The Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) is seeking nominations for the Student Representative Committee (SRC) member position at the University of Adelaide.

The SRC meets twice a year face to face, and every month for a teleconference to discuss key medical school topics such as recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students. Each year the SRC completes a student project, such as the 2016/17 SRC's Debunking the Myths resource.

The Student Representatives comprise the AIDA Student Representative Committee (SRC) and Student Director who report to the AIDA Chief Executive Officer. Nominees should consider capacity to take on this role, as well as proximity to other Indigenous medical students in order to carry out the Student Representative role effectively.

You must be an AIDA Indigenous Medical Student member to be eligible for this position. The tenure for the role will be for 2017/18 and 2018/19. Please email AIDA Policy Officer Raegina Taylor on or call 02-62703305 for further information or to express interest in this exciting opportunity.

20170110 Role And Responsibilities Of The Student Representative