The Government is considering funding a new medical school as pressure from Murray Darling Medical School lobby mounts. We can still stop it if we act now. AMSA is running a Call Your MP campaign from today to the 29th February 2018. Join the Facebook Event »

The Goal: 200 calls to Federal Parliament in four days

What to do:

  1. Attend the event and add all your medical student friends
  2. CALL YOUR MP: Follow the instructions
  3. Log your call here

Generate momentum:

  1. Engage on the event with a photo of yourself after you've called your MP
  2. Share the event and post about it on social media
  3. Make your own small Call Your MP event, where you get friends and peers together for a collective Call Your MP party


  1. Call your MP instructions and script
  2. Call your MP Contact Details
  3. Call your MP follow up email