As 2018 draws to a close and you're not sure whether your fortieth watch of that 'Geriatrics Doing the Floss-Dance' video on Youtube will help you pass your exams or not - one thing is certain: the AMSS AGM is upon us.

This year, the cup runneth over with nominations for positions as diverse as Senior AMSA Rep, LGBTQI+ Officer and the newest position on the block, Multimedia Officer.

The AMSS presidency, however, remains the holy grail of committee roles: the responsibility heavy (the approximate weight of a sack of goon at PresKeg) but the glory equally immense. Many a bushy-tailed student has entered the role, and left a very different person.

For the eager-eyed scrolling through nominations for next year's committee, you will have noticed a wildcard late entry into the race for presidency.

A black English greyhound by the name of 'Lord Thomas Volbrecht' (Honours) has nominated for the role of AMSS President in 2019, citing, 'I am the better Thomas'. Rumoured to be the pooch of Simon Cousins (immediate past President), perhaps it's true what they say about proximity to power: it rubs off.

Identifying athleticism ('can run at 70km/h'), long-distance vision and sleeping habits bordering on narcolepsy as key leadership qualities, some argue that Lord Thomas is out of touch with his voting contingent.

In the age of Trump and Brexit, however, can we really discount this candidate as a grand distraction? Like President Trump in the US, will the comic figure of Lord Thomas end up a legitimate contender for top job? Will he, too, capture the imagination of the disenfranchised - they, who he says he represents?

Only time will tell, and there isn't much left of it. Tonight, members of the AMSS vote for their 2019 Executive office holders, including President. Will Lord Thomas be promoted from #totesadorbs to #topdog?

More to come.

By Monty Do-Wyeld (Hons)