Thank you to all who completed the 2017 AMC and AMSS Assessment Surveys. TeamEd has been hard at work in both collating the data, refining it into numerous submissions to staff (executive summaries included below) and advocating based on your responses. Thanks, at least in part, to your feedback we are already seeing the below changes to our curriculum! So please keep an eye out for our surveys, particularly the 2018 AMC Survey due for release this Wednesday.

  1. A return to small-group CBL in Years 1-3.
  2. Plans to refine the teaching of Indigenous Health and genetics in our curriculum.
  3. The release of new, more comprehensive, Year 4 Medical Home Unit rotation objectives
  4. Alignment of the assessment methods used by all the sites involved in the Year 5 Geriatrics and GP rotation.
  5. A higher benchmark for image resolution for the images used in the clinical end-of-year written examinations.
  6. Consideration of review time for the clinical end-of-year written examinations in future years.

The executive summaries of these submissions are attached. If any queries, or interested in reading the full summaries, please contact Malcolm Borg via

2017 Amc Amss Submission Executive Summary

Exec Summary Amss Assessment Survey Submission Jan 2018