It has been a tumultuous few days at the heart of the AMSS as the Executive Committee wrestled to decide its future direction and the leadership of the society. The turmoil came to an end today with former Vice-President of Communication Tony Zerber announced as the society's new leader to be sworn in as the Adelaide Medical Student Society's 130th President.

Former Secretary, Jade Pisaniello, was only one signature away from securing a leadership spill to oust President Monica Chen just two days ago. This was before public outcry against her aggressive tendencies were made available to other members of the executive committee who promptly withdrew their votes in support of her leadership takeover. In an unprecedented turn of events, the man behind the website made eyes for the top job and struck while the iron was hot.

Reporters were today confused as to where the medical school was located. Some were directed to Frome Road only to find an abandoned common room and an outline of where medical school was once etched. Most did eventually make their way down the wind tunnel that North Terrace has become to find the honourable Tony Zerber speaking to members of the society and media outside of the new medical school.

In his maiden speech as President, Zerber stated that the entire budget will be redirected to further improving the AMSS website. He asked that Pisaniello stop holding the AMSS Instagram account hostage and release the password.

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