves, and even colour images of blood flow.

Volunteers will be remunerated with Coles Myer gift vouchers of a total value of $300 for two days or $100 for one day. Food and drink will be provided.

Students who are interested can contact Arthur at or call 03 8344 5673.

Further info:

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