Following on from the Q&A session with the Deans on May 14, we are now able to make available the meeting notes (see link below). In addition, notes from a subsequent meeting with the Dean and MBBS Program Coordinator of the Medical School and AMSS VP(E) are included which answered further questions which were submitted but not answered during the Q&A session. Please feel free to contact Malcolm Borg, the AMSS VP(E), if you have any questions regarding the information in these meeting notes.

Our thanks to Professor Alastair Burt, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Professor Ian Symonds, Dean of Medical School, and Ms Alex Sabharwal, acting MBBS Program Coordinator, for their participation in the Q&A.

We have planned for a follow-up Q&A session with Prof Symonds on July 30th. As per the last Q&A, we will ask for submission of questions in the lead up.

Dean Q&A Session Notes