The art of medicine has long been passed from practitioner to student throughout the ages. Peer-2-Peer embraces this unique aspect of the medical culture, and it's your chance to get involved! Click here to be involved as a tutor / to be tutored

A group of 2-3 senior tutors in years 4-6 will be paired up with a group of junior students in years 1-2. Weekly or fortnightly tutoring sessions run at your time and day discretion. Together, you can discuss tricky concepts that come up in CBL, mechanisms, clinical skills and exam preparation.

While the benefit to junior students is obvious, the chance to revise, learn, teach and hone skills for the senior students is equally as beneficial.

New-in-2018 is a Certificate of Recognition from the AMSS for your time and dedication as a tutor.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries please don't hesitate to contact us on

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EdPrograms Coordinators Catalina, Georgia and Riley